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Focus of this essay

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Focus of this essay
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  1. Focus of this essay • Keep your focus on characterization – Specifically think about how Meyers creates the character you chose. While you are talking about their personality traits, you are also focusing on how those personality traits were created. • Direct and Indirect Characterization should be mentioned in every body paragraph, with examples to support.

  2. Two thoughts on organization • Jonesy is a likeable character • Indirect Characterization – through how he acts • Indirect Characterization – in what he says • Indirect Characterization – in how other characters react to him • Jonesy is a likable character • His love of the blues • Indirect Characterization through what he says • His friendship with Birdy • Indirect Characterization through his actions • His dedication to his job • Indirect Characterization through his actions One main characterization, shown in three different ways Three different character traits

  3. Basic Essay Organization

  4. Title • Your essay should have a creative title • Do not just use the title of the piece you are analyzing. • Hint – If you’re stuck on a title, move on and come back to it

  5. Introduction – 1. Attention-getter • This is the hook that grabs your reader’s attention and starts them reading. • Quote – A solid option always • Story – If used, it should be short. • Facts/Statistics - (maybe not for this essay) • Rhetorical Question – this is a question without an answer given. It is overused and should be a last resort. • Hint – If you’re stuck – come back to this

  6. Introduction – 2.Thesis Statement • The main idea of your paper. For a literary essay, it needs to include the author and title you are working with. • Example: • In Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare shows that romantic love isn’t necessarily simple and sweet; it is an intense emotion that can be brutal and chaotic. • A thesis statement is only one sentence long. • Titles of plays and novels are underlined or in italics – not both • For this essay, you should be looking at a thesis statement that describes/explains how you see the character in the novel. • For example – In Sunrise over Fallujah, Walter Dean Meyers creates the likeable character of Jonesy.

  7. Thesis Ideas(without title and author included) • Even though Corporal Jones may seem insane and obsessed with the blues, he has strong morals that make him a great soldier. • Corporal Marla Kennedy is a blunt and closed person, however her quick thinking and brave traits makes her a very respected military woman. • Birdy on the outside seems like a simple person but he is very complex. • Jonesy is a very likable person, even though he may be a little different sometimes.

  8. Introduction – 3.Preview Statement • One sentence that previews the main ideas of your three body paragraphs. • The chaotic and brutal effects of romantic love are shown through the classic balcony scene, the turning point of the fight scene and the dramatic ending of the play. • Paragraph One – Chaotic feelings during the balcony scene (II.ii) • Paragraph Two – Brutal effects (death and banishment) as Romeo first doesn’t fight Tybalt because of his love for Juliet (III.i) • Paragraph Three – Chaotic effects when each main character finds out the other is “dead.” (III.i/iii)

  9. Body Paragraphs • Topic sentence to introduce the main idea (claim) • Supporting ideas • Textual evidence (Direct quotes and paraphrases) • Explain how the textual evidence supports your main idea (Reasoning). This is where you should explain how this personality trait is created with direct or indirect characterization. • Repeat as needed • Think about a transition into the next paragraph

  10. Conclusion • Summarize the main ideas of your paper • Restate your thesis in new words • Tie back to your attention-getter

  11. How do we see this format in the real world? • Can you pick out the attention-getter, thesis and preview in this speech? What is his evidence? How does he conclude? • Note, he uses the word “c*@p.” If that is an issue, please let me know now. • Ashton Kutcher Acceptance Speech

  12. Formatting and Style • Follow MLA formatting. See the sample on the next slide. • Write about literature in the present tense • Academic writing is in third person (avoid I, me or my). If it doesn’t have a citation, then I know it is your idea.