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Sunnys Dry Cleaners, Charlottes’s Best Dry Cleaners, services all your dry cleaning needs in Charlotte Metro Service Area including Charlotte, Huntersville, Cornelius, Matthews, Concord, Davidson and Mint Hill\n

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Alterations Near me

Charlotte NC

As a professional dry cleaner, I would like to see you bring all of your spots and

stains directly to us. This way the spots will have the highest probability of coming

out. I realize that just isn’t going to happen though. I’ve put together a quick guide

for removing spots and stains at home from things you already know are safe to

wash at home (fabrics like cotton). As always, read the care label before doing

anything, test for colorfastness on colored garments and finally, I am not

responsible for what you do with the information in this quick guide.

As a rule of thumb, most stains can be classified into a couple simple categories. If

it grows (from the ground), use vinegar to remove the spot. If it comes from the

body (blood, for example), use ammonia to remove the spot. Based on this rule we

can mix up a couple spotting bottles to keep in the laundry room (be sure to label


What you need:

2 spray bottles



Laundry Soap


If It Grows

If it grows refers to things that grow in the ground such as fruits, coffee (without additives),

wine(grapes), and others. In the first spray bottle, fill a quarter with vinegar and the rest with

water. Mark this bottle appropriately so you know what is in there.

From The Body

This refers to stains that occur from the body like blood and perspiration. In the second spray

bottle, fill one half with laundry soap, 1-3 ounces of ammonia and fill the rest with water. This

formula also works great on general dirt. Mark this bottle appropriately so you know what is in

there. For blood, keep the water cold throughout the entire process.

Pre-Spotting is Key

The trick to proper stain removal is to pre-spot problem areas before you wash them. This will

take out 90% of common stains. To properly pre-spot you need to work the proper solution into

the stain without causing chafing or wear. The best way to do this at home is with your fingers or

the back of a spoon. Your goal is to work the solution in, not to necessarily work the spot out –

let the washing machine do that. Let the solution sit for 15-30 min and then wash as you

normally would (with a load, not by itself).

Heat Sets Stains

If the stain remains after washing, hang dry the garment; do not put in the dryer. By putting the

garment in the dryer, you will make removing the stain 10 times more difficult.

If The Stain Remains

Oxyclean is a great slow reducing bleach. It doesn’t contain any chlorine (or the brand name

Chlorox) and is safe for most washable garments. Soaking a garment in OxyClean will help

squelch any remains of most stains. Follow the directions on the package and follow up with

washing. At this point if the stain is still there, it’s time to call in the professionals (remember to

air dry again if it still isn’t all the way clean).

Professional Stain Removal

A professional dry cleaners may be required for some stains. A true professional (not a discount

cleaners) will have access to many more spotting agents than you do and have the experience

necessary. Stains such as ink, grease or oil, and dye should not be attempted at home. Further,

fabrics such as silk, wool and leather should always be cleaned by a professional (even if the care

label says they are safe for washing, stain removal should only be completed by a dry cleaners).


The mold is more visible on the back of this wedding gown, especially on the

lower right portion of the lace. Again, on the back you can see how we were able

to remove the yellowing that has occurred on the silk and lace of this vintage

wedding dress.


The mold is most visible on the silk portion of the gown’s underskirt. You can see

that removing the mold did not do any damage to the weave of the silk satin.

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