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Targets, Principles, and Brand

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Targets, Principles, and Brand - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Targets, Principles, and Brand. Preliminary Thoughts (“homework” for 12/15 AG meeting). Target Customer. Lisa’s thoughts:

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targets principles and brand

Targets, Principles, and Brand

Preliminary Thoughts

(“homework” for 12/15 AG meeting)

target customer
Target Customer

Lisa’s thoughts:

A)Fulfillment seekers who get satisfaction with an exercise plan they can stick to, requires little thinking and ultimately provides a better self-concept through RESULTS.

1a) Possible Demo: Employees of large corporations who travel (22-65, 35K-100K, college optional)

Why? Easy to transport. Business expense. All user needs is a small space and 10-60 minutes. No equipment.

B) Curious life explorers whose joy comes from discovering and sharing new ways to move.

1b) Possible Demo: Zen masters of movement. Teachers. Health Club Trainers/Leaders.

Why? Use of Smart Moves as a teaching tool for classes. Utilize additional product lines for single users in an "at home" environment. Viral marketing tactic if teachers lead groups.

C) Determined and highly trained athletes and former athletes who are looking for a form of functional training to guide them as they age or recover from injuries.

1c) Possible Demo: Athletes who were always told what to do and cannot create a workout on their own. Want to maintain movement in the name of health. (age 25-55, 55K-150K, college optional)

Why? Easy to do. Workouts are right there. All user needs is a small space and 10-60 minutes. No equipment.

AJ’s thoughts:

High Correlation Attributes:

  • More Educated (college grads/some college)
  • More age 30-60 (not “invincible” not “geriatric”)
  • More performance minded (wants to perform optimally, competitive, measurable performance improvement)
  • More intellectual (less emotional) motivation (looking for performance, not looking to lose 10 lbs or make butt look sexy)
  • More coincidence with technical /intellectual sports (running (not jogging), golf, tennis, swimming)
  • More long term perspective (willing to take longer road permanent gains and durability of result)
  • Coaches/Sports teams (Optimal team performance and durability of athletes) (target coaches of organized competitive sports at college, pro, semi-pro, high school level where interest and funding is more likely)
  • Casual athlete’s who care about performance (Optimal Performance, getting/keeping the edge) (target specific sports and/or archetypes e.g. businessman traveler)
  • Intellectual Health conscious people (long term health, smart exercise)
brand personality and benefits
Brand Personality and Benefits

Lisa’s thoughts:

Honest, unpretentious, real: Smart Moves is not a gimmick. Real training. Real results. Really easy.

Approachable, joyful, genuine, passionate: Smart moves is for anyone and it doesn't take a D1 athlete to do lunges, push ups or dying bugs.

Knowledgeable, innovative, trustworthy: Smart Moves is not a gimmick. Smart Moves is good for your mind and your body. Smart Moves' shepherd, Steve Myrland is the guru.

Simplistic, mindful, productive, calm: Smart Moves will prepare your body for functional moves that will further aging gracefully.

AJ’s thoughts:

Retail Pentagon: Keys: Authority, Quality

Othr: Location, Price, Assortment

Benefit focus:

  • Competitive edge/Performance Optimization
  • Smart Exercise/fitness (likes being smart to be fit and win)
  • Lifetime benefit
  • Technically challenging approach reinforces intellectual ability

Lisa’a thoughts:

Smart Moves will be flexible enough to function how users need to use it and where users need to use it. What does this mean? Users require various ways to utilize Smart Moves: Print Outs, DVD, Mobile Download, Subscription, etc.

Smart Moves will be patient and consider a test market in order to understand possible flaws or greater gains BEFORE launching to the mass market.

Smart Moves will outline sales goals in order to ensure progress and growth.

Smart Moves as a brand will need to provide MORE than just exercise routines. IDEAS: Healthy eating tips. Ways to monitor progress. A platform for people to learn more about WHY Steve does the things he does. If you want to be fit and healthy, do what fit and healthy people do. Steve is a model.

AJ’a thoughts:

  • Low investment/ Leverage existing IP assets
  • Accuracy (“rightness”) of program/exercises non-negotiable
  • Steve must “sell”
  • Growth will be organic … start small and grow opportunistically
  • Specific Movements and organizational concepts (hooks, triangles etc) will be consistent across product variations, and groupings of movements into “packages” will be tailored to needs of specific target markets
  • Keep it simple. Not 1200 movements