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Essentials to Choosing the Best Pool Lights PowerPoint Presentation
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Essentials to Choosing the Best Pool Lights

Essentials to Choosing the Best Pool Lights

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Essentials to Choosing the Best Pool Lights

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  1. Essentials to Choosing the Best Pool Lights

  2. Pool Lighting • Installing lights is one way you can make your pool area safer and more enjoyable long into the night. • There are several types of pool lights you can choose from, and if you’re still not sure which one to go for, then we’re here to help. • In this post, we’ll talk about few important things you should consider for your pool lighting.

  3. If you’re ready, then let’s begin.

  4. Look into the Landscaping Around Your Pool • Remember that lighting your pool does not necessarily mean working on the underwater lighting alone. • It is as well important that you consider the entire pool area. • Look into adding lights around the deck or on the walkway leading to the pool to ensure ease and safety as your guests navigate around your outdoor living space.

  5. Study Your Pool Interior • The number of lights you need installed in your pool depends on the shape, size, and even the interior color of your pool. A light interior will reflect light while a dark interior will absorb light. • With this in mind, you may need more light if your pool tile is black, for instance, or do fine with fewer lights if your pool interior is white. Also, make sure the lighting is balanced which means fewer lights for a small space such as in an outdoor spa attached to a pool.   • Installing pool lights may also require electrical know-how so be careful. Make sure to read the manufacturer specifications and if you’re not confident about working around power lines and outlets, do not hesitate to ask for help from professionals.

  6. Think About Long-Term Costs • LED lights may cost higher initially but it can save you more in the long run. Energy emission is so much less, about 80 percent compared to other types of pool lighting. • You will not have to replace the lights as often because of its extended lifespan that is up to 50,000 hours. Another good thing about LED lights is that they can be adjusted depending on the mood you wish to create. • The light can be dimmed and you can as well change its colors. That said, you can even create your version of a light show right in your yard.

  7. Position Pool Lights Wisely • Strategic placement of lights will allow you to enjoy the view of your backyard even more at night. • A well-lit yard adds beauty to your home and draws guests to stay awhile outdoors. Direct lights into the pool so it wouldn’t cause glare to people viewing your pool from home. • Lights are best positioned at the deeper end of the pool, which means this area should not be facing home. • If you have huge trees by the pool area, consider shining lights on them for a dramatic, sculptural feel. Also, keep the lighting simple.

  8. Install Pool Lights • Most important, don’t rush when making your decision. • Changes are easier made during the planning process than when the pool light installation has already started. • You can work with your contractor to install pool lights that enhance your swimming experience without breaking the bank.  

  9. Check These Out! • Check out this article about the four essentials to choosing the best pool lights. • Brought to you by, a family-owned business based in La Crescenta, California, providing you with everything you need for your outdoor living space, from the design to project completion. • For more info, visit