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Mr. Nick Linkowitz HQMC/LPV 21 Sep 2006 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A View on Sense & Respond Logistics. Mr. Nick Linkowitz HQMC/LPV 21 Sep 2006. Marine Corps Vision. Characteristics of an Expeditionary Force: Agile and flexible force Capable of a broad range of military objectives Deploy rapidly Enter objective though forcible means

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Mr nick linkowitz hqmc lpv 21 sep 2006

A View on

Sense & Respond Logistics

Mr. Nick Linkowitz


21 Sep 2006

Mr nick linkowitz hqmc lpv 21 sep 2006

Marine Corps Vision

  • Characteristics of an Expeditionary Force:

    • Agile and flexible force

    • Capable of a broad range of military objectives

    • Deploy rapidly

    • Enter objective though forcible means

    • Sustain itself for an extended period of time

    • Withdraw quickly

    • Reconstitute rapidly

General J. L. Jones


What’s in a Word?

AFJI - Oct 2000

Sense and respond key ideas
“Sense and Respond”Key Ideas

  • Demand can be unpredictable, so success depends on speed of pattern recognition and speed of response

  • The best supply chain is no longer one that is highly optimized, but one that is highly flexible

  • Organizes Units and subunits into “modular capabilities” that negotiate with one another over commitments

  • Networks “self-synchronize” via a common environment and set of shared objectives

  • Uses IT for data sharing, “knowing earlier,” commitment tracking, and role reconfiguration

Sense respond logistics concept
Sense & RespondLogistics Concept

  • Supply network is dynamic

    • Supply doctrine anticipates reconfigurable supply nets

    • Emphasizes transportation flexibility over large inventories

  • Negotiation-based relationships

    • Entities use commander’s intent and situation awareness to negotiate and synchronize

    • Roles and commitments of entities are dynamically defined

  • Networks are difficult to analyze and attack

    • More robust to node failure

    • Adapts to real-time demand driven by unit signals

  • Supports a more logistically agile force

    • Network adaptivity allows logistics decisions to be made early

Mr nick linkowitz hqmc lpv 21 sep 2006

USMC Near Term Focus

  • S&RL is first and foremost, a demand driven process that requires a real-time view of the “fight” left in combat platforms.

  • S&RL provides vital, timely information for maneuver warfare, sustainability, and life cycle support.

  • Within the Sea Basing context, S&RL should be considered a “combat enabler” like fires, maneuver, protection, sensing, and command.

  • Need to know how to best use demand information in an integrated data environment that feeds Marine Corps Autonomic Logistics.

Mr nick linkowitz hqmc lpv 21 sep 2006

Near & Mid Term Impacts


    • Operational Architecture (SCOR Model)

  • Logistics Modernization (LogMod)

    • 5 to 3 Levels of Maintenance

    • Realignment of Supply

  • Autonomic Logistics (AL)

  • Naval Logistics Integration (NLI)

  • MAGTF Logistics Integration (MLI)

  • Enabling MAGTF & Naval Common Operating Picture (COP)

Mr nick linkowitz hqmc lpv 21 sep 2006


  • Responsiveness

    • Measures operational flexibility

    • Presence, power, & assistance

  • Reach

    • The duration of sustainment

    • Staying power & ability to build-up forces

LtCol Cassel, USMC, NWC, 1993

Mr nick linkowitz hqmc lpv 21 sep 2006

Constant Innovation

Joint Operational Capabilities

Effects-Based Logistics

A Logistics Path to Change…

  • Less Logistics Mass

  • Adaptive Change

  • Superior Information – Ops / Intel / Log

  • Respond better at-Sea to changes Ashore

Mr nick linkowitz hqmc lpv 21 sep 2006

On the

Sense & Respond Logistics Initiative…

“The benefit of supporting S&RL is that it brings to the Marine Corps an experiment to stress the transformational war fighting concept of Expeditionary Maneuver from the Sea-Base. The goal is to have operations, logistics, & intelligence all working together, leveraged by available information.

The stretch goal is to have logistics solutions that can be integrated into situational awareness supporting common operating pictures – Service, Naval, and Joint.”

-- DC, I&L to CMC, Nov 2003

S r and network centric warfare


Agility at all Levels

Sense & Respond Logistics

S&R andNetwork Centric Warfare

Mission Effectiveness

Logistics Assets

Combat Forces

Intelligence Assets

Physical Layer

Assets in the Battlespace

Logistics Information Systems

Command & Control Information Systems

Intelligence Information Systems

Info Systems Layer

Information infrastructure

Logistics Controls


Intelligence Controls

  • Controls Layer

    • Policy, Doctrine,

    • Rules, Processes

    • & Management

Mr nick linkowitz hqmc lpv 21 sep 2006

Expeditionary & Maneuver:

Combat Multipliers

  • “Expeditionary” describes the immediate ability to go where the enemy is, displace him, and operate from his terrain.

    • Embracing austerity

    • Adaptability to the environment at hand

    • Innovation to ensure advantage

    • Physical and psychological rigor

  • Maneuver Warfare is a concept for how Marines…

    • Gain the advantage by rapidity of decision-making

    • Seize the initiative

    • Exploit fleeting opportunities

    • Shatter the cohesion and will of the enemy

  • Maneuver Warfare is a philosophy of leadership that is based on trust and decentralized decision-making that enables Marines to thrive in the chaos and friction of combat

Mr nick linkowitz hqmc lpv 21 sep 2006

Enduring and Nature of War

  • Friction

  • Uncertainty

  • Fluidity

  • Disorder

  • Human Dimension

  • Violence and Danger

  • Moral and Physical Forces

  • Violent contest of human will

Col Art Corbett, USMC, MCCDC, 2003

Mr nick linkowitz hqmc lpv 21 sep 2006

Paradigm for Future C2

  • Pragmatic approach to effective integration of IT into C2

    • Provides a “what is it” approach to IT

    • Supports a network enabled force

    • Technology leverage vs. technology reliance

    • Eases the Command or Control dilemma

    • Supports and enhances warfighting philosophies

Distribute uncertainty
Distribute Uncertainty

  • Those who are most affected by uncertainty and risk are usually in best position to overcome uncertainty

  • Perfect solutions are not necessary

  • Resolve uncertainty at lowest practical level, quickly, with greatest situational awareness

Mr nick linkowitz hqmc lpv 21 sep 2006

Proliferating Decision Makers

  • Maneuver Warfare requires

    • Decision Makers

    • Concentration and Speed

    • Surprise and Boldness

    • Exploiting Vulnerability and Opportunity

  • Empowered by

    • Mission tactics

    • Commander’s intent

    • Focus of effort

Mr nick linkowitz hqmc lpv 21 sep 2006

Technology Leverage vs. Technology Reliance

“We must guard against over reliance on

technology. Technology can enhance the ways

and means of war by improving man’s ability to

wage it, but technology cannot and should not

attempt to eliminate man from the process.

Better equipment is not the cure for all ills;

doctrinal and tactical solutions must also be

sought.” (MCDP-1 Warfighting)