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LICAB. LICAB. Barangay Tabing Ilog. Barangay Profile. Livelihood. Agriculture: Rice Poultry: Swine, Goat, Chicken, Ducks Source of Earning: Farming, Fishing. Dwelling units. Concrete, Semi-concrete, Nipa Hut, wood. Others. Water Supply. Transport Facilities: Jeepney, tricycle

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Barangay Tabing Ilog


Agriculture: Rice

Poultry: Swine, Goat, Chicken, Ducks

Source of Earning: Farming, Fishing

Dwelling units

  • Concrete, Semi-concrete, Nipa Hut, wood

Water supply


Water Supply

  • Transport Facilities: Jeepney, tricycle

  • Toilet Facilities:

  • 120 water sealed,

  • 37 Antepolo sanitary,

  • 41 open pit

Irrigation System: National irrigation by NIA, Pumps

Drinking: Deep Well, 8 abyertas

Inverted problem tree
Inverted Problem Tree

Lack of coordination among barangay officials

Poor implementation of ordinances

Lack of discipline

Improper Waste disposal

Unclean water

diarrhea cases

Skin infection

Objectives tree
Objectives Tree

Coordination among barangay officials improved

Implementation of ordinances improved

Discipline in caring for the environment attained

Proper Waste disposal

Clean water

Elimination of diarrhea cases

Elimination of Skin infection

Inverted problem tree1
Inverted Problem Tree

Limited budget for health

Inadequate no. of doctor serving the town of Licab

Overcrowded health center

Poor health seeking behavior

Illnesses and diseases not addressed

Incidence of illnesses increase

Objectives tree1
Objectives Tree

Sufficient budget for health

Adequate no. of doctor serving the town of Licab

Overcrowding of health center managed

Good health seeking behavior

Illnesses and diseases addressed

Decreased incidence of illnesses

Possible association
Possible Association

The number of diarrhea and skin infection cases may be associated with the number of abyertas/ potable water available in each purok.

Core problem improper waste disposal
Core Problem: Improper Waste Disposal

Root problem poor implementation of ordinances on health and clean environment
Root Problem: Poor implementation of ordinances on health and clean environment

Root problem limited budget for health
Root Problem: Limited budget for health

  • The BHWs understand that the LGU allots more budget for other things that are also vital for the betterment of their community.

  • They also feel that as BHWs, they don’t have the right to complain about the budget.


  • Door-to-door campaign to disseminate information about the prevention of diarrhea and skin infections

  • Document cases and referrals to monitor incidence and prevalence of diseases.

  • It is the family’s responsibility to provide a toilet facility in their own home. This should not be requested or required from LGU. Tap sanitary Inspector and Council on Health and Clean environment to conduct training on making improvised toilet with the available resources in the brgy. (e.g. mud)

  • More frequent meetings among the brgy. officials and Sangguniang Bayan to ensure coordination and alignment of objectives and goals.