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Word Components: Perfect Squares PowerPoint Presentation
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Word Components: Perfect Squares

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Word Components: Perfect Squares - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Word Components: Perfect Squares
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  1. Word Components: Perfect Squares RE DUCE PRO VOKE Students are given Ziplock Bags that contain small cards with several prefixes and roots written on them. They need to find a combination of prefixes and roots that will produce a word if combined both horizontally and diagonally. Model: Four words: reduce, revoke produce, provoke Example: Mountain, Lee. “Flip-a-chip to Build Vocabulary. Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy. 46:1. September 2002.

  2. Word Components: Perfect Squares RE DUCE PRO VOKE Then, students are asked to write a cloze paragraph on an index card in which each of the four words of the perfect square would fit in to the blanks. (See example below.) Students insert the index card into the baggie and exchange with another group. Example of a cloze paragraph for the perfect square above: Mrs. Benjamin was vexed. “My students,” she declared_______ me when they are late to class. They_________one excuse after another. I want to ________ the number of lateness to class, so I’ll _______ the privilege of using the lavatory pass to any student who arrives late.”

  3. Suggested Perfect Squares: a gressive re version re clusive ex tract pro gress retro active con fer de duct bi lateral uni cycle in cur oc clude re duce intro spective re cycle uni verse com putation re ply ex plain com pel com munity im pact dis tortion ex tended re tort con vert co herent in vert im pair re ply

  4. Suggested Perfect Squares: im port ex pel ex pose sup plicate con ference trans gress pro duce re pel pro vision re pel in scribe pro ject sub ject in scription pro mise de mote at tain re tract con tract re verse per spire re tain re treat en tail ex ception de position re volve in vert de scribe trans port

  5. Suggested Perfect Squares: im port ex plicate con ception per tain re ceive re duce intro spective re vert per ception de scription ex tend at tract trans late re port pro mise de mote pro cess re tract com ply re pulsive ap ply re peal at tain de tract ex tract at tend re versal trans port com plicate re pulsive

  6. Suggested Perfect Squares: re fine de flect com mand re mission in clude pre tense con clusion ex tend trans form in fer in quest re fer con gress trans form pro mote de tect at tention con tract im plode ex plicit re voke e mit in novate re form ad vise re mit a spire con flict in formation re fuse