volunteers association for bangladesh canada vabc www vabcanada org n.
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Volunteers Association for Bangladesh Canada (VABC) vabcanada

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Volunteers Association for Bangladesh Canada (VABC) vabcanada - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Volunteers Association for Bangladesh Canada (VABC) www.vabcanada.org. Volunteers Association for Bangladesh (VAB) An organization that promotes Education in rural Bangladesh www.vabonline.org http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1JmEPSvQUU. VAB Founder and President Dr. ATR Rahman. VAB Dignitaries.

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Volunteers AssociationforBangladesh (VAB)An organization that promotes Educationin rural Bangladeshwww.vabonline.orghttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1JmEPSvQUU

our distinguished guests
Our distinguished guests
  • Bangladeshis, Canadians and Americans
  • Bangladesh and Canadian educationists
  • more than 200 audience members
objectives of vab vab canada
Objectives of VAB & VAB Canada
  • To support primary and secondary education especially for the poor
  • To support local community efforts in improving educational and training facilities (e.g. instruction, library, laboratory) in the poor areas
  • To support vocational and skilled training and associated activities for helping the unemployed secure and maintain stable employment
education issues in bangladesh
Education Issues in Bangladesh
  • Low-quality education
  • High drop out rate both at primary and secondary levels
  • Poor infrastructure, overcrowding, lack of facilities and low-quality teachers
  • Urban-rural divide in resources and knowledge
vab canada supports all vab projects
VAB Canada supports all VAB projects
  • Students Empowerment program
  • Teacher Empowerment program
  • School Empowerment program
  • Community Linkage program
vab canada short term activities
VAB Canada short term activities
  • a. Networking
  • Networking is the key step to develop connections with other organizations (it could be an
  • organization similar to VABC, large corporations, etc.), develop personal connections with those
  • involved in similar activities or have the capabilities to bring more potential donors or by
  • himself could be interested in VAB Canada.
vab canada short term activities1
VAB Canada short term activities
  • b. Out Reach VABC - through local communities
  • This is with direct contact with communities and our plan is to arrange different activities for
  • local communities in order to support community development:
  • I. Health awareness: Healthy Living, Balanced Nutrition, Heart Care, Diabetes, etc.
  • II. Education sector: art and craft, language skills, Reading Circle (children and adults),
  • garner school boards support for volunteers from high schools, initiate student/youth
  • exchange programs (schools and universities), etc.
  • III. Professional development, Job shop (requesting other Job shopper/seller, even from
  • ourselves and through personal connection), resume writing, etc.
vab canada short term activities2
VAB Canada short term activities
  • c. Fund raising
  • The following are proposed strategies for Fund Raising:
  • i. Personal donations & donations collected through personal connections
  • ii. Link with large organizations to generate regular and on-going donations
  • iii. Annually/bi-annually Gala dinner, arranging movie premiers, musical and dance
  • performances, etc.
  • iv. Participate in community fair, gathering and sell VABC /VAB products, Zakat fund,
  • etc.
  • v. Explore and connect with the Canadian Government and/or other international
  • organizations who allocate funds for the Education Sector.
long term goal of vab canada 2014
Long term goal of VAB Canada2014
  • Propose for VAB Canada university: Supporting VAB Graduates
  • our target of 10% of the youth population gain university qualification, we
  • must ensure that they are also trained to be skillful entrepreneurs who generate
  • employment instead of seeking employment from existing industries.
  • Proposal for launching a magazine for teachers’ professional development in Bangladesh
  • These would ensure long term goal generation wing for VABC.
vab strives to
VAB strives to:
  • improve lives of rural children through education
  • award scholarships
  • provide tutoring
  • equip classrooms
  • train teachers


  • improved test scores, lower dropout rates, and ultimately a better standard of living
vab s vision for the next five years
VAB’s Vision for the next Five years
  • Self- sustained improvement capability of schools
  • Quadruple the number of schools in clusters of Five
  • Ready access to ICT in education
  • Increased opportunity for Mathematics, Science, ICT and Language Education
  • Extensive collaboration with related organizations
vab vabc strategy
VAB &VABC Strategy
  • Provide input in education to enhance learning opportunities.
  • Create inspirational, dynamic and productive environment.
  • Select cluster schools in specified localities to create an enlightened environment in a community.
  • Work out a Five-Year perspective Plan with the schools with definite goals and outcomes.
  • Partner schools in funding for projects to ensure ownership, accountability and transparency.
  • Work with an exit strategy so as to ensure continual improvement at the end of five years of work with the schools.
vabc success stories sept 2012 nov 2013
VABC success stories (Sept 2012 – Nov 2013)
  • received 12 Computer projects and established 6 computer laboratory schools in rural high schools.
  • donated winter clothes/ blankets among the poor
  • donated Zakat money for the disadvantaged children in Bangladesh
  • donated money during the Savar Rana Plaza garments Tragedy
  • donated money for teacher development program
  • collaborated with Youth Sarcoma Initiative (YSI) Charity Dinner for Sick Kids Hospital, Nov 10, 2013
  • collaborated with North York Rotary club,2014

The latest VAB- 2014

VAB received a generous grant from Dutch-Bangla Bank (DBBL) Foundation on 20 March 2013

Extraordinary Performances by VAB Schools and VAB Students in 2013 SSC Exam

VAB assisted 57 rural high schools this year have scored a 90.04% pass rate in the SSC Examination. 

Out of 268 VAB scholarship recipients, 255 representing 95% passed the Exam with 85% receiving Grade “A-”or higher

vab accomplishments to date
VAB accomplishments to date
  • Schools supported: 75
  • Scholarship: About 7000 School students
  • Additionally some 900 college scholarship
  • Tutoring: About 15,000 students
  • Additionally about 1200 children in 18 Pre-Schools
  • Teachers Training in Science, English, Math and Computer: about 700 teachers
  • Lab, Math Olympiad, computer and library support: about 30 schools
vab vabc best practices transparency and accountability
VAB & VABC Best Practices: Transparency and Accountability
  • Disburse funds only upon performance reviewed by responsible members
  • Publish annual report, newsletters, and internet reports
  • Submit audited financial reports to NGO Affairs Bureau under Prime Minister’s Office, Bangladesh, and U.S. IRS State Government of New York.
  • VABC completed final audit by the third party
  • VABC hand over entire money generated in the 2012-13 financial year
our appeal
Our Appeal…


  • presence at all our activities
  • contribution financial and in kind
  • ideas for success and progress
  • commitment for the education programs and other projects
  • support to move forward with more pride and confidence
how can you help
How Can You Help?
  • Sponsor a project (science, vocational or computer lab or library)
  • Sponsor 30 high school scholarships in one year
  • Sponsor 10 college scholarships
  • Sponsor 5 university scholarships
  • Sponsor 1 Pre-School
our children need better education
Our Children Need Better Education

VAB Canada: We Can Do It Collectively




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