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Hire Virtual Assistant in Mumbai PowerPoint Presentation
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Hire Virtual Assistant in Mumbai

Hire Virtual Assistant in Mumbai

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Hire Virtual Assistant in Mumbai

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  1. Abroad Assistant Smart Solution for busy Individuals ©abroadassistant

  2. Why should you hire Virtual Assistant ? Maintain work life balance Cost Effective & efficient SME would save time & add value No office space required No need to hire physical assistant Manage yours personal task & meeting. Get more time on important things. ©abroadassistant

  3. Benefits of Hiring virtual Assistant ©abroadassistant

  4. What we can assign to VA? • Pretty much anything online can be outsourced –Social media, Content Creation, which can be document and delegate as like machine based • Daily Repetitive & time consuming task you can get it off from your plate • Understand your industry & what the important actions to acquire are & mange clients. E.g. - Social Media & search engine marketing. • This works best for execution, not planning & strategy ( doing vs. thinking) ©abroadassistant

  5. To Save money you need to spend time You don’t need to be an expert but you need to communicate what you are hiring for – E.g. – SEO you can hire someone but you should know what they are doing To do this right, you need to build out which you need, it takes work upfront but saves times in the long run e.g. – you need to post daily on twitter about you products entire life which takes an hour from your daily schedule so it’s time to delegate other, in order to delegates you need to build a process it will take long time but you will save some time. Organization, communication and process are the only way to make this work ©abroadassistant

  6. A large majority of what you do can be boiled down to steps by steps process.Anyone can follow a well written process. AnyoneBut before you hire a virtual assistant, build a process ©abroadassistant

  7. You should have your task clearly defined and built out. A written guide in Google docs ( aka Sop) complete with screenshot, step by steps tutorial and logins ( if necessary) Screen cast videos explaining the process in detail. We host all videos on a private YouTube channel. A checklist in Google sheet , itemized by task so we can track progress and status of the of the job ©abroadassistant

  8. Focus on micro process You have to take what’s in your head and build it into something – without your presence Remove all thinking and decision making from their jobs - that’s done on your end Think about your process like you were building it for a machine – is it simple > is it scalable Give them images, filter, copy and has tag (you can assign this as well ©abroadassistant

  9. As business owner you have to think the way to grow business not spending most of the time doing all the things. ©abroadassistant

  10. Contact Us • Address: Shree Ram Mill, • NG Bansode Road, • Worli, Mumbai – 400018, • Maharashtra, India. • Website : • Email Us: • Phone No.: USA +1 646-652-0403 • Skype ID: abroadassistant ©abroadassistant

  11. ALL THE BEST !!  ©abroadassistant