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Vision Youth Bronze Program PowerPoint Presentation
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Vision Youth Bronze Program

Vision Youth Bronze Program

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Vision Youth Bronze Program

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  1. Vision Youth Bronze Program Introduction & Graduation Requirements

  2. Agenda Calendar Overview Graduation Requirements Attendance Requirements Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

  3. July 2014

  4. August 2014

  5. September 2014

  6. October 2014

  7. November 2014

  8. December 2014

  9. January 2015

  10. February 2015

  11. Graduation Requirements • Meets the attendance requirement • Completion of CSP • St. John Ambulance Emergency First Aid w CPR Level A • DEA Bronze Award • Toastmaster Certificate

  12. Attendance Requirements • Expected to attend all sessions • Maximum of 5 absences: • Max of 2 absences in July & August • Max of 3 absences from Sept. 2014 to Feb. 2015 • Cannot be absent for sessions required for graduation • No more than 2 sessions from the same category • Full attendance for all mandatory sessions • Failure to comply may disqualify the individual from graduation

  13. *Mandatory Sessions*

  14. Absence Form Fill this out if you will be missing a session The absence will not be included in the 5 IF it is due to a serious issue (illness, etc.) At discretion of POT Start filling in the form if you know you will be absent for any sessions!

  15. Bronze DEA for Vision Youth Leadership Program

  16. Outline • What is DEA? • DEA components • The purpose of DEA • Assessors • International Online Record Book (ORB) • Registration • Record your Progress • DEA Graduation Requirement

  17. What is DEA? • TheDuke of Edinburgh’s Award (DEA) • Bronze (14),Silver (15) and Gold (16-25) • Award concept • Non-competitive • Create your own program • Voluntary • Balanced lifestyle • Progressive • Achievement

  18. Why do you do DEA? • It’s fun • Learn to be responsible • Making a difference • Build self-confidence • Enhance your personal and social development • Learn the ability to set and achieve goals • Develop physical and mental toughness

  19. Four Main Components Community Service Adventurous Journey Physical Fitness Skills

  20. Community Service Volunteer without paid, doing service for community and non-profit organizations Purpose: - Become an active member of your community and experience how great it feels to help others.

  21. Community Service Examples:- Volunteer at your local library, hospital, senior home Work with a charity, e.g. Food bank, running community events Help the elderly e.g. Shoveling the snow for an elderly neighbors who can't do it for themselves

  22. Community Service Q: I am doing a internship in my uncle’s company. I don’t get paid, does that qualify as a community service? Q: I am babysitting my sister, does that count as community service?

  23. Adventurous Journey Plan and execute a trip in the form of an expedition or exploration. Purpose: - Cultivate a spirit of adventure, discovery, self-reliance, and environmental conservation while undertaking a wilderness or adventure experience. Learn how to work in a team environment.

  24. Adventurous Journey Requirement: - • Complete basic training • Complete practice hike and a 2 day 1 night qualifying hike • Submit practice and qualifying hike report VERY IMPORTANT!!! Training -> Practice Hike -> Qualifying Hike

  25. Adventurous Journey Equipment for expedition • Vision youth will be lending out group equipment • All equipment must be returned in dry, clean and good condition • Damaged equipment = replacement cost • Unclean equipment = late fee apply • Be considerate!!!

  26. Skills Develop a personal interest or practical skill (non-athletic). – max 2 skills if used as a major Purpose: - Help you set goals and achieve success. Discover new abilities and interests or improve on and develop your existing talents. 

  27. Skills Requirement: - • Non-physical • Show commitment and improvement by assessor • Skill has to be taken part after school hours • Maximum 2 skills Possibility:- • Take up photography • Learn to cook

  28. Physical Fitness Participate in one or more physical activities. Purpose: - Get active, improve your overall fitness, and learn to live a healthy lifestyle. 

  29. Physical Fitness Requirement: - • Activity after school hours • Show commitment and improvement Possibility:- • Cycling • Dance • Kung Fu

  30. Physical Fitness Q: I am a member of school soccer team, will the training time in school count towards the award?

  31. Timescales Choosing a MAJOR: All participants must complete an additional 3 months (additional 13 hours in 13 weeks) in either Physical Fitness, Skill or Community Service

  32. Assessor An Assessor is someone who checks on the participant's progress. The Assessor will decide whether you have met the DEA requirements – that you have demonstrated effort, perseverance, improvement and made progress towards their section goals. This information, along with comments from the Assessor, should be recorded on the Assessor’s report.

  33. Choosing an Assessor? • An adult • Must be independent • Should have knowledge of the activity being undertaken and be aware of your objectives • Be available at key stages to assess your contribution and development. • Willing to write and sign your whole report

  34. Who would be a good Assessor • Teachers • Guidance counsellors • Coaches • Club leaders • Scout/Guide leaders

  35. International Online Record Book (International ORB)

  36. International Online Record Book (International ORB) • Set up activities • Record your efforts • Upload evidence • Submit your assessor reports

  37. How do I get started? • Register online • Email confirmation • Leader to approve your application • Login details will be sent to you • Login and set up your Award * Make sure you have the most updated browser. Use Firefox or Chrome

  38. Register and get approval to do the Award

  39. Register and get approval to do the Award

  40. Register and get approval to do the Award

  41. Register and get approval to do the Award

  42. Login and set up your Award

  43. Login and set up your Award

  44. Login and set up your Award

  45. Setup your Activity

  46. Setup your Activity

  47. Setup your Activity

  48. Record your efforts and complete your Award

  49. Record your efforts and complete your Award

  50. Award Summary