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Ten reason to be happy PowerPoint Presentation
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Ten reason to be happy

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Ten reason to be happy
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Ten reason to be happy

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  1. Ten reason to be happy By: Hailey Sparks

  2. You might wonder why happiness is important. If you believe as I do that happiness is a choice and a skill that can be learned, why is it important enough to go out of your way for. Why choose happiness? We can find some good reasons in this list of ten things happy people have in common.

  3. 1- Feel Good Happiness is fun and it feels good. That is a worthwhile reason why happiness is important all by itself.

  4. 2- Live Longer Many studies have shown that happy people live longer. One study followed nuns who wrote a short biographical sketch before taking their vows. At the age of 85, 90% of the nuns with cheerful biographies (top 25%) was still alive, compared to just 54% of the least cheerful. At 94 years of age, 54% of the most cheerful quarter were alive compared to only 11% of the least cheerful.

  5. 3- Have Better Health Another reason why happiness is important is that the link between stress and illness is very well known and well documented, as is the reverse. Happy, positive feelings change the chemical make up of our bodies, producing chemicals that enhance immunity, cell repair, and building strength. Happiness is the opposite of stress.

  6. 4- Bounce Back Faster Happiness and optimism go together. Optimistic people see bad things as temporary and good things as permanent. Their positive expectation of good things helps them see and act on options and opportunities faster. There is a saying, you get what you look for. Optimists look for opportunities for a good outcome.

  7. 5- Are More Likely to Be Romantically Involved Study after study shows that happy people are more likely to be married, romantically involved and have multiple close friendships. Scientists have struggled with whether being happy makes you more attractive or more likely to get married or getting married makes you happier. It seems both may be true. Happier people are more attractive and being happier makes you more likely to be attracted to someone else

  8. 6- Solve Problems Better and Faster Many studies have shown that people who are in a positive or happy mood solve problems better and faster. Their solutions are more inventive and they concentrate better. Happiness also improves people’s ability to learn and remember things. Better problem solving is another reason why happiness is important.

  9. 7- Look for the Win-Win Scientists theorize that our positive emotions, like happiness, serve an evolutionary purpose. Where negative emotions spur us to fight or flight by generating chemicals in our bodies, positive emotions spur us to learn, explore and grow the same way. In short, positive emotions create a completely different way of thinking in our bodies.

  10. 8- Are Not Violent When you hear about the last few days of a killer’s life people they never say, he seemed so happy. Happy people want to make love more than they want to make war. The physiological state caused by happiness helps happy people see the win-win solutions and be drawn to avoid conflict.

  11. 9- Are More Likely to Help Others There is a strong link between feeling good and doing good. Not only does doing good help us feel good, but studies have shown that happy people are more willing to share their good fortune to help others than unhappy people. Happy people make the world a better place.

  12. 10- Are Lucky Our final reason why happiness is important come from studies that show happy people are luckier. There seem to be several factors that contribute to this. First, happy people are optimistic. Then tend to see opportunity more frequently and they are more likely to make lemonade when life gives them lemons.