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What are Modern Cloth Diapers PowerPoint Presentation
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What are Modern Cloth Diapers

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What are Modern Cloth Diapers
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What are Modern Cloth Diapers

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  1. Only the best for your baby Super Bottoms https://www.superbottoms.com/

  2. Mission: Spread smiles, Babies’. Mothers’. Earth’s We at Superbottoms have designed cloth diapers after a lot of experimentation with various designs and cloths. We are India’s no.1 brand of reusable cloth diaper as per Amazon’s bestseller list. This is because we, at Superbottoms, are a team of mothers genuinely passionate about the idea of cloth diapering and wish to #MakeClothMainstream in India. Why Superbottoms? Superbottoms Advanced Cloth diapers are not just great for baby’s skin but are also extremely ecofriendly and economical on pocket. They also look completely adorable on baby bums and are completely washable and reusable. About Super Bottoms https://www.superbottoms.com/about-us

  3. What are Modern Cloth Diapers? Cloth diapers or modern cloth diapers are the new age diapering systems that provide all the convenience of disposable diapers in cloth. A cloth diaper consists of 3 parts – An outer waterproof shell. A soaker (pad) that does the job of soaking the pee. A dry-feel layer on top which keeps baby bottoms dry. https://www.superbottoms.com/

  4. How to use Cloth Diapers? Using Cloth diapers is very easy. STEP 1: ALWAYS wash the diaper atleast 2-3 times before use with detergent. This because Organic Cotton is a natural fibre and needs to be washed before it can absorb completely. Skipping this step CAN CAUSE leaks. STEP 2: ALWAYS size diaper before use using the front panel of snaps. There are 12 snaps in front meant for reducing size. The size must be such that there are NO GAPS around the thigh. It fits from 5-17 kg. A loose diaper can be uncomfortable for babies. Watch how to size your diaper here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxXX-3P8YLY&t=9s STEP 3: Use 1 soaker (attached) if you want the diaper to last for lesser hours and 2 soakers if you want it to last 7-8+ hours. Watch how to get a great fit for Superbottoms cloth diapers here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfeAFAw-MtE https://www.superbottoms.com/

  5. How to Wash Cloth diapers? • Cloth diapers can be washed in two ways • Handwash • Machine wash https://www.superbottoms.com/common-mistakes-washing-cloth-diapers/

  6. How to hand wash cloth diapers? • If diaper has been pooped in, knock poop off, rinse diaper and keep it in a bucket or a wetbag. • If diaper has been peed in, it can be stored as it is till wash . ‎ • Store In a lightly covered bucket or wetbag. • To wash: • Rinse diapers with plain water • Soak for not more than 30 minutes in warm/regular water adding detergent In a bucket. • wash using regular detergent such as surf or tide Do not use any detergent with fabric softeners or conditioners. Do not use dettol. • Agitate properly • Rinse thoroughly till soap suds are gone and line dry. https://www.superbottoms.com/common-mistakes-washing-cloth-diapers/

  7. How to machine wash cloth diapers? If diaper has been pooped in, knock poop off, rinse diaper and keep If diaper has been peed in, it can be stored as it is till wash . ‎store In a lightly covered bucket or wet bag. To wash: No soaking needed You can put all diapers in machine directly. ‎No need to rinse only pee diapers . ‎If you are washing with other garments, it is good to rinse the pee diapers. Wash on regular cycle NOT gentle cycle. Run an extra rinse ‎Use regular detergent in regular amounts such as surf or tide . ‎Spin dry or line dry. ***If you have hard water, do use water softeners. We recommend washing the diapers atleast once every 2 days. https://www.superbottoms.com/common-mistakes-washing-cloth-diapers/

  8. Need to read more on Cloth Diapers? • Check this out- • How to use Cloth Diapers - https://www.superbottoms.com/how-to-use-cloth-diapers • Cloth diapers faqs - http://www.superbottoms.com/cloth-diapers-faqs/ • Dos and Donts in washing cloth diapers - https://www.superbottoms.com/common-mistakes-washing-cloth-diapers/ https://www.superbottoms.com/

  9. Contact Super Bottoms 1B-1102, Siddhachal Phase 6,VasantVihar, Thane West Mumbai Maharashtra India 400610 +91 9819313426 hello@superbottoms.com https://www.superbottoms.com/

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