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Food Safety Management with Anti Fraud. Presented by Jim Flynn – 1 st July 2013. @ GaelQuality. gael -ltd. Agenda. Introductions Current Situation Problems to be Solved What Leaders are Saying A Risk Based Approach Operational Integration The Business Case

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Presentation Transcript

Food Safety Management with Anti Fraud

Presented by Jim Flynn – 1st July 2013




  • Introductions

  • Current Situation

  • Problems to be Solved

  • What Leaders are Saying

  • A Risk Based Approach

  • Operational Integration

  • The Business Case

  • Summary

  • Q&A

About gael ltd

About Gael Ltd

  • Glasgow based solutions Co.

  • 100 Staff

  • Est. 21 yrs

  • 2500 customers in 70 Countries

  • Roots in Quality Management

  • 250+ Food, Drink & Packaging Customers

  • BRC Business Services Partner

  • Goal – To improve quality and food safety in the UK food sector through smart tools and relevant expertise

Introductions the team

Introductions - The Team

  • Dr Jo Head – Head Consultancy

  • Jim Flynn – Gael Ltd

  • FoodQuestTQ

    • Dr John Hnatio

    • Bruce Becker

  • Campden BRI?

Concept the qms risk maturity journey

Concept – The QMS/Risk Maturity Journey

  • The QMS/Risk Journey

    • Paper>QMS>eQMS>SMS>IMS>Risk

    • Requires Risk based approach

  • Meat Industry 75% Paper QMS – Still Risk Systems Immature

  • Key Reason behind Horsemeat Incident is Paper Systems open to Fraud?

Concept management by exception

Concept – Management by Exception

  • Need to Manage by Exception

    • Identify Signals of Failure

    • Use to Identify Areas of Improvement

  • Improve by Analysis

    • Driven by Exception Data

    • One Click Reporting

    • Real Time Alerting

Concept drive standards or die

Concept – Drive Standards or Die

  • Drive Increasing Standards

    • Industry Needs to Improve to stay Competitive against Global Pressures

    • Anything Else is a Slow Death, e.g. like Coal Mining, ship Building, etc.

Concept robust management systems

Concept – Robust Management Systems

  • Robust Due Diligence and Management solutions are Critical

    • Increase Performance

    • Build Trust

    • Drive Improvement

    • Risk Based Approach

Current situation guidance

Current Situation - Guidance

  • Industry Needs Guidance

  • Opportunity to Add Value

    • More Competitive

    • More Efficient

    • Use Compliance to Drive Standards

  • Create More Innovators

Current situation dna reporting

Current Situation – DNA Reporting

  • All Very Manual

  • Open to Confidentiality / FOI Issues

  • Hard to Enforce

  • Lacks Transparency

  • Reporting Compliance an Issue

Current situation wider food fraud

Current Situation – Wider Food Fraud

  • BIG Problem

    • Lack of Affordable Tools

    • Nobody Knows What to Do

    • Its going to Take YEARS to sort

    • Industry Does NOT have this Luxury

Current situation lack of collaboration

Current Situation – Lack of Collaboration

  • Competitive Fears drive Poker Face Culture

  • Fear and Distrust of Regulator

  • No System for Annonymised Sharing

  • Result in Lack of Sharing Information

  • Consumer Trust Levels Affected

Current situation all eyes on dna testing

Current Situation – All Eyes on DNA Testing

  • Appeasement Doesn’t Work in the Long Term

  • It’s a Finger in the Dyke

  • Criminals Moved on Already

  • Root Issues MUST be more ROBUST Management Systems

  • Can’t Afford to Take YEARS to Solve this

What leaders are saying fsa

What Leaders are Saying - FSA

"We need to work better with Industry to share information and ideas and potential hazards and problems in the supply chain" 7th March 2013

"We need to understand the systems businesses have in place and the safety and quality controls in place, so we can protect the consumer"

Catherine Brown – Chief Executive - FSA

What leaders are saying pat troop

What Leaders are Saying – Pat Troop

  • Review of FSA Response to Horsemeat contamination

  • FSA Emerging Risks did not see this coming

  • Some hesitancy and confusion because not a food safety issue

  • Questions over powers in national incidents - FSA lead or La lead?

  • Need to improve intelligence and wider scanning

  • Wide input of intelligence

  • Need to learn from others

  • Need shared analysis and forward thinking

  • All require collaborative working

What leaders are saying dr jo head

What Leaders are Saying – Dr Jo Head

"There is sensitivity about sharing data. It's out of peoples comfort zone ... You don't know how confidential others will be and what they might use your data for"

Dr Jo Head – Head Consulting

What leaders are saying paul wiles

What Leaders are Saying – Paul Wiles

“If we are to prevent any more criminal behaviour happening we need to share data."

