Lessons from espon interstrat project
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Lessons from ESPON-INTERSTRAT project. Cliff Hague, ECP UK Katarzyna Wojnar, ECP PL www.espon-interstrat.eu. Rules of the game. Practitioners vs researchers Both teams of 3 answer all questions There is a time limit to each question

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Lessons from espon interstrat project

Lessons from ESPON-INTERSTRAT project

Cliff Hague, ECP UK

Katarzyna Wojnar, ECP PL


Rules of the game
Rules of the game

  • Practitioners vs researchers

  • Both teams of 3 answerallquestions

  • Thereis a time limit to eachquestion

  • Moderators’ decision on pointsawardedisfinal

  • The audienceisexpected to cheer for theirteams

  • Great mysteryprizefor the winning team

Picture question
Picture question

  • What each of them is saying?

Picture question1
Picture question

What each of them is thinking?

Question 1 aims
Question 1: aims

  • One of INTERSTRAT aims was to raise awareness and promote ESPON findings. What 4 means would you use to achieve this goal?


  • Engagement strategies

  • Interactive events

  • Demonstration materials

  • Web site

Question 2 aims
Question 2 : aims

  • Our team came up with a list of headlines that would best characterise INTERSTRAT project. Guess which ones got most votes?

Question 3 web site
Question 3 : web site

  • Which sub-site had the most hits?

    • Homepage

    • About

    • Partners

    • Integrated strategies

    • Library

    • Flyers & brochures

    • Events

    • Links

Top 10 files from the interstrat library
Top 10 files from the INTERSTRAT library

  • Strategy for a RegionalPolycentric Urban System in Central Eastern Europe EconomicIntegrating. Final report. Regionalpolycentricurban system (33)

  • Panorama Inforegio No 34. Regional policy, an integrated approach. A 360 degree view.(33)

  • A sustainable future in our hands. A guide to the EU's sustainable development strategy(32)

  • Implications of territorial cohesion: An essay. Paper prepared for the Regional Studies Association Annual International Conference 2010 'Regional Responses and Global Shifts: Actors, Institutions and Organisations’(26)

  • The Strategic Concept of Territorial Development ROMANIA 2030. Romania - a competitive, balanced and prosperous country(25)

  • National Spatial Development Concept 2030 as an example of coordination tool for public policies (23)

  • The Territorial Dimension of the Cohesion Policy by Delia Ionica (23)

  • National Regional Development Strategy 2010-2020: Regions, Cities, Rural Areas (NSRD) (21)

  • Handbook on TerritorialCohesion (21)

  • Cohesion Policy Support for Local Development: Best Practice and Future Policy Options (21)

Territorial dimension

Question 4 web site
Question 4: web site

  • Which quarter had most online visitors? (project activities 06.2010 – 03.2012)


Question 5 engagement strategies
Question 5: engagement strategies

  • Give 1 example of each of the stakeholder types

Question 6 engagement strategies
Question6: engagement strategies

  • True orfalse?

    Aftercomparingourpriority target groups/levels we alldiscoveredthat in eachcaseit was organisationsat the regionalscale.

Lessons from espon interstrat project

Added value from TNA

Creation of unique resource that was ONLY possible because of ECPs’ expertise & joint work.

Diversity in ITDS?

Question 7 demonstration materials
Question 7: demonstration materials

  • What were the criteria to choose the projects for the DM content?

    • Scientiffic quality

    • We were drawing cards from a bag at a steering committee meeting (to be fair to all the projects)

    • Storylines that best fitted national priorities

    • Nicest maps

    • MC decisions

Question 8 demonstration materials
Question 8: demonstration materials

  • True orfalse?

    Using the national language is paramount ifwe want to reach the stakeholders. Thedemonstration material is one of the fewdocuments that are in national language.

Question 9 events
Question 9: events

  • First event in Poland was attended by 30 participants. In Italy there were 300 participants. Which of the events had a higher impact?

Question 10 stakeholders
Question 10: stakeholders

  • What were the 2 main messages from the stakeholders who attended our events and tested demonstration materials?

Lessons from espon interstrat project

Question 11 dissemination
Question 11: dissemination

  • Who is best able to disseminate ESPON findings at national level?

    • CU

    • MC

    • ECPs

    • External consultants

    • TPGs

    • National media

Picture question2
Picture question

  • What each of them is saying?

Picture question3
Picture question

What each of them is thinking?

Final question

  • True / False?

    Isitpossible to make ESPON fun?

Thank you for your attention

Thankyou for yourattention!