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The adventure of J im

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The adventure of J im . By Eddy and R obert. Prologue .

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the adventure of j im

The adventure of Jim

By Eddy and Robert


Once open a time you were robbing a house. you went to leave when you see Max Hp outside calling the police. you quickly pull out a baseball bat and destroy Max Hp’s arms and legs. You heard the police, so you run and dive in to a bush. In the bush there is a glowing purple orb. You touch it and teleported in to the magical land of Tuva. There you immediately see a cat wearing battle armour and an Eskimo on the beach.

See info the cat the Eskimo

Do you pick Adam or Muhammad

muhammad the midget eskimo
Muhammad the midget eskimo

Personality dumb but smartish.

Has luscious red locks and ravishing chest hair.

He is 2 foot 5.

Muhammad was an Eskimo living in the highlands of Greenland. He found a purple orb while looking for “special” mushrooms.

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adam the cat wearing battle armour
Adam the cat wearing battle armour

He is a cat wearing battle armour.

He's smart with cat like agility.

He was an orphan when he found a purple orb and fell in to the land of Tuva. Where he found cat battle armour that fitted him purr-fectly.

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scene 1
Scene 1

You walk over to him and yell why don’t we have both!?!

They both come over to you.

you and your companions are walking through the forest. Suddenly you see a old man stuck in a tree.

Save him let him die

let him die
Let him die

He yells at you. Then says, “listen to me, beware the waterfall of blood and fire!”

You come to a river, a sign says, “warning river eats souls”.

do you swim the river or go around

save him
Save him

He tells you he is a wizard. His name is Jeremy. see info

You reach a river a sign says “warning eats souls” Jeremy says bazinga and a bridge appears. You all cross there is a fork in the road do you go

Left or right

you go around
You go around

There is a bridge you walk on to it but it explodes.

you die

the end

jeremy info
Jeremy info

He is a wizard .

He has a long luscious grey beard for storing food.

He wears a cloak and can use magic .

He used to be a kings magician, but the king stopped paying him. He has been on the run from the law ever since.

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you swim the river
You swim the river

Muhammad takes of his jacket and has luscious red locks. He swims the river and presses the bridge button you all cross happily. There is a fork in the road.

Do you go left or right

you go right
You go right

There is a swamp you are killed by dinosaurs.

you die

the end

left with jeremy
Left with Jeremy

You enter a forest and there is a fairy kingdom. “you all are Welcome” the king says.

You may leave or stay the night

left without jeremy
Left without Jeremy

You enter a forest and there is a fairy kingdom. “you all are Welcome” the king says.

Do you stay the night or leave

you leave the kingdom
You leave the kingdom

Your attacked by a dragon.

you die

the end

you stayed the night
You stayed the night

The next day you stroll through the fairy city, you go to the store to buy supplies and to the gun store to buy an AK47, with an adjustable stock and silencer. as you walk to buy horses you see a man walk out of the bar he is being chased by the police. you look at him closer he is tall, with a cloak of shadows, a sword of fire and lightning and a laser pistol with a high powered scope.

Do you help him or let him be arrested

Help him without wizard let him be arrested

the escape
The escape

You see a child he has a child with him you decide you must help him. You yell at your companions Jeremy throws up a shield to block the guards bullets. Adam then keeps the guards occupied as Muhammad sets the bombs. Then a tall man appears he is the chief of police he pulls out a shotgun aims and fires. Adam jumps and takes the bullet for you his armour protected him but he cant walk.

Do you give yourself up or set the bombs and run

the escape without the wizard
The escape without the wizard

You see a young child with him you have no choice but to help him. You run over a sniper fires from the roof, Muhammad falls to the ground a pool of crimson blood forming around his head. Adam goes to fight the guards and you run over to the strangers they tell you they know a secret way out of the city. you start running when you hear a scream. A bomb just exploded and a wall collapsed allowing access to the catacombs under the city.

Do you leave with the guy or enter the catacombs

set the bombs and run
Set the bombs and run

Muhammad yells get down the wall explodes on the other side are hundreds of goblins. They charge in to the city. You are picked up along with Adam, Muhammad and the two others and thrown in to a house. Jeremy comes running in after you and magically locks the door. You look around it is a simple house with no furniture. The man says his name is Craig he looks around and finds the little girl he explains that she is a vampire, her name is Lily. The police wanted to kill her. Adam yells “look over here I've found something” you all go over it’s a vault under the floorboards “looks like they were prepared for an invasion”. Jeremy uses his magic to open it there is eleven gold bars and two kilos of c4. You take all of this stuff and sneak out of the city but on your way out the chief of police sees you and sends men after you.

do you run back to the city or in to the forest

lily info
Lily info

Lily was ten when she was bitten and turned in to a vampire.

She is smart and very adaptable. She is very good with knives and rocket launchers.

