Fascia and Guttering an integral part of every house
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Fascia and guttering an integral part of every house

Fascia and Guttering an integral part of every house

The arrival rainy season where at one side brings the smile on the faces of every person, but on the

other side also develops lines of tension of various people, especially for them whose roof leaks during

heavy rains. What will be your reaction while you are sleeping pleasantly after hectic working schedule

throughout the day and suddenly you notice a drop of water falling on your head? If you have

constructed your house a long before then you can understand the reason of the roof leaking, but in

case if you have recently constructed a house for your living, say three to four years back and if it is

leaking then it is undoubtedly a matter of serious concern for you. Because not only you have invested

huge money on construction but you also have used raw material of high quality for constructing it.

Then why your roof is leaking? Will not let you sleep peacefully for the rest of the night.

Well, an answer to this question is simple words is that the roof is considered as an outer layer of your

house that protects the interior of your house from all sorts environmental pressures during different

weathers. During rains if the water flows smoothly through drains till then roof your home is secured

from any damage, but in case if there is any blockage in drainage system due to collection of dust and

other elements which come through wind and in another way, the water starts collecting on the roof

and due when it happens at regular intervals it starts damaging the roof of your home and water starts

entering into your room crossing the fascia and guttering installed at the terrace.

Fascia and guttering an integral part of every house

It would not be wrong to say that fascia and guttering are vital for controlling the leakage of water in

your room to a huge extent and if both these elements are damaged due to any reason it would be

better to get them replaced with new set to get rid of various other problems in future. The Fascia

boards are integrated with the supportive guttering system and the material used for proper installation

of both these elements is known as soffits.

In simple words fascia can be defined as a box with gutter controlling the leakage and moist that enters

in your room due to clotting of water. Next morning when you go to your terrace and find both fascia

and gutters of your roof damaged, it would be better to replace them instantly without thinking twice or

concerning about leave from office. If you are concerned that replacing both of them will require need

of an expert then it is just a myth because replacing fascia and gutters is quite simple, of-course you are

scared about height.

Before replacing the existing fascia it would be better to have it measured so as to make sure that you

install the fascia of right measurement on your roof. It will also make you understand the type of tools

you will require during the operation. Today you can find fascias and guttering of different colors and

designs available in the market, facilitating you to even change the look of your house.

Once you have done this, you need to start removing the guttering from the existing fascia board. As a

general practice clips of metal are placed to hold the guttering where the fascia was employed. The best

way to separate fascia from guttering is removing each section separately rather than removing the

whole board at a time. Once it is done, the next step is removal of nails that were installed on broken

fascia, after removal of nails place a timber block in the gap. If there is any guttering bracket it should be

removed at the same time.

Now start making a line from where you are removing the fascia board, doing this will let you know that

from where you need to remove the fascia and nails and then install the new set of fascia and nails at

the same place. After measuring the whole area you should not start removing damaged fascia with

necessary tools. Going through the above process of replacing fascia and guttering don’t you feel next

time when you need to replace your existing Fascia and Guttering Brighton instead of taking help from

an expert you will get them replaced at your end.