Drug testing for high s chool student athletes
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Drug Testing for High S chool Student-Athletes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Drug Testing for High S chool Student-Athletes. Christian Tardieu. So What’s the Big Deal. Drugs and alcohol use is a large problem in high school and middle schools and for adolescents in general Leads to addiction- unhealthy lifestyle

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Drug testing for high s chool student athletes

Drug Testing for High School Student-Athletes

Christian Tardieu

So what s the big deal
So What’s the Big Deal

  • Drugs and alcohol use is a large problem in high school and middle schools and for adolescents in general

    • Leads to addiction- unhealthy lifestyle

    • Decline in academic achievement and student engagement

    • Incarceration

    • CDC: In schools with DTP’s, 1 of 5 students abuse prescription drugs

  • Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) also a growing concern

    • Harmful side effects

    • Suicide

    • Major League Baseball- Providing positive role models? Ex. Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Ryan Braun

What s being done about it
What’s Being Done About It?

  • Random Drug Testing

    • Typically urine sample taken

    • Started growing in use in 1990’s and 2000’s in high school across the nation

  • DARE Program

    • Initially aimed at Elementary School children

    • “Just Say No” & “War on Drugs”

    • Ineffective- No more Federal funds

What s the point of random drug testing
What’s the Point of Random Drug Testing?

  • Deter

  • Detect

  • “Spillover Effect”


  • 1995 Supreme Court ruling

    • Deterring drug use is more important than student’s privacy

  • No Child Left Behind (NCLB)

    • Provided federal funds to schools who use drug testing programs

  • Florida and Texas pass steroid testing bills (2007)

  • North Carolina Senate Bill 161- Enables School Boards to employ student drug testing programs

    • Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools- “It’s My Call/It’s Our Call”

    • Partnership with A Drug-Free North Carolina

Inside the numbers
Inside the Numbers

  • National Drug Abuse Institution

    • 14% of all high schools implement drug testing programs

      • Of these schools, all athletes are tested

      • Of drug testing schools, 65% of students are testing who take part in extracurricular activities

      • 25% of these schools test ALL students which is outside the recommendation of the US Courts

So does it work
So Does It Work?

  • Many studies have been done to support both the effectiveness and ineffectiveness or drug testing programs in high schools

  • American School Health Association conducted study of high schools with drug testing policies

    • 37% of students suggest that they will use drugs in the future in schools where drug tests exist

    • 36% of students said they won’t do drugs in the future in schools that do not have a drug testing program

  • Another study by the University of Michigan

    • 21% students use drugs despite drug testing programs vs. 19% students don’t in schools where there is no drug testing program

  • Jury is still out on the actual effectiveness of drug testing in high schools- very hard to determine

  • Majority believes it deters short-term drug use, but not long term drug use/abuse/addiction

Yea or nay
Yea or Nay?

Pros/For Drugs Testing

Cons/Against Drug Testing

Violation of personal privacy and the 4th Amendment

Teens make mistakes- may stigmatize them throughout career

Urine sample can easily be cheated- detoxing, use someone else’s urine

Harder drugs stay in system for less time

None of the school’s business- should stay out of its because it’s the parent’s job

Expensive- $50-$100 per person

$100,000-$200,00 for 500 students (NJ)

Is weed that bad? Only test for harder drugs- Ex. Michael Phelps or some US presidents

Completely ineffective

Tarnishes trust between students/parents/teachers

Parents want their children to come to them about anything

  • Can serve as a deterrent

  • Can detect drug use and help students with drug abuse problems

  • Deters cheating (steroids)

  • Keeps sports “clean”

  • Shouldn’t be a problem if you have noting to hide

  • Jobs require drug testing for employment

  • Schools are responsible for students’ future

Let s talk it out
Let’s Talk It Out

  • How do you feel about drug testing?

    • Is it a violation of privacy or is it serving in the best interest of the child?

  • Is it any of the school system’s business to test student and get involved with their personal life/activities good or bad?

  • If we do find a student guilty of drug use, how should we punish them without stigmatizing them or potentially setting them up for a future of failure?

  • How can we reach out to students and prevent potential drug use and steer them away from drug culture?

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