Blocked Fallopian Tubes:
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Blocked Fallopian Tubes: IVF Vs Natural Treatment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Find answers to questions like Can I get pregnant with both tubes were blocked? Is IVF the only option for blocked fallopian tubes? Is there any alternative to IVF?

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Blocked Fallopian Tubes:

IVF Vs Natural Treatment


Page 1

You have been trying to conceive for a child. After months of trying and after so

many tests your doctor confirms that your both fallopian tubes were blocked. Dr

also suggests that the only option left with you is IVF.

Now you are left with many questions unanswered.

Here are a few questions that might be haunting your mind...

Can I get pregnant with both tubes were blocked.

Is IVF the only option for blocked fallopian tubes.

Is there any alternative to IVF.

In this blog post, I try to answer all the above questions that are causing sleepless

nights to you.

First I try to answer the first question i.e

Can I Get Pregnant With Both Tubes Were Blocked?


Page 2

Here are a couple of true extracts I have picked up from internet for you so please

go through them carefully...

"This summer, I had a HSG and was told both of my tubes were blocked. My

doctor said there was no chance of conceiving naturally EVER. I am now 8 weeks

pregnant. There is ALWAYS hope! :)"

"Hi, I dont know if this will help anyone but I was recently diagnosed with both

tubes totally blocked, told ivf would be only option literally 5 days after my hsg I

got pregnant and I know It sounds crazy but after my recent sono I just found out

that before that egg implanted I ovulated again and got pregnant again, so I am

now expecting 2 babies 8 days apart, crazy I know but I just wanted to say that

there is hope after bad news at HSG. I have terrible sickness etc but I still feel it's a

miracle that only a few months after hsg showed blocked tubes im pregnant with

two babies, without any medical assistance. Keep hope and babydust to all that

want it"

So going by these two real-life experiences, there is every reason to feel

comfortable. Hence don’t give up your hope.

In view of the above facts, I want to tell you that there is great degree of

possibility to get pregnant even when the both tubes were blocked.

Now let us discuss the second question...

Page 3

Is IVF The Only Option For Blocked Fallopian Tubes? internet for you so please


Before I answer this question, I want you to know the cause of your fallopian

tubes blockage. This is very important because without understanding the cause

of the problem you cannot solve it.

Causes Of Blocked Fallopian Tubes


Page 4

There are a number of reasons that contribute to the fallopian tubes blockage

such as:

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)

Page 5

fallopian tubes blockage Family planning (remains of birth prevention drugs may block fallopian


Bacterial infections such as Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhea

Continuous abortions may also damage fallopian tubes

Past Surgery could cause Scarring, Adhesion, Scar tissues

Reoccurrence Infection and Ectopic pregnancy tighten fallopian tubes

Trauma leads towards blocked fallopian tubes

Unhygienic delivery may also damage fallopian tubes

Endometriosis and tightness of organs nearby fallopian tubes cause vaginal


Ruptured appendix and abdominal surgery may also block fallopian tubes -

read more

Pay Your Close Attention Here

You have seen the causes of your tubal blockage. It seems to be number of factors

contributing blockage in your fallopian tubes.

Then how can you solve this problem in the absence of clear reason …

Page 6

What Is The Real Culprit Causing Blockage In Your Fallopian Tubes?


It is a fact that the big list of causes are overwhelming to us. But if we see all the

causes attentively what we can comprehend is that all the above causes are

different manifestations of one inflammatory disease. Obviously, we can conclude

that inflammation causing blockage in your fallopian tubes. So the tubal blockage

is an inflammatory disease.

Page 7

So What Exactly Is Inflammation? Tubes?

Simply put, Inflammation is your body’s response to the unhealthy and toxic

foods that you eat. Chronically Inflamed body tissues causes all kinds of modern

chronic diseases. If you want your body not to inflame, you have to stop eating

foods that causes inflammation.

Page 8

Unless you turn off the actual cause of fire (inflammation), all you have done is

postponed the inevitable and potentially destroyed more of the building (your

body) in the process, by allowing the fire to smolder in a sub clinical fashion. -

read more

If you wish to get pregnant through IVF without clearing blocked fallopian tubes

you are subjecting yourself to the following risks;

You may have to practice IVF 2- 5 times even then there is no guarantee of


Repeated failures may put you under sever depression and result in other

chronic diseases.

You have to spend all your life savings for IVF treatment as IVF is the

expensive treatment.

Above all, it may affect your marital relationship also.

Whether your doctor may tell all these things or not. you are going to experience

all these problems.

So going by the above discussion you can conclude that IVF is not a good option

for treating your blocked fallopian tubes…

Western medicine treat blocked fallopian tubes by doing surgery to remove

or clear blockages. Or else advises IVF if you wish to conceive. They will not go

into the root cause of the disease.

Page 9

As I said earlier, inflammatory disease must be addressed from its root.

What Does That Mean?

First, you have to acknowledge that the present life style caused your disease.

Secondly, you have to shift to a healthy lifestyle and help your body to clear

fallopian tubes naturally…

So this answers your 3rd question.i.e The best alternative to IVF is natural


Page 10

With simple lifestyle changes, you can clear your blocked tubes, get your cycles

regular and above all you can restore your complete health. Last but not least

getting pregnancy is natural consequence with the improved health of your body.