Paul Wilesformer Home Office Chief Scientific Adviser

What leaders are saying bmpa

What Leaders are Saying – BMPA

  • Collaboration, risk based approach, proportionate legislation

  • FSA Audit requires reform

  • Meat Inspection - risk based and proportionate

  • BQAP requires integrity and robustness

Andrew SimpsonBMPA Chairman

What leaders are saying defra

What Leaders are Saying - DEFRA

"Too much of this system (horse passports) is based on trust on paper, and there is not enough testing. We have to get back to more testing of products."

Owen PatersonEnvironment Secretary

What leaders are saying defra1

What Leaders are Saying - DEFRA

"We will work with the FSA and food businesses to learn lessons and to make any changes that are needed to restore and maintain consumer confidence in the food chain."

“A Spokeswoman”DEFRA

What leaders are saying which

What Leaders are Saying – Which?

  • We need a proactive and coordinated food fraud surveillance

  • improved sharing of information

  • intelligence led surveillance

Sue DaviesWhich?

What leaders are saying prof elliot

What Leaders are Saying – Prof. Elliot

  • Quality and Safety the focus

  • Shared Challenge:

    • “Prove to the public that they can Trust the Systems ‘that put food on their plates.’”

Prof. Chris ElliotFSA Britain Supply Chain Review

What we need management systems

What We Need – Management Systems

  • Standards Based Robust Food Safety Management Systems in the Supply Chain

  • Ease of Information Dissemination / Management

  • Ease of Crises Management

  • Automated Processes

  • Real Time Analysis

What we need risk monitoring

What We Need – Risk Monitoring

  • Risk Based Approach

    • Easy to Understand

    • Bowtie Methodology

  • Real Time

  • Communicates Up and Down the Supply Chain

  • Maintains and Preserves Confidentiality

What we need intelligent action

What We Need – Intelligent Action

  • Intelligence Gathering from

    • The Industry as well as

    • The Wider Supply Chain

  • Intelligence is NOT Enough

    • Need to know What to Do with intelligence as well

    • Need to be Sure people ACT on Intelligence

What we need capa planning

What We Need – CAPA Planning

  • Corrective / Preventive Action Planning

    • Policies and Procedures

    • Develop Appropriate Models

    • Embed in Industry

    • Lead the Along the Virtuous Path rather than give them a Map

How we can help learning from others

How We Can Help – Learning From Others

  • We Have Already Done it:

    • Aviation – STEADES

    • Rail SMIS

    • Blood Banks – AABB

  • Annonymised Reporting

  • Integrating Operational Safety with Policy Setting

How we can help standards management communication

How We Can Help – Standards Management & Communication

  • Easily Manage Compliance

  • Turn Compliance into Excellence

  • Drive Quality and Innovation

  • Ensure Truly Robust Management Systems for Building and Maintain Trust

  • Increase Competitive Advantage through Cost Reductions

  • Drive a Continuous Improvement Culture

How we can help risk based horizon scanning

How We Can Help – Risk Based Horizon Scanning

  • Real & Credible Info Sources in Real Time

  • Pre-Validated Food Fraud Analysis

  • Separates Noise from Signal

  • Ensures Business Know WHAT to do as well as HOW to do it

How we can help facilitating collaboration

How We Can Help – Facilitating Collaboration

  • Share What you Want / Need to

  • Collaborate On Risks

  • Preserve Confidentiality

  • Manage Risk Proactively, Proportionately and Successfully

Examples bow tie risk

Examples – Bow Tie Risk

Real time Risk Management showing the current Rating against Food Fraud benchmarks

Examples bow tie risk1

Examples – Bow Tie Risk

Example Food Fraud BowTie Showing Threats, Controls and Consequences

Examples bow tie risk2

Examples – Bow Tie Risk

Example Real Time Food Fraud Risk Register Showing Current Ratings and Status

Examples bow tie risk3

Examples – Bow Tie Risk

Example Real Time Risk Dashboard Showing Actions Required

The opportunity

The Opportunity

  • Don’t have time to learn to fish so ‘give them fish’

  • Gael Risk as tool for confidential supply chain collaboration

  • Incorporate Risk Management best practice for:

    • Food Fraud

    • RMRA

    • HACCP

    • Other

The opportunity1

The Opportunity

  • Drive Closer Industry Relationships

  • Develop Deeper Industry Trust

The business case

The Business Case

  • Lead Industry Now, Not Next Year or in 5 Years!

  • Engage and Collaborate to Improve

  • Positive Action removes Doubt

  • Wider and Deeper than DNA Testing and Traceability

  • Effect Positive Cultural Change in the Industry

  • Solidify Leadership Position



  • The Technology and Expertise Exists

  • We Have Done this in Other Sectors

  • Add in Horizon Scanning with Actionable Intelligence

  • A New Risk Model is Required That Facilitates

    • Sharing

    • Collaboration

    • Improvement

  • Provide Supply Chain Transparency, Intelligence and Sharing

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