Menyusun bab ii
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Menyusun Bab II. Rossi Sanusi 9 Mei 2014 Program Pra Doktor. Bagian Utama Proposal. Pendahuluan Telaah Pustaka Metoda Penelitian Rencana Pelaksanaan Penelitian Daftar Rujukan. Tujuan Telaah Pustaka. Mengidentifikasi Masalah Penelitian yang aktual :

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Menyusun bab ii

Menyusun Bab II

Rossi Sanusi

9 Mei 2014

Program Pra Doktor

Bagian utama proposal
Bagian Utama Proposal

  • Pendahuluan

  • Telaah Pustaka

  • Metoda Penelitian

  • Rencana Pelaksanaan Penelitian

  • Daftar Rujukan

Tujuan telaah pustaka
Tujuan Telaah Pustaka

  • Mengidentifikasi Masalah Penelitian yang aktual:

    Masalah yang dihadapi para peneliti saat ini tentang suatu topik  Kerangka konsep yang tidak valid atau/dan Rancangan penelitian yang tidak valid.

  • Mencari informasi untuk:

    Menyusun kerangka konsep yang lebih valid atau/dan Rancangan penelitian yang lebih valid.

Menyusun bab ii

Masalah praktis timbul karena masalah penelitian belum dipecahkan?

Masalah Praktis = masalah yang dihadapi para praktisi  kesenjangan antara keadaan yang ingin dicapai dan keadaan sekarang.

Para peneliti memecahkan sebagian dari masalah yang dihadapi para praktisi.

Mengidentifikasi masalah penelitian aktual
Mengidentifikasi Masalah Penelitian Aktual*

  • Actual (Shift F7): real, definite, genuine, authentic, concrete, tangible.

  • Melalui systematic review (SR) makalah-makalah penelitian empirik.

  • Telaah sistematik pustaka yg valid lebih meningkatkan aktualitas masalah penelitian dibandingkan jenis telaah pustaka yl.

Telaah pustaka
Telaah Pustaka?

Reviews of increasing complexity from narrative to systematic reviews...



  • Topik: Dukungan sistem manajemen SDM untuk meningkatkan produktivitas.

  • Kata Kunci: productivity, systems support, health care workers.

  • SR Sebelumnya: Preventive staff-support interventions for health workersvan Wyk,B.E., et al. 2010 (Strong).

  • Masalah Penelitian:

Menyusun bab ii

  • Ten studies involving 716 participants met the criteria for inclusion.

    Selection criteria: Randomised controlled trials of interventions to support healthcare workers in coping with work-related stress, preventing burnout and improving job satisfaction, without changing contractual conditions of service or physical work environment. Three types of interventions were included in this review: (1) support groups for staff; (2) training in stress management techniques; and (3) management interventions for supporting staff.

Menyusun bab ii

  • None assessed the effects of inclusion. support groups for health workers

  • There is insufficient evidence for the effectiveness of stress management training interventions to reduce job stress and prevent burnout among healthcare workers beyond the intervention period. Low quality evidence suggests that longer-term interventions with refresher or booster sessions may have more sustained positive effect, but this needs to be rigorously evaluated in further trials.

Menyusun bab ii

  • Low quality evidence exists to show that inclusion. management interventions may improve some measures of job satisfaction. However, further trials are needed to assess whether this finding is replicable in other settings. There was insufficient evidence of the benefit of management interventions on staff absenteeism.

Menyusun bab ii

Menyusun bab ii

  • Masalah Penelitian longer-term stress management training and management interventions in primary care and developing country settings(Awal):

    Apakah kelompok pendukung, pelatihan teknik manajemen stress dan intervensi manajemen berdayaguna meningkatkan produktivitas petugas kesehatan?

    Tujuan Penelitian: melakukan penelitian experimen murni jangka panjang.

Menyusun bab ii

  • SR Selanjutnya longer-term stress management training and management interventions in primary care and developing country settings:

  • Masalah Penelitian awal.

  • Jaring makalah2 penelitian empirik 2008-2014.

  • Critical Appraisal makalah2 yg memenuhi kriteria seleksi.

  • Sintesis  Masalah Penelitian yang lebih aktual

  • Menyimpulkan  Kerangka konsep & rancangan penelitian yg lebih valid.