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Best Pawna Lake Camping - Sunset Pawna PowerPoint Presentation
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Best Pawna Lake Camping - Sunset Pawna

Best Pawna Lake Camping - Sunset Pawna

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Best Pawna Lake Camping - Sunset Pawna

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  1. Best Pawna Lake Camping Sunset Pawna Lake Camping

  2. Why Choose the Sunset Pawna for the Best Experience of Pawna Lake Camping Mumbai, the financial capital of India, a city that never sleeps, and wherever you lay your eyes, there are high rise buildings all over. Seldom will we find an area surrounded by trees or a good garden to enjoy the little bit of nature? Life in Mumbai is synonymous with the non-stop hustle, the eagerness to prove oneself, the never-ending traffic, the pollution.

  3. For people living, it isn't very easy to take out time and enjoy the beauty of nature. It is nearly impossible to do so as there are very few places which offer such a luxury at a reasonable price. And yes, enjoying nature is a luxury in Mumbai. 

  4. People who want to enjoy a beautiful sunrise and a mesmerizing sunset should look no further than Sunset Pawna. Pawna lake is an artificial lake that is located around 120 km from Mumbai by road, depending upon where you stay in Mumbai. This beautiful lake is nestled in the lap of the stunning mountains.

  5. Sunset Pawna provides all the provisions required to make your short stay with nature a memorable one. The reasons why Pawna lake camping at Sunset Pawna should be in your list are many, few of them are as below:

  6. It is a Quiet and Stunning Location As this location is not commercialized yet, you can still enjoy the serenity that this place provides you. Unlike other sites nearby where there are too many people leading to crowding and loud noises, Pawna lake is a welcome change. It is placid where you can forget about your stress and enjoy the tranquil till you can.

  7. Provides All the Camping Requirements Sunset Pawna has taken into consideration the camping requirements of one and all. They offer different sized of tents i.e., a bigger tent for people with family or a big group, a smaller tent for people who have come to enjoy with selected people. They customize the tents as per the requirements of the visitors.

  8. They Provide Lip-Smacking Snacks and Food Any outing is incomplete without a delicious meal. Sunset Pawna has kept this in their mind and makes sure the guests are served with delicious snacks and hot beverages upon their arrival. Guests are welcomes with piping hot pakoras along with freshly made tea. Before dinner, the guests can enjoy their barbeque, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes are provided as appetizers. For dinner, the campers can enjoy unlimited delicious local food. The next morning for breakfast, campers are given lip-smacking poha and other local delicacies freshly prepared. 

  9. Reasonable Price To enjoy nature and scrumptious meals, you need not shell out loads of money. In Sunset Pawna, this can be done by giving a small amount of approximately Rs. 2500 per person. This amount is quite reasonable compared to others. You get to enjoy the beauty of nature, delicious food, good music, and fantastic ambiance at a literally small price.

  10. Even though it is not luxurious, but one should definitely experience sleeping under the twinkling stars once in their lifetime. Sunset Pawna makes it possible for you and your family and friends to enjoy nature at its best.

  11. Conclusion Sunset Pawna Lake Camping is the best place for Camping in Lonavala. We makes your camping convenient, beautiful and memorable. It is the best for Pawna Lake Camping.

  12. Thank You