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buddhhist tour

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buddhhist tour
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buddhhist tour

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  1. Lord Gautam Buddha Book Now www.india-buddhisttours.com/

  2. The most spiritual and ascetic tour for any traveler would be Buddhist Tour to India, Nepal & Bhutan. These places are the landmark where the concept of Buddhism was first adapted. The birth of the Buddhist religion was based on the teachings of the Gautam Buddha, who was born in a place called Lumbini, in Nepal in 623 BCE. www.india-buddhisttours.com/

  3. Destinations in India Book Now Andhra Pradesh Ajanta & ellora Caves Arunachal Pradesh Bodhgayae www.india-buddhisttours.com/

  4. Buddhism Book Now Buddhism is an organized and distinct religion and is based on the teachings of Lord Gautam Buddha. The practice of Buddhism begun since 13th century and had left great impact on the people. The Buddhist moral concept was of right and wrong, evil and good with respect to actions of human being. In simple words concept of Buddhism is the power of understanding between the right and wrong when it’s viewed as one of the qualities of human mind. Buddha’s Law of Karma, has stated that ones moral actions, whether it is good or bad is determined by the present deeds. Buddhism gradually spread all over Asia with ardent followers seeking enlightenment by way of renouncing the worldly pleasures. The basic foundation of Buddhism was based on four noble truths. These could be classified as: www.india-buddhisttours.com/

  5. Buddhism in Bhutan Book Now ...is all about beautiful Buddhist monasteries & Temples If one wishes to go for a Buddhist Tour to Bhutan, it is guaranteed that it would be the most memorable journey of ones life. The pleasant weather, discipline and the warm gestures would definitely capture one’s heart. It’s just the perfect place for you to visit at any time during the year. It is considered to be the holiest place of Buddhism. Trongsa Paro Valley Taktsang Thimpu www.india-buddhisttours.com/

  6. Buddhist Destinations in Nepal Book Now …is the birth place of Gautam Buddha Gautam Buddha was born in Nepal in a small beautiful city by the name Lumbini around 563 BC. As it a neighbouring state of India, we are here to take you to the wonderful Buddhist Tour to Nepal. This is the place where Buddha left his royal home in search of spiritual quest of finding “ultimate enlightenment”. www.india-buddhisttours.com/

  7. Book Now Buddhist Monasteries Hemis Monastery Located in Ladakh, shortly about 40 kilometer away from South-east of Leh in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. This beautiful monastery was founded by King Senge Nampar Gyalva in the year 1672 A.D. It was specifically established by the king to enhance the religious education of Mahayoga Tantra School www.india-buddhisttours.com/

  8. Book Now Get Buddhisht Tour Reservation Mr. Subrato Mukherjee B-87, Defence Colony New Delhi - 110024, IndiaMobile : +91-9999903611 Call us : +91 11 49814981Fax : +91 11 49814999 E-mail :subrato@heritageindiajourneys.com www.india-buddhisttours.com/