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craig info
Craig info

Craig is Lily's great grandfather he should be dead but he beat the devil in poker and became sixty years younger.

He is a member of the order of lightning and has been granted special powers. He has a magical sword called Ze Sun. he is very smart and is sworn to protect Lily.

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give yourself up
Give yourself up

You are arrested and beheaded in a public execution.

You die

the end

enter the catacombs
Enter the catacombs

You run in to the catacombs leaving the other two behind to there fates. Now it is only you and Adam. As you walk through the catacombs you hear an explosion part of the catacombs collapses behind you. There is yelling and screaming but you keep walking. then you begin hearing footsteps corpses are walking around. “They must have been woken by the explosion” says Adam you run through them they all turn and begin to chase you. You see a light you turn a corner the zombies are right behind you there it is a portal your ticket home. You dive through you find yourself in a back ally in Atlanta in America. you look Adam isn’t there you here a meow he is there. Then you hear a growl several of the zombies got through with you. Then you run knowing it was all your fault.

The end

leave the secret way with the guy
Leave the secret way with the guy

You run in to a house there's a passage. In the passage there is a giant spider it eats you.

the end

back to the city
Back to the city

You run back in to the city. There is still fighting going on much of the city lies in ruins. You climb a tower but the police chief follows you bent on revenge. You are trapped the only option is to jump you dive off the tower with Adam, Muhammad, Jeremy, jack and lily. you land in the canal and are pulled out in to the forest. there is a road and bridge ahead you go over to it you look back. The fires of the city have spread to the forest a wildfire has started in the forest.

Do you follow the road or take a boat down the river

in to the forest
In to the forest

You run in to the forest you find a river and follow it. You come to a waterfall. Suddenly the police chief comes out of the trees with eleven soldiers he says “the city may have fallen but this is but the dawn of a new day”. They open fire Jeremy throws up a shield and it breaks. Jack steps forward and pulls out his sword of fire and lightning. With the setting sun at his back he yells a word a word so powerful it can not be written down a word so powerful it consumes him with fire. As thunder crackles overhead and lightning rains down. fire and lightning spews forth from his godly form destroying all in its path. The police chief jumps in to the river and his men are obliterated. You all watch as what was once jack disintegrates and becomes mere embers among ashes.

Do you return to the city or wait the night

wait the night
Wait the night

As the last of the suns rays disappear behind the horizon twilight begins. A green flash appears and a staircase forms along the side of the cliff. You walk down it and there is a cave. On the wall of the cave there is a symbol and a bowl. Lily says “it wants the blood of a monster” to let us in she cuts herself. As the dark red blood drips in to the bowl the wall opens. (while this is happening the police chief climbs the stairs gun drawn and ready to kill) Inside the cave there are two paths.

one leads to a lake the other in to the depths of the cliff

go back to the city
Go back to the city

The city is aflame there are goblins everywhere. your only choice is to find somewhere to hide but then you see it on the top of the keep the portal to go home.

Do you join the goblins and break in or sneak in to the keep

join the goblins
Join the goblins

You walk up to the goblins and they throw you in to prison and eat Adam.

the end

sneak in to the keep
Sneak in to the keep

You all go around to the side of the keep. Then a sign appears in the sky it throws Lily in to a frenzy she attacks Jeremy and drinks all his blood. Before she can get anyone else you pull out a pistol and put a bullet in her skull. You keep going and find a back way in to the keep. You enter and start climbing the stairs when you come to a gap. You jump it the others go to jump it when a wall appears. You turn around and see the police chief you draw on him he points his hand at you your gun flies away. He is wearing a glove a magical glove. he comes over to you and holds you in place with the glove pulls out his gun and says “there's no cat to protect you this time”. You reply “no but I don’t need him to”, you pull out jacks broken sword and cut off both his hands. Then you stick the broken blade of fire and lightning in his heart. You then open the wall and you all climb the tower and escape through the portal.

the end

the depths of the cliff
The depths of the cliff

You continue down the tunnel and it caves in you all die.

the end

the underground lake
The underground lake

You go to the lake in the lake there is a portal. Everyone jumps in to it but you. As you go to jump you hear a gun fire. You feel immense pain fall over. You look it’s the police chief he comes over to you and points the gun at you he says “I'm going to enjoy killing you”. You grow angry and feel something stir, something awaken deep inside you, deep inside your soul. Suddenly the police chief explodes in to black ashes and floats off in to the distance. You smile and roll in to the lake and the portal that will take you home.

The end

follow the road
Follow the road

You come across a village. it has been destroyed by the goblin hordes. You see five dead children on poles and hundreds of bodies in piles. You continue on through the village and vow to avenge their deaths and right the wrongs you committed. And so your quest to destroy the goblin empire begins.

The end

take the boat
Take the boat

You continue down the river for several days. You come across a costal city and buy supplies. Then you leave to live a better life in the crystal isle. Now knowing that this is your new home and accepting that.

The end