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Supercloth Clean is one stop source for Multi-Purpose Cleaning, Kitchen Cleaning, iPhone Cleaning and Floor Cleaning Cloths.\n

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We are a small family business that has used Supercloth™ for many years. We want to share

this European cleaning secret with others. Our friends and customers rave about what a

wonderful product Supercloth™ is. No matter what the task – dusting, polishing, cleaning –

Supercloth™ makes all of their cleaning jobs easier along with saving them money and time.

Best of all, Supercloth™ is an environmentally friendly cloth!

We no longer need to use harsh chemical cleaners or a bucketful of products and cleaning

tools to get the job done. All we need is Supercloth™. We are confident you will feel the


NEW: Supercloth Kitchen

Supercloth Kitchen is the perfect cloth to clean the

surfaces that needs more specific cleaning and accurate,

without any help of detergents! It is able to absorb any

liquid keeping unaltered its cleaning action.

Removes dirt and decals extractor’s fans, sinks, cooking

tops and ovens, without leaving any grease.

Supercloth Kitchen is the optimal solution to avoid any marks or signs of calcareous

without fatigue on nay material present in the kitchen. Made with a special material that

even cleaning once, assures a perfect and shiny cleaning without leaving any streaks, plush

or halos.

Supercloth is the result of an advanced production technologies application made with

selected raw materials.

Supercloth™ 2 Floor Refills 8 Cloths

The Supercloth™ Floor Refills are specially made to be used with a

handle mop such as a Swiffer Sweeper.

When these floor wipes are attach to a mop head, dust and dirt adhere

to them and allow it to work better than a mop. An abrasive material of

the wet cloth helps you get stains and grime off the floor.

Supercloth™ Floor Kit

The set includes one lightweight, telescopic, aluminum handle

with a universal tip and a 360-degree, removable mop head;

eight floor refills; and two Supercloth Surface.

Using instructions:

Put the floor wipes on the mop and wet it with any spray

cleaner to clean any spots or dust.

To wash the floor, wet the Supercloth Single floor with water and any floor soap as Pinesol

and proceed with the floor cleaning. Then rinse the cloth with ordinary water and repeat

the procedure.

Supercloth™ Floor – Save on Package of 4

Fight filth and battle daily stains with this trusty and faithful

sidekick to the dependable Supercloth™ mop.

Supercloth™ Floor is an ecological cloth that’s suitable for

cleaning most types of surfaces using nothing more than tap

water-no detergents or disturbing chemicals are needed.

To use, simply wet the cloth with ordinary water then wring the

excess water out before each use.

Headquartered in Altamura (Bari) Italy Supercloth employs 25 people including Antonio

Loizzo, President of Supercloth.

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