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Do you wish to data load Oracle EBS without programming? PowerPoint Presentation
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Do you wish to data load Oracle EBS without programming?

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Do you wish to data load Oracle EBS without programming? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Do you wish to data load Oracle EBS without programming? Do you wish to extend OAF pages without programming? By Sundar Rathinam Chain-Sys Corporation Agenda. appLOAD Java Augmenter Demo Ground Questions. appLOAD.

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Presentation Transcript

Do you wish to data load Oracle EBS without programming?

Do you wish to extend OAF pages without programming?


Sundar Rathinam

Chain-Sys Corporation



  • appLOAD
  • Java Augmenter
  • Demo Ground
  • Questions

appLOAD is a new generation data conversion tool for Oracle E-Business Suite R12/11i. This tool aims to reduce the cost of Oracle EBS data conversion activities. Any Business user can confidently use this tool and convert data without any technical assistance. With appLOAD, there is no additional programming needed for all your data conversion needs. appLOAD supports all the open interfaces and API’s available within Oracle E-Business Suite R12/R11i. appLOAD™ is part of the Business Process Automation suite of products from Chain-Sys Corporation who are the proud makers of e-chain SCM/ERP Suite.


Data loading process

Map the data load configurations for Oracle

E-Business Suite (EBS) R12/R11i using

the XML Editor. All the configurations for open

Interfaces and Application programmable interfaces (API)

comes pre-seeded with the system install.

Developers Pre-seeded

Inputs for Data Load

XML Editor



Add Attributes


User Inputs

for Data Load





SQL Query


Data load launch






appLOAD Features

Open Interfaces:

All open interfaces within Oracle E-Business Suite R12/11i are available through appLOAD.

Application programmable interfaces (API):

All APIs of Oracle E-Business Suite R12/11i are available through appLOAD.

Excel Input:

appLOAD accepts data input in excel format. Sample data templates are provided with the software. Data templates are flexible to accommodate changes.

Data Validation:

appLOAD provides powerful validation checks. System shows clear warnings and errors reflecting the actual data load process.

Data Mapping:

appLOAD offers easy data mapping between the excel input and the open interface table columns and API input and output parameters. It is a simple drag and drop model. Extra column mapping is allowed over and above the standard templates.

Data Translation:

appLOAD provides features such as: change case, to-date, to-char, decode statements, SQL pre-validations and results based on SQL Query or Constant. Complex data translation needs are handled.


appLOAD loads up to 65000 records (Excel limitation) in a single load.

Data Corrections:

appLOAD writes the errors back to Excel input file. Separate info provided for processed data, unprocessed data and erroneous data after the data load process is completed.


appLOAD is designed for business users. Easy and intuitive to use HTML user interface. Online help documentation and instructional movies.

Software as a service:

Data load capabilities of appLOAD are available as service. appLOAD can be accessed over the internet with high security. This feature will be very useful for a client who wishes to use electronic data loading for few masters and for transactional data.


appLOAD Benefits

Simple configurations. No complex configurations or additional programming needed.

Saves cost and time on data loading.

Easy and intuitive to use. Data Load Tool for Business users. Technical consultants not needed.

Reduce Oracle implementation time frame.

Data load is available as “Software as a Service”

java augmenter
Java Augmenter

Java Augmenter™ is designed to replace the need for costly Oracle Application Framework (OAF) Page customizations while offering the flexibility to make Oracle applications work for your organization’s unique needs. Additionally, the modules purpose is to expose multiple Oracle users to the power of the OAF page metadata architecture. The Java Augmenter™ is part of the C3 Business Solutions suite of POWER Solutions, designed to bring your Oracle applications to the next step of e-Business – POWER Business.


Java Augmenter Features

  • Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance
  • With all the features of C3-Augmenter™, you are able to control user capabilities, automate workflows, regulate strict audit controls and manage who enters, updates or views data related to Sarbox regulations. Quick implementation and deployment through the use of hundreds of predefined internal controls are available in the augmentation library.
  • Enhanced Auditing
  • C3-Augmenter™ contains enhanced functionality that automatically tracks all augmentation changes and allows for user approval comments. C3-Augmenter™ also comes with a runtime version of C3-IQ™ that delivers seeded C3-Augmenter™ reports to increase the visibility of all augmentations created. The audit trail can be controlled to require users to provide reasons for the change as well as workflow notifications indicating the specific change being made. Pop-up windows can display which users made the changes to the field/record.
  • Business Rules
  • Control your data fields by having the power to:
  • ♦ conceal data fields from the screen
    • ♦ make fields view only
    • ♦ create a “list of values” on fields currently not supported with LOV
    • ♦ modify fields with existing LOV
  • Segregation of Duties
  • Create an augmentation that manages the segregation of duties (SOD) of users. If they are in violation of the SOD, the system can do any of the following:
  • ♦ generate an immediate workflow notification
    • ♦ set the segregated area as read-only
    • ♦ deny access to the segregated area
  • Workflow
  • Allow tailored workflow procedures to meet your specific business needs by using built-in conditional logic to control when workflow operates and which users or responsibilities are included in the workflow procedure.
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • The C3 Augmenter™ allows you to perform real-time reporting in numerous ways: Pop-up messages, automatic e-mails and/or notifications and seeded reports via the included C3IQ reporting engine. Additionally, reports are delivered with filtering capabilities for your needs (e.g. identify all audited changes for a given time period).

Java Augmenter Benefits

Sarbanes-Oxley compliance

Total system management of internal controls

Quick implementation & deployment

OAF Pages flexibility

No system down time

Real-time reporting

Centralized documentation

Fully patchset and upgrade compatible

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