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Commercial laundry service charlotte nc

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Conveniently located close to UNCC, Charlotte, Sunny’s Dry Cleaners has been dedicated to providing the best customer service and garment care for more than 20 years. Same day cleaning is available for faster service.\n

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Commercial laundry service charlotte nc

If you’re like me, you hope your favorite button down dress shirt will last forever.

Unfortunately, they are typically made of cotton, not Kevlar, so they do wear out

and break down over time. Some of the problems you commonly encounter can

be fixed while other symptoms indicate it’s time to retire the shirt and purchase a

new one. The International Fabricare Institute expressed that cotton button-down

shirts are designed to withstand 52 wearings and cleanings. That’s only once per

week for a year. If you’ve had your favorite shirt for 5 years and you’ve worn it

every other week, it’s living on borrowed time so treat it kindly. Below are some

of the more common problems with laundered shirts.

Torn Sleeve

The picture on the right shows a torn

sleeve on a men’s dress shirt just above

the sleeve placket. Closer inspection

shows the area that isn’t torn but rather

is worn; it’s a yarn failure caused by

rubbing or chafing from the elbow of the

wearer. Don’t believe me? While wearing

a button down shirt, bend your arm and

look where your elbow is –it’s right

above the sleeve placket.

Fading Stripes on Striped


Yarn Failure is most common on striped

shirts; you’ll see one of the colors in the

stripe give out while the other holds

strong (it sometimes looks like fading

stripes).Looking at the inset of the picture

above to the right, you can see the yarn is

giving way and will create a hole soon (I

know this shirt isn’t striped, but it still

illustrates yarn failure).

Sunny Dry Cleaners and Alterations

North Tryon Location (University Area)

Close to UNCC

9211 N Tryon St Ste 3

Charlotte, NC 28262

Phone: (704) 548-1254


Monday to Friday: 7 AM to 7 PM EST

Saturday: 8 AM to 5 PM EST

Sunday: Closed