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Agribusiness in Pakistan Opportunities for Investment PowerPoint Presentation
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Agribusiness in Pakistan Opportunities for Investment

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Agribusiness in Pakistan Opportunities for Investment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Agribusiness in Pakistan Opportunities for Investment. Agriculture Sector in Pakistan’s Economy. Engine of Economic Growth Largest Sector of Economy - Guarantees Nation’s Food Security Share in GDP 22% Share in employment 44.7%. Contd. Agriculture Sector in Pakistan’s Economy.

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Agribusiness in Pakistan

Opportunities for Investment

agriculture sector in pakistan s economy
Agriculture Sector in Pakistan’s Economy
  • Engine of Economic Growth
  • Largest Sector of Economy - Guarantees Nation’s Food Security
  • Share in GDP 22%
  • Share in employment 44.7%


agriculture sector in pakistan s economy1
Agriculture Sector in Pakistan’s Economy
  • Share in foreign exchange earnings 68%
  • Growth Rate of Agriculture Sector 2.5%
  • Livelihood for 65.9%% of Country’s Population
major constraints in agribusiness
Major Constraints in Agribusiness
  • Poor Product Quality
  • Poor Packing
  • Absence of Cool Chain Infrastructure
  • High Post Harvest Losses
  • Limited Availability of Business Development Services
  • Limited Access to Finance


major constraints in agribusiness1
Major Constraints in Agribusiness
  • Limited Capacity for Farmer Group Formation for Agribusiness Purpose
  • Weak Public Private Partnership
  • Weak Institutional Capacity
  • Poor Coordination between Government Agencies
  • Absence of Demand Driven Agriculture Research and Extension System


major constraints in agribusiness2
Major Constraints in Agribusiness
  • Lack of Guiding National Agribusiness and horticulture Policies
  • Very old Wholesale Agricultural Market
  • Underdeveloped Agro Processing Industry
  • Inadequate Marketing Infrastructure for Local Needs and Exports
opportunities in agribusiness
Opportunities in Agribusiness
  • Large Domestic Market of 162 Million People
  • Strategic Location for Access to Regional Markets
  • Growing Economy;
  • Vast Agriculture Resource Base and Human Capital


opportunities in agribusiness1
Opportunities in Agribusiness
  • Third Largest Herd of Animals
  • Fourth Largest Producer of Milk
  • Milk Production 32 Billion Litters Per Year
  • Fifth Largest Producer of Mango
  • Fourth Largest Exporter of Mango
  • Fifth Largest Producer of Dates


opportunities in agribusiness2
Opportunities in Agribusiness
  • Second Largest Exporter of Dates
  • Largest Producer of Kinnow (citrus) Variety
  • Trade Under Bilateral Free Trade Agreements
  • Duty Free Import of Agricultural Machinery
existing situation of the agribusiness sector
Existing Situation of the Agribusiness Sector
  • Textile Industry 442 Textile Mills
  • Jute Industry 12 Jute Mills
  • Fertilizer Industry 10 Fertilizer Units
  • Sugar Industry 78 Sugar Mills
  • Vegetable Ghee Industry 166 Units
pakistan agriculture sector potential
Pakistan – Agriculture Sector Potential

* Kilograms / Acre

*** Tons per Hectares

** Liters / Animal / Lactation

way forward for agribusiness in pakistan
Way Forward for Agribusiness in Pakistan
  • Awareness Programs
  • Capacity Building Programs
  • Packing House
  • Grading Units
  • Cold Storage Facilities
  • Value Addition + Value Creation + Services
  • Availability of Zero Rated Agro Processing Equipments
interventions for growth the sector
Interventions for Growth the Sector
  • Improving Production Quality and Marketing Facilities
  • Improving Access to Finance from Financial Institutions
  • Streamline the Collection and Dissemination of Market Information
  • Strengthen Agribusiness Technical Training Capacity


interventions for growth the sector1
Interventions for Growth the Sector
  • Formulation of National Agribusiness Policy and Provincial Horticulture Policies
  • Strengthen and Upgrade Testing and Certification Facilities for Seeds, Nurseries and Crops
  • Awareness of the Need to Comply with International Agricultural Standards and Practices
investment opportunities horticulture production
Investment Opportunities – Horticulture Production
  • Greenhouse Farming
  • Tunnel Farming
  • Hydroponics
  • Organic Fruit & Vegetable Farming
  • Medicinal Herbs Farming
  • Hybrid seed & plant material production
  • Cut Flowers (Green Houses) / Foliage Nurseries / Flora Bulbs
investment opportunities horticulture processing
Investment Opportunities- Horticulture Processing
  • Dehydrated fruits & vegetables
  • Fruits Juices, Concentrates, Pulps, Nectars
  • Canning of fruits & vegetables
  • Packaged frozen vegetables
  • Tomato Paste
  • Potato powder
  • Frozen Fruits / Vegetables
  • Date Processing
investment opportunities livestock dairy
Investment Opportunities – Livestock & Dairy
  • Feedlot Fattening Farms
  • Slaughterhouses
  • Modern Butcheries
  • Setting up large breeding farms
  • Cattle feed mills
  • Seed production and sale of high yielding multi-cut fodder varieties
investment opportunities fisheries
Investment Opportunities – Fisheries
  • Fish Farming
  • Shrimp Farming
  • Frozen Sea Food
  • Sea Food Canning
investment opportunities infrastructure
Investment Opportunities – Infrastructure
  • Cold Storages
  • Controlled Atmosphere Storages
  • Refrigerated Containers
  • Export Houses
  • Packaging Technology
  • Modern Wholesale Markets
why invest in pakistan
Why Invest in Pakistan?
  • Foreign equity up to 100% allowed
  • No government permissions required
  • Remittance of capital / profits allowed
  • Equal treatment of domestic / foreign investors
  • Network of industrial estates and free zone
  • 0% duty on import of agricultural machinery
  • Investment Conducive legal framework that ensures Credit availability