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Learn Top 5 Benefits of Microsoft Certification PowerPoint Presentation
Learn Top 5 Benefits of Microsoft Certification

Learn Top 5 Benefits of Microsoft Certification

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  1. Learn Learn Top Top 5 5 Benefits Benefits of of Microsoft Microsoft Certification Certification ‘More than 1.2 billion People use Microsoft Office in 140 countries and 107 languages around the world.’ The above-mentioned fact is more than enough to give you an insight how integral Microsoft has become to us. Microsoft Office is a comprehensive set of tools like MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint and MS Project. These tools are the most imperative gear for any individual. Whether you are preparing a science project for your child or doing a thorough data analysis for the forthcoming sales meet, Microsoft Office is what that requires the most.

  2. Independent from the nature of your job, proficiency in Microsoft programs is highly recommended to all. Though we all use Microsoft Office almost every day, its usage is limited to only make tables and write letters in the majority of cases. The true potential of Microsoft Office is often remaining unexplored. This leads to extra work on our side and less presentable output from the tool’s side as we aren’t able to use it to the maximum. Barely few, who have taken thorough Microsoft training, are able to utilize it. This way they not only increase their efficiency and productivity but also gain an edge over others. It is not only an essential skill to learn for individuals, but one of the most imperative tools for enterprises. implementation in an organization we will get to know there is hardly any task which can be done without the deployment of the Microsoft Office. If we analyze its thorough Seeing certification course and Microsoft Certification training is the most elemental step for both professionals and enterprises. Here is our rundown of top five benefits of doing a Microsoft certification. its cosmic implementation in the industry, a Microsoft 1. Glibness in MS Office As we all know how imperative Microsoft Office in real-time work situation, getting persuasiveness in this tool becomes highly crucial for professionals. This certification is the ideal way to acquire that high level proficiency. It will help you to have a better understanding of all the modules. This thorough understanding will make you competent to make more presentable and impressive reports, presentations and project. With such sound understanding, you will be able to cement your feet for firmly in the IT industry. 2. Be the most-preferred employee Reports reveal that chances of a Microsoft Certified professional to get hired at one go increase more than 5% as compared to non-certified peers. The revelation further goes on and says that the approaching future will demand more of Microsoft Certified professional. As per Microsoft’s recent survey, 86 % of It recruiters prefer to hire professional who has a mention of Microsoft Certification in their auxiliary skills.

  3. 3. It will give a global recognition Microsoft is a brand and its name it more than enough. Doing a certification from such established brand will proffer you an upper hand over others. For instance, consider a scenario where one of your colleagues has done DOEAC certification, whose recognition is limited to a particular sector only, will have a limited access and recognition. On the other hands, if you have done a Microsoft Certification and training the entire universe will be aware and comprehend it. Also Read :- Top 10 Most In-Demand Microsoft Certifications in 2018 4. Better clutch over the data Data is the most basic element for any business. Microsoft training from a reputed institute like Koenig Solutions will help you to have a better clutch over the data. The extensive features of MS Excel will help to put forward the data in an advanced way. It will increase your productivity and worth. 5. Advance career options Apart from making your work less tiring and demands, Microsoft Certification will expand the circumference of your career prospects. Getting into high-leveled position will be easier than ever before. Seeing such lucrative benefit, a Microsoft Certification from a good Institute is highly recommended to all who wish to have a flourish IT career. Source :- Dailygram