If you are thinking how to clear your blocked fallopian tubes, please read my

article “Energy Exercises To Open Blocked Fallopian Tubes Naturally”

Page 11

Whether you agree or disagree please give your comments as it add value to this

topic and help many other people….

Adverse FB Comments: Suzis Ben Response

I have shared this article in couple of Facebook groups…

I have received violent and sarcastic reactions…

I don’t want to react with same tone and tenor because I know truth is always

opposed and derided first.

However, I want to respond in a positive way so that my readers have choice of

treatment based on their conviction...

First read the reactions here under:

Sayali Kale Kandari:

The answer is YES. only IVF. Other things are all UNPROVEN, ABSOLUTELY


Please don't share such psuedo science on a forum of Couples and all these lovely

women battling a serious problem. This is very irresponsible and I ask you to

refrain from such posting that affects their treatment outcome!

Sara Jakel Keys:

This website is sooo not reputable/credible. Yes, a diet that doesn't promote

inflammation in the body is healthier, but it's not the cause of blocked fallopian

tubes nor will it "fix" them.

Charlie Bluefish:

Is IVF the only option for blocked tubes? Erm.... yes.


Page 12

Danica Petreska it add value to this

If you're going to share information please don't share fake ass websites to try

make money off vulnerable people in shitty situations. If this really "works" share

the information like the rest of us would. There's no such thing as a miracle

method to curing infertility so please go away.


Here is my response

Suffering person have 2 choices of treatment. one is conventional and other is

alternative natural treatments.

Both treatments have its pros and cons…

Based on my education, experience and interpretation of facts I believe that

natural methods are the best for treating chronic diseases. That is what I share

through my blog posts.

So my blog readers have 2 clear choices and hopefully they take a wise decision

based on their situation.

I want to substantiate my point of view with a real story...

Do you know this real life changing story?

If your answer is YES then keep reading...

Noelle lost 5 babies, and undergone months of testing, the doctors were not able

to find exact reason why this was happening to her.

The couple finally gave up on trying to have a baby and decided towards the

adoption process.


Page 13

Still puzzled by why this was happening to her, she began researching recurrent

pregnancy loss (RPL). She knew she didn’t want to be pregnant while she was

focusing on adoption, but she wanted to be healthy and whole, so she started

looking into natural ways to improve her condition.

This simple test changed her life….

Through a divine interaction, she ended up working with a naturopath who gave

her the ALCAT test. ALCAT is a food sensitivity test that measures inflammatory

reactions in your blood when it is exposed to various foods and chemicals.

Here is what she discovered….

It turned out that she was intolerant to several foods that she had no idea about

(lobster, avocado, basil, broccoli, white potato, button mushroom, and splenda

aka sucralose.)

She also learned that all the antibiotics she had taken several years ago when she

had chronic tonsillitis, and the birth control pills she had taken for years, had torn

up the lining of her stomach.

She came to know that eating the wrong foods causes inflammation in her body,

possibly including her reproductive organs.

Her happiness knows no bounds….

In addition to removing her food intolerances, she also began living the real food

lifestyle. And after just 6 weeks of this new lifestyle she found herself pregnant….


Lifestyle changes she made...

She eliminated GMO foods and replaced with plant based natural foods.

and also eliminated chewing gum, listerine, face wash, moisturizers, deodorant,

etc. Read full story here

Here I have couple of questions for you…

Page 14

Why she didn't get pregnant for more than 5 years? researching recurrent

How she cured infertility finally?

What lesson can we learn from this story?

If you can answer these questions, you can discover the answer to your problem.

The great insight I learned...

Pay your close attention here....

1. In this story she has food insensitivity.

2. She simply eliminated those foods.

3. She became pregnant naturally.

Going by the above analysis whom to be blamed for delay in getting pregnant.

Infertility sufferer can't be blamed as she rely on Doctors for treatment.

So the point I am trying to convey to you is simple…

Let us not throw the entire responsibility on Doctors alone. Problem is ours we

have to take the charge of it.

Page 15

Do You Wonder Why Is Your Body Betraying You? researching recurrent

Imagine When Gyn tells you that one of your tubes was blocked, and IVF was the

only option left for you how does it feel to be childless.

IVF is a difficult choice if you already read awful stories low success rate and

expenses involved and social stigma associated with it.

But the question is how to cope with this pain and get pregnant....

Here I remember a popular saying i.e. "Pain is the doorway to wisdom and to


So you can use this situation to break old unhealthy habits and acquire new

healthy habits and that is how many successful people win over their chronic


Blockage of tubes is caused by infection and inflammation. Hence, avoiding

infection and inflammation causing foods will help you clear your tubes.

And that is how you can get pregnant with blocked Fallopian tube and this is

exactly what Dorthy Macleod achieved. So don’t be desperate or terrified of your


Would you be interested to know what Dorthy have tried?

In my email messages I delve into deep detail plus give you receive the checklist,

“How to Clear Tubal Blockage: 7 Point Checklist of Do’s and Don`ts.”

Click here to Join my FREE Email list NOW....

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