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Atlassian - Software For Every Team

How Atlassian shifts focus from just building software that makes software teams awesome to software that is used by every single team!

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Atlassian - Software For Every Team

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  4. Sven Peters Atlassian Ambassador svenpet.com @svenpet

  5. Short History

  6. back in 2002…. + =

  7. Q U O T E Atlassian Supporting Your J2EE World ABN: 54 522 913 409 Level 3, 342 Kent St Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia Phone: (+612) 9290 1088 Fax: (+612) 9290 1343 QUOTE # KPN-003 DATE: 7/Jun/02 QUOTE DETAILS (ONSITE CODE REVIEW) Forty hours onsite code review over 5 days from the 17th to 21st June inclusive. The option for a second week is available at the same rates. Code review to cover: - Scalability and Performance - Clustering - EJB (CMT, CMP, BMP, DAO, JDBC) - Security - Review of design choices and suggestion of valid design patterns - MVC and Workflow tool suggestions - Coding conventions and documentation - Other areas as advised. QUANTITY DESCRIPTION UNIT PRICE AMOUNT 1 Airfare & Transfers $USD 1600 $USD 1600 7 Accommodation $USD 100 $USD 700 40 Onsite code review $USD 65 $USD 2600 SUBTOTAL $USD 4900 TAX SHIPPING & HANDLING $USD 4900 TOTAL DUE If you have any questions concerning this quote, contact Scott Farquhar, +61 414 884 583, scott@atlassian.com

  8. Bugzilla

  9. Godzilla [GO JIRA]

  10. a bit later….

  11. Enterprise Software 2.0

  12. The Old Way The Atlassian Way Hard to try and deploy Do-it-yourself software Expensive to buy Fits any budget Top down Bottoms up E-commerce business model Offline business model

  13. the rest is history….

  14. the rest is history….

  15. We make software developer awesome!

  16. SoftwareTeams

  17. Software is eating the world

  18. Human side Technical side

  19. they know what’s going on! Great idea! Let’s do it! Productivity++ really small team

  20. I have no time for this! Let’s do it! Why? Great! Productivity? Have you talked to QA? Who will do it? Is it done? team is growing

  21. Productivity? When is it done?? Is it profitable?? we’re not alone

  22. Developing Software is aSocial Challenge

  23. Keep the development flow

  24. Issue Branch Workflow Branch

  25. Issue Branch Workflow Branch Pull

  26. Issue Branch Workflow Branch Pull Merge

  27. Issue Branch Workflow Branch Pull Merge

  28. Keep the overview

  29. Caption

  30. Caption

  31. Caption

  32. Caption

  33. Caption

  34. Caption

  35. Caption

  36. Caption

  37. IT-ServiceTeams

  38. Who usesJIRA?

  39. Who usesJIRA for more than just Software Development?

  40. JIRA for Service 40 % 60 % use JIRA in support

  41. for IT-Service Teams

  42. Slick Front End

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