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ETH/Mendrisio. Első megközelítés a honlapok alapján. Naturwissenschaften und Mathematik. Systemorientierte Naturwissenschaften. Management und Sozialwissenschaften. Doctoral Program in History and Theory of Architecture. Staff

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eth mendrisio


Első megközelítés a honlapok alapján


Naturwissenschaften und Mathematik

Systemorientierte Naturwissenschaften

Management und Sozialwissenschaften

doctoral program in history and theory of architecture
Doctoral Program in History and Theory of Architecture
  • Staff
  • DirectorsProf. Dr. Ing. Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani, Vorsteher des Instituts gta, professor
  • Prof. Dr. Ákos Moravánszky, titular professor
  • Prof. Dr. Laurent Stalder, professor
  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Tönnesmann, professor
  • Prof. Dr. Philip Ursprung, professor
  • Dr. phil. Nina Zschocke, postdoc
academy of architecture of mendrisio universit della svizzera italiana
Academy of Architecture of Mendrisio, Università della Svizzera italiana
  • The Academy of Mendrisio aims to create a "new" architect able to make
    • sense of the territory,
    • critically transform it without erasing its identity,
    • respond to the demands of living space creatively and effectively.
  • The study curriculum is built on the integration of design with historical-humanistic and technical-scientific disciplines.
  • The Academy of Architecture maintains relations and cooperates with numerous national and international institutions and schools, and is active in research, especially into the areas of history and urban studies.
nemzetk zi jelleg
Nemzetközi jelleg
  • The processes of internationalization of the world today means the architect’s personal culture has to be international. For this reason the Academy’s policy is to create a large group of professor-architects of different geographic origins and cosmopolitan culture.
  • In this way both the permanent studio professors and the teachers invited by rotation offer students a variegated panorama of options by which to broaden their education by continuously measuring themselves against complex cultural horizons.
  • Since even the students at Mendrisio come from many different countries, this further strengthens the internationalism of the teaching, ensuring the faculty members explore the different sensibilities expressed by the student body.
kritikus l t sm d
Kritikus látásmód
  • Given the complex contexts in which architects are called to work today, they need a training that will enable them to develop their own critical vision of the project, their own personal “conceptual architecture” receptive to stimuli presented by tasks of a global nature. It is our conviction that the best way to achieve this consists of an intense dialogue between the future designers in the studio workshops with the experiences of their teachers.
design studio olgiati jelent s alkot k
Design Studio (Olgiati)Jelentős alkotók
  • Ever since its foundation, the Academy has entrusted the teaching of architectural practice to figures who have distinguished themselves on the international scene by the quality of their works. To avoid, as happens in many schools, the possibility that the teaching is done by architects with limited work experience, teachers for the architectural design studios are chosen precisely on the basis of their confirmed professional curriculum and a profile that reveals specific creative abilities. The purpose is to guarantee the teachers are capable of providing an education that is both practical and creative.
pt rt s hum n tudom nyok tapasztalat s gondolkod s christoph frank
Éptört és humán tudományok – „tapasztalat és gondolkodás”(Christoph Frank)
  • the training of contemporary architects aware of the heritage of their profession cannot be confined to teaching the current state of the art, but should include careful reflection on the open-ended and mutable status of architectural culture as it is taught by the historical sciences and the humanities.
  • courses dealing with the different periods are flanked by monographic seminars on themes of special interest, together with the teaching of aesthetics, anthropology and other human sciences, leads the students to explore the complex cultural ramifications always involved in architectural practice
  • architects today, moreover, it is urgent to find an answer to the progressive reduction of their technological self-sufficiency, and this answer means though it may sound like a curious paradox a more interdisciplinary education within the strictly architectural disciplines.
m szaki tudom nyos k pz s franz graf
Műszaki-tudományos képzés (Franz Graf)
  • We live in a period that is extremely fertile in technical developments applied to architecture: new materials, new construction processes and structural types, but also new “hybrids” with existing construction methods. Today more than ever architecture is determined on the one hand by technological developments, including those driven by the ecological crisis, and on the other by the need to cope with the technologies produced in the last century.
  • Hence the usefulness of extending the knowledge of today’s designers to the history of modern technologies.
  • Since architecture is a practice that cannot renounce its foundations as a scientific discipline, form and technology need to be dealt with as a unity. Since the material embodiment of architecture is strictly physical, architectural design cannot be seen as separate from construction: to avoid the mistakes of incompetence and the banality of formalism, the conception of the project has to deal with structural issues.
kutat s
  • At the Academy of Architecture, as in other Swiss university faculties, research is fostered by the university itself, by the institutes that back up its activities, and by the federal institutions established for the purpose.
  • In Mendrisio research was firstly oriented towards topics in the history of architecture as a discipline and contemporary architectural culture, through the activities of the Archivio del Moderno. It was then extended to the territorial ambit following the creation of the iCUP (institute for the Contemporary Urban Project).
  • The distinctively multidisciplinary education offered by the school means that the Academy offers opportunities to conduct research degrees not only in Architecture but also in Philosophy and the Technical Sciences.