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anchors and eligible content n.
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Anchors ANd Eligible Content PowerPoint Presentation
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Anchors ANd Eligible Content

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Anchors ANd Eligible Content
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Anchors ANd Eligible Content

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  1. AnchorsANdEligible Content Get R

  2. Presented By: June Tran, IRF Kirkbride School December 6, 2010

  3. Desired Outcomes By the end of the meeting, participants will: • Understand the connections among Standards, Assessment Anchors, Anchor Descriptors and Eligible Content • Learn how to integrate Assessment Anchors, Eligible Content & PSSA Glossary Terms in Lesson Plans & Daily Instruction • Gain Knowledge of a Constructed Response System • Become familiar with Instructional PSSA Documents to use with Students (Kirkbride Website) • Share best practices to advance student achievement in the PSSA.

  4. 100% of PSSA Questions comes from Eligible Content Standards Assessment Anchors Assessment Descriptors Anchor Descriptors Eligible Content Eligible Content

  5. Standard Anchor R5.B Interpretation and Analysis of Literature ASSESSMENT ANCHOR R5.B.1 Describe and interpret literary elements within and among texts. Standard: 1.3. Reading, Analyzing and Interpreting Literature 1.3.5. GRADE 5  A. Read and understand works of literature.  B. Compare the use of literary elements within and among texts including characters, setting, plot, theme and point of view Pennsylvania Department of Education

  6. Assessment Anchor Reading Grade Level Reporting Category R3.A.1.1

  7. Eligible Content Addressed in the Literacy and Math Planning & Scheduling Timeline 1st Column (Teaching Objectives: What Will I Teach…) 2nd Column (Content/Performance Descriptors: Teaching to Proficiency) 1st & 2nd Columns Are Aligned * in 2nd column denotes eligible content

  8. Eligible Content Wherever it denotes eligible content on the 2nd column, it will be dated on the Eligible Content/ Learning Goals for the Week sheet and will be taught or addressed that week. Glossary Terms are added to the Eligible Content sheet so teachers can go over the terms as well.

  9. Eligible Content -The Plan Eligible Content/ Learning Goals for the Week sheet is attached to the weekly Lesson Plan. The goal is to cover all of the eligible content before the PSSA. In addition to reteachingskills based on the Benchmark results, Eligible Content not listed on the Planning Scheduling Timeline will be addressed during the review-reteach week.

  10. Eligible Content in Guided Reading and Math Anchor Cards are put on binder rings so that teachers can instruct Eligible Content during Guided Reading & Math

  11. The Plan

  12. Constructed Response System Strategies: • Tag it a 3! • Lawyer Talk • Harriet Tubman • Scoring Guidelines with Feedback Chart

  13. Sharing Kirkbride Website PSSA Documents

  14. Aligning Instruction to Assessment Anchors and Eligible Content • Prepares all students for the PSSA • Ensures rigorousand demanding curriculum

  15. Next Steps How will you inform staff about the importance ofEligible Content and Assessment Anchors? Discuss in groups and be ready to share out.

  16. “Leadership is the ability of a single individual through his or her actions to motivate others to higher levels of achievement.” F. G. “Buck” Rodgers