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Supreme believes in offering a complete Insulation solution rather than offering merely the product.

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Supreme believes in offering a complete Insulation solution rather than offering merely the product. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Supreme believes in offering a complete Insulation solution rather than offering merely the product.\n\nTo know more about Dura visit : \n

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'Supreme believes in offering a complete Insulation solution rather than offering merely the product.' - supreme

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Chiller Tank Insulation

Supreme believes in offering a complete Insulation

solution rather than offering merely the product

Supreme Industries established in 1942 has been on the fore front of introducing path-

breaking innovative solutions for diverse industries. The company offers unique and

indigenously developed solutions in the areas of thermal and acoustic insulation.


spoke to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES on the company’s product offerings and

future plans going forward.

healthy growth due to increase in demands


HVAC industry. Earlier Air conditioning

and Refrigeration was considered as luxury

products, with limited high end usage.

However with the opening of economy and

global exposure, it is now considered as a


Climate change and energy usage is one

of the most challenging issues of today’s

generation. Cooling and heating account

between 40 per cent - 70 per cent of a

building’s energy consumption .The energy

consumption cost of a typical commercial

premises would account for more than 60

per cent .

Discuss briefly about the Indian insulation

market in comparison to the global


Thermal Insulation needs are increasing

through out the world. As worldwide

awareness is increasing in Energy

conservation and with the advent of

insulating materials that can reduce the

operational energy use of a building.

Installing insulation materials in new

and existing buildings is one of the best

ways to reduce the environmental impact

of buildings, the demands for Insulation

products is increasing. Insulation provides

the most cost effective manner or means in

conserving energy and with that optimises

the resource utilisation.

Indian Insulation market is also having a

insulation products on offer and their


At Supreme, we offer an array of

technologically superior new generation

Insulation products for thermal and

Acoustic Insulation. The INSUshield range

of closed cell crosslinked foams offers the

best choice for various application areas

such as Duct Insulation, Pipe insulation,

AHU insulation, flooring insulation, Under

deck, etc. The product variants available to

suit exact requirement with factory applied

lamination choices. INSUshield meets and

excels international Fire retardant norms

providing utmost safety to the installations.

We also offer Pipe insulation (INSUflex and

INSUshield) for Air conditioning copper

piping’s as well as more demanding chiller

Tell us about your company’s range of

construction opportunities|NOVEMbEr 2016




Under Deck Insulation

piping Insulations. INSUreflector offers

highest reflective insulation performance

guarding against Infrared heat transfer.

with our customised software developed in

house to assure confidence of selection. We

have successfully executed Airport projects,

Prestigious Malls and Pharmaceutical

projects. Supreme has supplied lakhs of

sqm of INSUreflectors for PEB buildings

improving comforts and providing huge

savings to the customers as well as Precious

foreign exchange.

Tell us about the USP’s of your insulation

products vis-à-vis your competitors.

We are proud to say that Supreme has

indigenously developed the technology,

product and solutions with the help of

strong R&D and business development

team, supported by Visionary Management

in understanding the pulse of the market


We have the largest installed capacity

to manufacture Cross linked extruded

polyethylene foam for insulation. With

the consistent product quality, coupled

with Supreme’s strategically located

Manufacturing unit, conversion and

customisation support, knowledgeable

Team for development and support are the

major USP’s of our products. No wonder

all our products have shown consistent

demands throughout the year.

Tell us about your firm’s approach on

technological innovations and R&D also

the new products you intend to introduce

and the geographical markets where you

are planning to push them?

Recently we have introduced INSUsound

range of engineered performance enhanced

acoustic foams and composite panels

to improve the acoustic environments

especially Building and room acoustics. The

products offers optimised performance with

affordable solutions which will enhance the

acoustics in rooms.

We have also introduced composite ready

to fix lightweight panels which eliminates

need of any wooden battening for wall and


We have also developed INSUshield-af

innovative product having engineered

embedded Air gaps which improves the

thermal efficiency as well as product


Duct Insulation

manufacturing units, current capacities,

investments and planned upgrades?

As mentioned above, currently we have 3

manufacturing plants strategically located

to cater needs of the projects in Southern,

Western and North and eastern India. Based

on the upcoming demands due to Smart city

projects and make in India initiatives, we

will increase our installed capacity as an

when required within a short span of time.

Please comment on your future strategy and

plans to expand your market share.

We feel that the demands for HVAC

products and the need for Insulation

products per say will be very high due

to the upcoming 100 New Smart city

projects announced by government. The

infrastructural boost proposed in new

Airports, Ports and Hospitals, Green

building Projects will surely enhanced

opportunities in next 3-5 years.

Which are the areas which drive your

business and what are the growth drivers

and opportunity zones?

Supreme believes in offering a complete

Insulation solution rather than offering

merely the product. We interact with

HVAC consultants, contractors as well

as with end customers emphasizing the

benefits, optimising the thickness to be used

Could you offer information about your


NOVEMbEr 2016|construction opportunities