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Educator Orientation

Educator Orientation. Fall 2010 . EDUCATEAlabama Contacts Leadership & Evaluation. Ms. Chris Wilson 334/353-8646 cwilson@alsde.edu Mrs. Telena Madison 334/353-5230 tmadison@alsde.edu Dr. Tony Thacker 334/353-4810 tthacker@alsde.edu. Contact. Mr. John Bell 334/242-8191

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Educator Orientation

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  1. Educator Orientation Fall 2010

  2. EDUCATEAlabama Contacts Leadership & Evaluation Ms. Chris Wilson 334/353-8646 cwilson@alsde.edu Mrs. Telena Madison 334/353-5230 tmadison@alsde.edu Dr. Tony Thacker 334/353-4810 tthacker@alsde.edu

  3. Contact Mr. John Bell 334/242-8191 jbell@alsde.edu For Information On The Professional Educational Personnel Evaluation (PEPE) Program or 2009 - 2010 EDUCATEAlabama Moodle Modules Professional Learning Units (PLUs)

  4. Today’s Agenda • Background & Rationale • Process • Lunch • Implementing EA using the Standards & Continuum • Debrief • Questions & Answers Breaks – Group Consensus !

  5. Meeting Materials

  6. Purpose • Provide background and rationale for refining EDUCATEAlabama (EA) • Offer guidelines for implementing the refined EA process • Create a common understanding of the structure, content, and intended uses of the: • Alabama Quality Teaching Standards • Alabama Continuum for Teacher Development • Respond to Frequently Asked Questions

  7. Practitioners’ Perspective Refining EDUCATEAlabama

  8. EDUCATEAlabama Survey 2010 • Conducted online July 2010 • 1, 007 Practitioner Responses • 80 + Pages of Comments

  9. Survey Results Said

  10. I felt like I was [on] an island while learning this system.

  11. ...We need clear direction …

  12. Time was a challenge

  13. “On average. . .20 hours to complete the paperwork for one teacher.” “ I spent nearly 7-8 hours per teacher. . .”

  14. Too much paperwork

  15. Consolidate the forms. CSR was too long. . . .need ONE post observation form. . .

  16. Make the PLP a working document that can be incorporated into observations and dialogue throughout the year. P L P

  17. Focus on no more than - Indicators

  18. If the information could be automatically imported that would be GREAT!

  19. F O R M S Drop down menus for simple comments on the forms would be very beneficial. I would like to see the forms transfer common data… indicator information from the observation form to the CSR…

  20. I was struggling to keep my head above water.

  21. Contradictory information during training sessions

  22. Teachers didn’t understand their role… …SDE should have explained to teachers… Never assume teachers and administrators know what they are suppose to be doing… I did not understand it as an administrator…

  23. Face to face meetings are essential.

  24. Positive notes

  25. The dialogue is a step in the right direction. Having face to face dialogue with teachers is a collaborative effort that is extremely beneficial.

  26. I like that it is formative based. EDUCATEAlabama is an excellent reflective tool.

  27. The developmental Continuum was excellent.

  28. My teachers had many questions and I worked with them to develop a deeper understanding of the Standards and how to self-evaluate.

  29. …teachers’ self-assessment …best tool for all.

  30. No announced observations are excellent.

  31. Novice teachers should receive a minimum of two formal observations.

  32. On-line videos for teachers to observe lessons focusing on [the standards] would be very helpful.

  33. Two more

  34. When you are headed down the runway at 150 miles per hour and realize you don’t have enough asphalt for takeoff, it’s a little late to order an extension of the runway.

