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FY’09 UK Finance Plan PowerPoint Presentation
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FY’09 UK Finance Plan

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FY’09 UK Finance Plan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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FY’09 UK Finance Plan
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  1. FY’09 UK Finance Plan

  2. Key Market Transitions – driving growth Drivers • “Need for Speed” in equities and derivatives trading – requires low latency and high performance to compete in arms race. Proximity, capacity and processing capabilities are differentiators. • Regulation: MiFID – single EU market, new trading execution venues (MTFs, SIs), competition for exchanges. More institution inter-connectivity. • “Death of The Trader”: Human traders become client managers, complex deal creators – require knowledge, closer collaboration with peers, counterparties and clients. Beyond drive towards electronic trading, globalization and cross-asset product selling are drivers. Opportunity for Cisco (High Performance Trading) • HPT: Algo Speed – low latency infrastructure, high performance DC solutions, architecture design services. • HPT: Latency Management – BQM, architecture design services, infrastructure upgrades, • HPT: Back Office Optimization – HPC for scale and speed (e.g. risk analysis), virtualization solutions for power, storage, application processing scaling and operational efficiency. • HPT: Power Trader – UC insertion or upsell via partner turret integration, collaborative tools (TP, Webex, MP, Video) Next Generation Trading Environment Drivers • Poor visibility of risk across the enterprise • A rise in loss events stemming from poor operational risk controls • Continuous stress on budgets to comply with increasing number of regulations (S-OX, Basel II, MiFID, PCI DSS) • An increasing mandate to get business advantage from risk spending Opportunity for Cisco • Business Continuity/DR - DC consolidation, virtualisation and automation (BS25999) • Security - Physical and Logical • Compliance/Reporting – Storage Solutions with EMC / GRC with SAP • People Risk Management – UC, TP, Webex Risk, Regulation & Compliance

  3. Key Market Transitions – driving growth Drivers • Enhance the customer experience • Seamless multi channel experience (web, telephone, branch) • Increase customer loyalty / reduce churn • Attracting & retaining & cross sell profitable customers Opportunity for Cisco • Personalised service to valued clients - UC • Virtual Advisor/Expert Advisor – UC, TP, Webex • Queue management – CCTV • Marketing - DMS – relevant content – real time Deliver superior Customer Experience Drivers • Increase employee productivity, reduce travel, etc. • Standardising processes and operations to reduce cost and manage risk • Improve internal collaboration • Faster, better decision making • Faster Payments (UK Specific requirement) • Opportunity for Cisco • WAAS to reduce bandwidth costs / BQM to optimise application use of bandwidth • Data Centre Virtualisation • UC & Video • Services Business Optimisation

  4. Solution Portfolio for Investment Banking

  5. Solution Portfolio for Retail Banking

  6. FY09 RSM Plan – Key initiatives

  7. Next Generation Trading EnvironmentFY09 Key initiatives - detail

  8. Regulation and ComplianceFY09 Key initiatives - detail

  9. Finance Consumer Customer ExperienceFY09 Key initiatives - detail

  10. Operational EffectivenessFY09 Key initiatives - detail • What are the detailed actions that will be required? • Detail what you expect cross functional teams to deliver as well as your own team • How will we be able to track progress against activities? • What group of activities are required to capture the opportunity

  11. On-Going Business Initiatives • Churn campaigns • Cisco Discovery – EOL/EOS • ROI based on new products • Emerging Technologies • Ironport, CCTV, Webex, etc. • Discount governance • Cisco Capital, CTMP, OIP? • Teamwork & Collaboration • Within operation, within UK&I, global • City based customer user group • Monthly newsletter, monthly get-together, etc.

  12. Support from UK&I Marketing • CXO Events to deepen and develop new CxO relationships • Ongoing senior level ‘business’ engagements • Understanding of Cisco’s architectural approach to address business issues and deliver competitive advantage. • Regular forum to deliver specific vertical propositions to key technical decision makers • Ongoing senior level ‘technology’ engagements • e.g. low latency

  13. Support from EU Segment Vertical • ‘Regular’ EBC in a box • Subject matter expertise for CxO events • Business level monthly/quarterly newsletter • Monthly ‘summary’ of relevant vertical news items • e.g. FinXtra, Waters, etc. • Liaise with channel team to build alliances between Cisco partners and vertical application partners

  14. Support from Cisco Capital • More education on how to leverage Cisco Capital’s proposition • Cisco high touch • Partner sales account managers • Case studies • Targeted CFO engagement • Install base prospect review (S&LB of existing infrastructure) • CFO round table • Creative install base management programs (like 6k to Nexus program) • Programmatic propositions with channel partners (e.g. price per phone)

  15. Support from Channel • Educate high touch team as to which channel partners have specific focus / solutions on the finance sector • Education on our relationship with the consultants, outsourcers and systems integrators • Liaise with segment team to build alliances between Cisco partners and vertical application partners • Work with BT, IBM and HP to create a ‘Cisco relevance’ within their client teams • CAM’s visibility in the City office • Status and feedback on the CUWL partner initiative for our customers

  16. Support from IBSG • Specific account engagement ? • Market knowledge & Education • Etc, etc…

  17. Critical Success Factors • European Finance vertical marketing engagement with the field • All CA engages in pre-sales work • All CA works with HT to create relevant solutions / services • Cisco Capital works with HT to create relevant financial propositions • e.g. mid-market ‘low overhead’ offerings, voice per port offering, etc.

  18. Names of accounts with sub vertical

  19. FY09 SE Plan – Key initiatives