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  1. GOD AND MAN DR. SHRINIWAS KASHALIKAR http://drshriniwasjkashalikar.blogspot.com

  2. God: I am pleased with your prayers. You may ask for any bounty. • Man: My Lord, I want salvation. • God: In this era; individual salvation and liberation are not only inevitably and intrinsically; but also; tangibly linked with holistic renaissance. In fact in this era; anything cut off in its content; from holistic renaissance; is bound to degenerate into its own downfall with simultaneous harm to others. • Man: If that is so, then I have to admit that I am shackled in my pettiness and hence can not decide about the bounty, which I should ask from you. I am confused. But a question arises. If the world has such a rich heritage of spiritual wisdom and knowledge of eternal truth, then why are most of us entangled in the drudgery of pettiness? Why are we in pitiable and abysmal conditions? If there are so many enlightened souls even today, then why do we find such a rampant misery in individual and social life? Why do most of us rot in material and spiritual bankruptcy?

  3. God: Your question needs elaborate explanation. But in short; the enlightenment in the world is almost devoid of enlightened wisdom and motivation in political, economic and other fields of life. As a result; sectarian perspective, fragmented thinking, petty emotions, uncontrolled, unabated and indiscriminate passions; and blunderous behavior; dominate and rule the world and in turn; majority of the people suffer from multiplying miseries. • Man: O Lord! Now I understand what you mean! Actually pettiness is a universal problem! O Lord! Now I understand what bounty I should ask from you! Please provide me with your bounty to overcome my pettiness and strive for holistic renaissance i.e. individual and universal blossoming! • God: Indeed the time for holistic renaissance has come. But for this; the spiritual endeavors for and experience of oneness of universe; have to be translated in the holistic perspective of global unity, holistic thinking, holistic policies, holistic emotions, holistic motivation for global welfare, holistic instincts and harmonious and complimentary intra and interpersonal behavior, in an integrated manner. You must realize; that every one in the world needs to practice NAMASMARAN i.e. “remembering me” i.e. remembering and realizing one’s true SELF. This can be done with any; amongst different names and with any suitable amongst different methods; according to one’s religious or traditional belief.

  4. I am the true SELF of every one in the world and the uniting SUPERCONSCIOUSNESS! Hence the universal practice of JIKRA, NAMASMARAN or SELF remembrance, orientation and realization; in any manner is bound to usher in HOLISTIC RENAISSANCE or SUPERLIVING. • Try to practice NAMASMARAN to your maximum capacity and spread this message through every possible constructive means. Rest will be taken care of by ME! • Man: Thank you Lord for this really super super bounty and providence of a golden chance! I am privileged and honored. Please empower and enable me to rise above my pettiness; and participate in this universal mega process of individual and universal blossoming i.e. HOLISTIC RENAISSANCE or SUPERLIVING. • God: TATHASTU! AMEN!

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