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  1. Salezshark has Brought a Revolution in the Customer Relationship Management System in India

  2. India Represents an Emerging Market with Tremendous Potential to Harness the Power of Novel Technology Platforms Visit at : www.salezshark.com

  3. SalezShark is a next-generation platform that fuels sales and marketing efforts of organizations and businesses. SalezShark’s Relationship Cloud builds an intelligent web of relationship network to make connections with prospects easier and faster. It helps sales professionals comprehend their clients’ personality traits better and facilitates stronger relationships for increased sales opportunities. Visit at : www.salezshark.com

  4. When and how the idea of SalezShark CRM flourished? SalezShark was founded in the year 2014(in the US and early 2015 in India as a US subsidary) by a group of passionate experts with a vision to disrupt the CRM space. SalezShark, as a platform aims to nurture connections between businesses and their customers into strong business relationships that hold the key to increased sales and multiplied profits. Visit at : www.salezshark.com

  5. What is the USP of SalezShark CRM? Our USP lies in the creation of compelling factors for sales people, giving them a reason to love their CRM platform. We aim to create a disruption in the cluttered CRM space, where traditional platforms offer automation of sales processes operationally, leaving sales professionals putting in the effort to manually enter data and feed information. Visit at : www.salezshark.com

  6. With SalezShark, we aim to equip organizations and sales professionals with a tool which is not only easy-to-use but also helps them in achieving higher sales targets. Our dedication to achieve this goal has resulted in building a distinctive feature- set including contextual recommendation engine, which harnesses the true power of client relationships through every stage of a sales cycle. intelligence and Visit at : www.salezshark.com

  7. What is SalezShark CRM doing differently to increase its market share in India? India represents an emerging market with tremendous potential to harness the power of novel technology platforms. SalezShark envisions disrupting the market by transforming the traditional CRM space to an innovative user friendly platform enabling organizations to perform better sales and manage processes efficiently. We want to merge our business intelligence and insights with innovative technology to help change the way companies sell. Visit at : www.salezshark.com

  8. Would you please reflect upon your R & D work? We host a state of the art research and development center where we focus on studying the pain points of the CRM user and build our solutions to tackle them through an agile model. The R&D is a continuous process to improve existing functionalities and introduce a unique feature set. Visit at : www.salezshark.com

  9. Your message to the IT and Tech community? The way IT has enabled enterprises to excel is phenomenal. Constant evolvement of technology has led to revolutionizing the way enterprises work and users perform. Innovation is the need to take this revolution to the next level and to achieve this, tech/developer community needs to think out of the box and continue to invent unique solutions. Visit at : www.salezshark.com

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