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4th Nordic Casemix Conference

4th Nordic Casemix Conference. 4 th Nordic Casemix Conference Opening session - Thursday 3.6.2010 Chair Ilkka Vohlonen. 12:30 Opening of the 4th Nordic Casemix Conference Martti Virtanen, CEO, Nordic Casemix Centre

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4th Nordic Casemix Conference

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  1. 4th Nordic Casemix Conference

  2. 4 thNordic Casemix ConferenceOpening session - Thursday 3.6.2010Chair Ilkka Vohlonen 12:30 Opening of the 4th Nordic Casemix Conference Martti Virtanen, CEO, Nordic Casemix Centre 12:40 Using hospital data to measure quality of care and linking it to hospital DRG payments Jugna Shah, USA 13:35 Quality of primary data in relation to DRG Jens Lind Knudsen, Denmark

  3. 4 thNordic Casemix Conference Quality of care and DRG fundingChair Jugna Shah 14:45 Incentive of DRG's? Martti Virtanen, Finland 15:15 How do DRG-funding affect quality – seen from the patient’s perspective Anni Ankjær-Jensen, Denmark 15:45 Guarantee of care - What is acceptable readmission Ilkka Vohlonen, Finland

  4. 4 thNordic Casemix Conference Development of DRGChair Leena Kiviluoto 14:45 The Characteristics of DRG Outliers at Landspitali University Hospital in Reykjavik Arnar Bergthorsson and Kristlaug H Jonasdottir, Iceland 15:15 The future of DRG in psychiatry in Denmark Søren Bredkjær, Denmark

  5. 4 thNordic Casemix Conference Productivity and DRGChair Mona Heurgren 16:30 NordDRG Full version based productivity reporting Jorma Lauharanta, Finland

  6. 4 thNordic Casemix Conference Future demands for DRGChair Martti Virtanen 9:00 Future demands of DRG and EuroDRG Reinhard Busse, Germany 9:45 Development of handling comorbidity and complications in NordDRG logic Mona Heurgren, Sweden 10:30 Break for parallel sessions 13:55 Productivity benchmarking between Nordic countries Jon Magnussen, Norway

  7. 4 thNordic Casemix Conference Productivity of careChair Jorma Laurahanta 10:45 Efficiency in health care - heart care Rosita Claesson Wigand, Sweden 11:15 Automatized Audit for Evaluation of Hospital Data Quality Olafr Steinum and SeppoRanta, Sweden and Finland 11:45 From retrospective to prospective usage of CaseMix data Tapio Pitkäranta, Finland 12:15 Lunch 13:15 DRG implementation in Estonian health care model – hospital perspective TeeleOrgse, Estonia

  8. 4 thNordic Casemix Conference Cost CalculationChair Anu Nemlander 10:45 Public and private care comparability GeirBrandborg, Norway 11:15 DRG registration - a corner stone for improved patient care and safety (Emergency and intensive care) Jakob Steen Andersen , Denmark 11:45 DRG as quality indicator Lisbeth Serdén and Mona Heurgren, Sweden 12:15 Lunch 13:15 E-learning program for medical coding Leena Kiviluoto, Norway

  9. 4 thNordic Casemix Conference Future demands of NordDRG cooperationPanel discussionChair Jugna Shah WHY, WHAT, WHEN? HOW? Estonia - TriinHabicht Denmark - Poul Erik Hansen Finland - Mikko Rotonen Iceland - Helga Bjarnadottir Norway – AsbjornHaugspo Sweden – Mats Karlsson MAIN THEMES Are DRGs interesting for clinical purposes, eg for professionals? Which are the crucial development issues for DRGs to remain as a common used tool in hospitals? What are the responsibility of owners of classifications and DRG-systems in relation to the users? For example in cases of fraud and abuse of the coding for reimbursement purposes? DRG-systems functionality in relation to the boarders in health care, ex outpatients, primary care, day-care and inpatient care. Is it correct to take this in to account or should DRGs always follow the patient?

  10. 4 thNordic Casemix Conference Ending SessionChair Martti Virtanen Thankyou for participating in 4th Nordic Casemix Conference Wellcome to • 26th PCSI Conference15 – 18 September 2010, Munich, Germany • 5th Nordic Casemix ConferenceMay 2012, Oslo, Norway

  11. 4th Nordic Casemix Conference

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