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Apartment or Villa: Where to Invest Your Money? PowerPoint Presentation
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Apartment or Villa: Where to Invest Your Money?

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Apartment or Villa: Where to Invest Your Money?
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Apartment or Villa: Where to Invest Your Money?

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  1. Introduction • Buying a house is one of life’s biggest expenses, whether it’s for living/investment. So choosing the right property with care makes the process of buying apartment/villa more complex. There are different parameters to look at before investing in either of the two. • In this presentation, we have listed the parameters to keep in mind that helps in real-estate investment. www.svbrealty.in Contact Us: +918411963033 2

  2. Location • Consider the proximity of the property from daily life’s important places like offices, schools, hospitals, and city center. • The location also affects the family you bring. • Villa offers you luxury and are often located at the best locations. • Though apartments are available in every other area, but, are hard to find a spacious apartment in a prime location. www.svbrealty.in Contact Us: +91 8411963033 3

  3. Maintenance • Villas also have high maintenance fees compared with the apartment. • Lawn, garden and big rooms are often hard to maintain. • Apartments/flats management is taken care by paying a quarterly/maintenance fees. www.svbrealty.in Contact Us: +91 8411963033 4

  4. Preference • A flat in an apartment is a good option for the nuclear families. • However, many home buyers prefer privacy which is more in villa projects in Pune than the apartments. • You should consider the demographics of the area before settling down in a flat in an apartment or an independent home like a villa. www.svbrealty.in Contact Us: +91 8411963033 5

  5. Freedom of Space • The independent houses/villas can be modified to reflect the changing tastes and styles more easily. • This degree of freedom of easy expansion/reconstruction often lacks with flats in an apartment. www.svbrealty.in Contact Us: +91 8411963033 6

  6. Though flats are considered cheaper than the villas, there are many other parameters that go unaddressed. Apartment offers positive, in terms of better security. With villas, you get the offer of freedom and space to do what you like. The best option would be to invest in the villa projects in Pune offered in a gated community like Future City, and Ecostone projects in Pune. Read more about - Should You Invest in a Apartment or Villa Project? www.svbrealty.in Contact Us: +91 8411963033 7