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Pawna Dam Camping - Sunset Pawna PowerPoint Presentation
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Pawna Dam Camping - Sunset Pawna

Pawna Dam Camping - Sunset Pawna

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Pawna Dam Camping - Sunset Pawna

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  1. Pawna Dam Camping Sunset Pawna Lake Camping

  2. Kill The Heat With Pawna Dam Camping Yet again the hot summer season has arrived. It is all set to drain our energy and make us dull as well as lethargic. The scorching weather will take a toll on our productivity levels and make us dreary. At this time, the best thing we could do is go out on a vacation with our favourite bunch of people and get refreshed. It is even a great idea to get a breather from the mundane life. Amidst sweltering summer days, what else can be better than lakeside camping?

  3. Looking for lakeside camping near Pune?Then, tread to Pawna Dam. Pawana Dam camping site lies near Pune and Mumbai. Pawana Dam is an artificially created lake that has a natural backdrop. The water level is maintained in the lake by the heavy rain in the area. It is an ideal site for camping as it offers a rendezvous with nature and exclusive experience, away from the hustle and bustle.

  4. Pawana campingis the best way to escape the summer heat. From adventurous games, for youngsters to pedal boating for couples, Pawna dam campingexperience offers something for everyone.

  5. Escaping into the lap of nature amidst beautiful mountains near the serene Pawna Dam is the best vacation/weekend plan for this season. There are a number of activities in which you can indulge including boating, trekking, etc. While boating in the Pawna Dam, you can also enjoy some eye-catching sites such as the Tikona fort and the Tung fort. You will be amidst the beauty and bounty of nature and will give you several of picture-perfect vistas to capture.

  6. Your Schedule with Sunset Pawna Your trip begins at 4 pm in the evening when you reach the campsite. You can select your tents and get settled. After that, you’ll be served with welcome snacks that include delicious Pakoras and tea. At the same time, you can feel the pleasant breeze touching your body and behold breathtaking views of the sunset.

  7. After that, you may engage in an array of games and activities which you want to do. There is a wide range of activities like bird photography, volleyball, cricket, chess, carom and much more. You may also go for boating in the Pawna Dam and enjoy the views of magnificent forts such as the Lohagad Fort, Vispur Fort, Tung fort and Tikona fort.

  8.  At night, when the weather becomes more pleasant, you can simply enjoy the weather or indulge in games such as carom,antakshari and much more. Next, comes lip-smacking BBQ’s followed by unlimited flavorsome dinner to satiate your appetite. After dinner, you can click pictures in the beautiful location under the starlit sky and listen to the melodious notes of music or dance along. Next morning, you’ll get to experience the pleasurable morning at the Pawna lake.

  9. Don’t miss this heart-filling experience of Pawna Camping. Plan your trip to Pawna Lake right away. Give us a chance to offer an experience of a lifetime to you and your family.

  10. Conclusion Sunset Pawna Lake Camping is the best place for Camping in Lonavala. We makes your camping convenient, beautiful and memorable. It is the best for Pawna Lake Camping.

  11. Thank You