fiber reinforced concrete frc n.
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Fiber Reinforced concrete ( FRc ) PowerPoint Presentation
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Fiber Reinforced concrete ( FRc )

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Fiber Reinforced concrete ( FRc ) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Created and presented by: Baquero, Victor Brown, Chris Thielbar, Trenton. Fiber Reinforced concrete ( FRc ). What is fiber reinforced concrete. A concrete consisting of, cement, water, fine and coarse aggregate, along with discontinuous fibers. Types of fibers. Types of fibers include

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fiber reinforced concrete frc

Created and presented by:

Baquero, Victor

Brown, Chris

Thielbar, Trenton

Fiber Reinforced concrete (FRc)

what is fiber reinforced concrete
What is fiber reinforced concrete
  • A concrete consisting of, cement, water, fine and coarse aggregate, along with discontinuous fibers.
types of fibers
Types of fibers
  • Types of fibers include
    • Steel
    • Plastic
      • Polyester, Polypropylene, Polyethylene
    • Glass
    • Natural materials
      • Wood cellulose, Bamboo, Elephant grass

All are available is different shapes sizes and materials

types of fibers1
Types of fibers
  • Steel
    • Shapes
    • Steel fibers are adhered together before mixing and separate while mixing to ensure uniform distribution
advantages of using fiber reinforced concrete versus plain concrete
Advantages of using fiber reinforced concrete versus plain concrete
  • Improves toughness of concrete
  • Flexural strength is improved by up to 30% by decreasing the propagation of cracks
  • Improves tensile strength
  • More economical than steel reinforcement
  • Less prone to corrosion
  • Gives an alternative way to reinforce concrete other then traditional steel rebar



  • Unlike rebar there is not galvanic cell created in the fibers
  • No anodic/cathodic reaction
  • pH level of concert protects steel fibers from corrosion
  • Applications include:
    • Pipes
    • Tilt-up Panels
    • Shotcrete
    • Slabs
    • Counters tops
    • Bath tubs
    • Tiles
  • Durability
    • Made with a high content of cement and low water to cement ratio
    • When properly compacted and cured, concrete with steel fibers is very durable
  • Workability
    • Affects workability
    • Compensate by adding superplasticizers
  • Compressive behavior of steel FRC
    • Keeps integrity after failure
    • Strength slightly enhanced
  • Tensile behavior
    • increase tensile strength
  • Has little effect on the modulus of elasticity, drying shrinkage, and creep
  • Production is guided and controlled mainly by the American Concrete Institute, ASTM, and various building codes
  • Production involves 5 Steps
    • Determine typical Uses and Specifying FRC
    • Materials
    • Mixture Proportioning
    • Batching, Mixing, Delivery and Sampling
    • Placing and Finishing
  • Fiber reinforced concrete is one of the oldest methods for reinforcing concrete
  • The main purpose of fiber reinforcement is to increases its structural integrity and improve flexural behavior
  • There are many different types of fiber that can be used for concrete reinforcement.
  • Is an economical way to reinforced concrete compared to regular steel.
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