need mac os 9 support l.
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Mac OS 9 Development PowerPoint Presentation
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Mac OS 9 Development

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Mac OS 9 Development - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mindfire Solutions' early development work on Mac OS started from 8.6 and 9.0 (released in Oct 1999). Though Mac OS 9 was launched as the best internet OS ever, it lacked modern OS functionality, such as protected memory and a real/complete pre-emptive multitasking environment/capability. These made programming more challenging, since Mindfire Solutions' core team got deeply involved in complex client-server, multi-tier, multithreaded application development (products) for its select clients – being one of the few companies doing Classic Mac/Mac OS 9 development in India. We have done many projects on Mac OS 9/Classic.

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Mac OS 9 Development

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need mac os 9 support

Need Mac OS 9 Support?

introduction mac os 9
Introduction: Mac OS 9
  • Final major release of Apple’s Classic Mac OS.
  • Was positioned as the “Best Internet Operating System” by Apple.
  • Highlights Internet search capabilities.
  • Integrated with Apple’s free online services known as iTools.
  • It has improved Open Transport networking capability.
  • Lacks functionality such as protected memory and full pre-emptive multi-tasking.

features mac os 9
Features: Mac OS 9
  • Integrated support for multiple user accounts without using At Ease.
  • Support for voice login through VoicePrint passwords.
  • A feature allowing users to save passwords in protected keychains.
  • A Software Update control panel for automatic download and installation of Apple system software updates.
  • A redesigned Sound control panel and support for USB audio and Personal File Sharing over TCP/IP.
  • Speakable Items 2.0, also known as PlainTalk, featuring improved speech synthesis and recognition along with AppleScript integration.
  • Improved font management through FontSync and an updated version of AppleScript with support for TCP/IP.

our services
Our Services
  • Classic Mac OS to OS X (Carbon/Cocoa) Application Porting.
  • Classic Mac OS to Windows Porting.
  • CodeWarrior to Xcode Porting.
  • PowerPlant/Carbon to Cocoa Porting


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