Habitats and lanscapes
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HABITATS AND LANSCAPES. 3º A C.E.I.P . EUROPA. The savannah . Can you see the lions in the yellow grass ? It is very hot in the savanna , don´´t you think ? .

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Habitats and lanscapes


3º A


Habitats and lanscapes
Thesavannah. Can youseethelionsin theyellowgrass? Itisveryhot in thesavanna, don´´tyouthink?

Habitats and lanscapes

Whatfunnybearsplaying in thisfantasticTemperateForest! And the red fruitslook delicious! Be careful! Thereis a volcanooverthere!

Habitats and lanscapes
Thisseaisverycalm. I wonderwherethedolphins, sharks and whales are… Theyalllive in saltywaterlikethis.

Habitats and lanscapes

What do youthink? Isitspringorsummer? Allthetrees in thiscolourfultemperateforestare full of fruits. And, look! There are alsobushes and grasses in temperateforests!!!

Habitats and lanscapes

Nicecombination: Tropical Rainforestnearthe sea. Wouldn´tyouliketobehereforholiday? Watchout! Thevolcano has juststartingtoblowfire.

Habitats and lanscapes

Thisferryisarrivingto a bay in theocean. Bays are a niceplaytohave a swim. They are small and there are nottoomuchwaves.

Under the sea under the sea nice craft octopus whales starfish seahorses plants and even a tortoise
Under the sea, Under the sea. … Nice craft: octopus, whales, starfish, seahorses, plants and even a tortoise!

Habitats and lanscapes

Whynotincludingeverthing in justonelandscape? Anisland, a cliffwith a teperateforest, a bay, a gulf, a river and a lake, a volcano and lots of differentcreatures in thisextraordinarycoastallandscape!

Habitats and lanscapes

A typicalcoastallandscapein summer: A highclifffromwherewe can seethewavessplashingagainsttherocks. Rememberthatitisnotsafe jumping from a cliff!

Habitats and lanscapes

Thisbear has justwoke up from a longhibernation. Lots of animals in theTemperateForestsleepduringwinter and waitforthespringtowake up. And gooutfromtheir caves. WELCOME SPRING!

Habitats and lanscapes

This tropical rainforestisreallyamazing! Palm treeswithdeliciouscoconutsontheirbranches, mountains, snakes, flowers, snails, a colorfulparrot and… a volcanospittingfire and smoke!