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Austin Tate (PI); AIAI, University of Edinburgh; [email protected]

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Austin Tate (PI); AIAI, University of Edinburgh; [email protected] - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“CoAKTinG – I-X Process Panels I-Space: I-Me, I-Room, I-World I-Tools: I-DE, I-Think, I-Plan, I-AM” AIAI, University of Edinburgh Austin Tate (PI); AIAI, University of Edinburgh; a.t[email protected]

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“CoAKTinG – I-X Process Panels I-Space: I-Me, I-Room, I-WorldI-Tools: I-DE, I-Think, I-Plan, I-AM”AIAI, University of

Austin Tate (PI); AIAI, University of Edinburgh; [email protected]

Jessica Chen-Burger; AIAI; University of Edinburgh; [email protected]

Stephen Potter; AIAI; University of Edinburgh; [email protected]


Jeff Dalton; AIAI, University of Edinburgh; [email protected]

John Levine; AIAI, University of Edinburgh; [email protected]

Jussi Stader; AIAI, University of Edinburgh; [email protected]

Students: Natasha Lino, Clauirton Siebra

aim workflow and messaging catch all
Aim: Workflow and Messaging “Catch All”
  • Can take ANY requirement to:
    • Handle an issue
    • Perform an activity
    • Add a constraint
  • Deals with these via:
    • Manual activity
    • Internal capabilities
    • External capabilities
    • Reroute or delegate to other panels or agents
    • Plan and execute a composite of these capabilities
  • Receives reports and interprets them to:
    • Understand current status of issues, activities and constraints
    • Understand current world state, especially status of process products
    • Help user control the situation
  • Copes with partial knowledge
approach i x process panels
Approach: I-X Process Panels
  • To explore task driven cooperation via “issue handling”, “activity performance” and “constraint management” using shared models of activity and the artifacts involved. These shared models use the constraint ontology for activity and the more general constraint model for synthesized artifacts
    • & - Issues, Nodes, Constraints and Annotations
  • Provision of a modular task and process management facility on the CoABS Grid and other communications mechanisms including:
    • issue handling
    • workflow and coordination 
    • constraint management
    • multi-modal visualization/presentation
    • respect of agent organizational structures for tasking and authority management
    • consideration of multiple cooperative agent domains and workspaces
  • Provision of Generic CoABS Grid Task and Process Management facilities through I-X Process Panels (I-P2) and related Decision Support (I-Think), Planning (I-Plan) and Domain/Process Editing (I-DE) tools

CoABS Grid

CoAX Process Panels: Coalition Agents eXperiment (CoAX)

i x components for coakting
I-X Components for CoAKTinG
  • I-Space (part focus of CoAKTinG)
    • Distributed Virtual Organisation and Contextualisation
  • I-Me (CoABS)
    • Personal Panels
  • I-Room (focus of CoAKTinG)
    • Group, Team or Function Panels
  • I-World (part of COAKTinG)
    • Environment within which I-Spaces can be created.
  • I-AM (CoABS)
    • Augmented Messaging Tool
  • I-DE (CoABS)
    • Domain and Process Library Editing and Management
  • I-Think, I-Plan and I-Tell (To be funded)
    • Situation Analysis and Decision Support Tool
    • Embedded Knowledge Based Planning, Execution and Plan Repair/Recovery Technology
    • Multi-lingual, multi-modal Panel Interfaces