  35. I believe there is a better way to make this mousetrap work.

  36. Locally Approved EA Professional Study2010 - 2011 • Superintendents are encouraged to approve locally developed professional study for PLU and/or Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credit. Optional Online Tools for Local Use • ACLD Evaluation Matrix • Library of: • Professional study modules • Instructional videos

  37. Online Library Resources http://www.alex.state.al.us/leadership • Modules • Standards and Continuum: Overview • Collaborative Conversations • Organization & Management of the Learning Environment (Indicators 2.1, 2.3) • Student Learning Goals (Indicators 2.4, 2.5) • Formative Assessment (Indicator 2.8) • Feedback from Formative Assessment (Indicator 2.8) • Cultural, Ethnic, and Social Diversity (Indicator 4.1) • Cultural, Ethnic, and Social Diversity (Indicator 4.3) • Investigating the Impact of Instruction (3 Modules)

  38. Online Library Resources continued http://www.alex.state.al.us/leadership • Dialogues - Collaborative Conversations • *Four (4) Videos • Snow Rogers Elementary, Jefferson County • Self-Assessment/PLP Development • North Jefferson Middle, Jefferson County • Post Observation Dialogue • Gardendale High, Jefferson County • Post Observation Dialogue • Chalkville Elementary, Jefferson County • End of Year Collaborative Dialogue • * Permission to use - Granted by Jefferson County Board of Education Summer 2010

  39. Online Library Resources continued http://www.alex.state.al.us/leadership • Instructional Demonstration Videos • Elementary - Seven (7) Videos • Fractions (Parts 1,2)- George Hall Elementary Mobile County • Ellis Island (Parts 1,2) - George Hall Elementary Mobile County • Environmental Center - George Hall Elementary Mobile County • Dealing with Coins (Parts 1,2)- Brighton Middle Jefferson County

  40. Online Library Resources continued http://www.alex.state.al.us/leadership • Instructional Demonstration Videos • Middle-Intermediate-Junior High School - Four (4) Videos • Middle School Science- Hayden Middle Blount County • Junior High School English- Mt. Brook Junior High Mt. Brook City • 9th Grade Biology - Mt. Brook Junior High Mt. Brook City • 5th Grade Science - Tarrant Intermediate Tarrant City

  41. Online Library Resources continued http://www.alex.state.al.us/leadership • *Instructional Demonstration Videos • High School - Five (5) Videos • Geometry (Parts 1,2)- Spain Park High, Hoover City • Treaty of Versailles- Winterboro High, Talladega County • Business Education - Winterboro High, Talladega County • English - Tarrant High, Tarrant City * All elementary, middle, and high school instructional demonstration videos were developed in cooperation with The Governor’s Commission on Quality Teachingand selected schools and local education agencies.

  42. Online Training Available Late Fall 2010 For those unable to attend an instructional leader training or educator orientation, trainings will be available online at http://www/alex.state.al.us/leadership under the Educator Evaluations tab.

  43. SDE Communication Criteria FAQ Document

  44. IF Your LEA Directs You To Begin Now Prior to Web-based Process Availability

  45. If the educator has alreadydeveloped a PLP for this year, must a new one be developed? If a PLP has already been developed this year, must a new PLP be developed?

  46. I - SELF ASSESS Download the Continuum http://www.alex.state.al.us/leadership Click on Educator Evaluations Every educator completes self-assessment using this document Print copy Carefully consider all 39 indicators Circle level that best describes current teaching practice Complete self-assessment, addressing all 39 indicators Schedule time for dialogue with instructional leader

  47. II - DIALOGUE • Based on the educator’s completed self-assessment, the dialogue between the instructional leader and educator should: • Be a meaningful reflective conversation • Support the educator in setting professional goals and pursuing professional development Dialogue Outcomes Collaboratively select and agree upon 2-5 indicators that will become the focus for this year’s Professional Learning Plan (PLP)

  48. III - Develop the PLP • Establish the 2-5 indicators agreed upon during the dialogue as the focus for the PLP • For each indicator: • Determine what educator wants/needs to learn • Estimate timeframe for learning • Determine how educator will implement (Identify specific actions/strategies) • Estimate timeframe from implementation • Identify other supporting evidence educator mayprovide(data, other roles/responsibilities, courses, achievements, publications, other) • Identify expected outcomes for student achievement

  49. IV - Un-announced Observations • Two un-announced observations will be conducted for all educators (novice, non-tenured, tenured/veteran) on full evaluation cycle • May be conducted at any time during the school year after the PLP has been developed • Collaborative conversation and dialogue between the instructional leader and educator after each observation is best practice

  50. When can instructional leaders and educators transfer all completed “hard copy” EDUCATEAlabama information to the web-based system?

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