get the best root canal treatment in pune at sweet smile dental clinic n.
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Get the best Root Canal Treatment in Pune at Sweet Smile Dental Clinic PowerPoint Presentation
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Get the best Root Canal Treatment in Pune at Sweet Smile Dental Clinic

Get the best Root Canal Treatment in Pune at Sweet Smile Dental Clinic

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Get the best Root Canal Treatment in Pune at Sweet Smile Dental Clinic

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  1. Get the best Root Canal Treatment in Pune at Sweet Smile Dental Clinic

  2. About Sweet Smile Dental Clinic • Sweet Smile Dental Clinic welcomes you to experience a personalised dental journey. • We believe that dental health is imperative as discoloured, diseased, crooked or missing tooth/teeth or a misshapen denture can stagnate your personality and confidence, interfere with your speech; make chewing food difficult and painful; and over time lead to costly corrective procedures.” • Sweet Smile Dental Clinic has been delivering world-class dental care to the residents of Pune and the neighbouring cities. As good dentists in Pune, we focus on creating a warm and friendly atmosphere where all our patients are anxiety-free and feel at ease from examination to treatment.

  3. Our Doctors Dr. Sandeep Bhirud Chief Dental Surgeon Dr. JyotiBhirud Chief Dental Surgeon

  4. A few words on Dr. Sandeep Bhirud • Dr. Sandeep Bhirud completed his graduation in dental surgery during 1990 from the Government Dental College and Hospital at Mumbai in 1990. • His contributions have gone a long way in making Sweet Smile the best dental clinic in Pune. He himself also happens to be the best dentist in PCMC. • Following his graduation, Dr. Bhirud worked a year with some of the best dental surgeons in Mumbai. • By completing a course in Dental Implantology and Cosmetic dentistry from the New York University College of Dentistry he enhanced his credentials even further.

  5. Awards and Accolades • Dr. Bhirud was invited by Indian Dental Association as a guest speaker in 2017 • Achiever of National Dental Excellence Awards in 2017 • Dr.Bhirud’s Sweet smile received an award for “Best Dentist in Pune” in 2016

  6. Dr. Bhirud has received PCMC award for his outstanding contribution to the growth of dentistry • He has received the “Best Dentist in Pune” award at the hands of Union Minister of health Dr. Harshvardhan at New Delhi in 2016

  7. Our DENTAL TREATMENTS • Best Cosmetic Dentist in Pune • Dental Implants in Pune • Orthodontist in Pune • Root Canal Treatment in Pune • Teeth Whitening in Pune

  8. Root Canal Treatment in Pune • Get the best root canal treatment in Pune by Dr. Sandeep Bhirud. Sweet Smile tries to make your experience of dental root canal treatment Pune better with negligible pain. • The basics about the root canal treatment Root canal refers to the inner parts of your tooth—between the pulp and roots. They contain blood vessel and nerves and are an integral part of your any tooth. If these parts are infected due to some reason, it causes a lot of pain and that is when you need a root canal treatment. Root canal pain has different causes like:

  9. Decay that has managed to penetrate the outer layers of the skin and reach the pulp. • Damage such as cracks in the teeth can compel the teeth to decay and thereby cause a lot of pain. • A disease that affects the pulp can again cause a lot of pain. These can be caused due to some dental procedures performed on the tooth, the decay that has set in due to infection, cracks in the tooth and large fillings.

  10. Why choose Sweet Smile Dental Clinic? • Both routine and cosmetic dentistry in Pune. • A friendly team of cosmetic dentists in PCMC, dental hygienists and private orthodontists. • Clean and comfortable environment. • Provide a detailed explanation of your dental needs. • Assist you to choose the treatment plan that best suits you. • Address dental emergencies spontaneously. • Comfort, Safety, and Satisfaction are a Priority. • Convenient Consultation timings. • Join our extensive list of happy patients today. We look forward to seeing you at Sweet Smile – best dental clinic in Pimpri Chinchwad.

  11. Our Address Suit No. 7(b) & 8,Chamberrs at Hotel KEYS,Above Tanishque, Near Central Mall, Finolex Chowk, Mumbai-Pune Highway, Morwadi, Pimpri-411018, Pune, Maharashtra  +91 80870 74677  +91 94234 75227