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Payroll Software Singapore to Secure Your Compliance: SBS Consulting PowerPoint Presentation
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Payroll Software Singapore to Secure Your Compliance: SBS Consulting

Payroll Software Singapore to Secure Your Compliance: SBS Consulting

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Payroll Software Singapore to Secure Your Compliance: SBS Consulting

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  1. Payroll Software Singapore to Secure Your Compliance: SBS Consulting "We help small businesses in getting a customized web-based payroll software Singapore that will fit them like a glove. We make sure that the effective price is affordable to them,” commented SBS Consulting Pte Ltd. SBS Consulting Pte Ltd is a highly reputed software manufacturer in Singapore. It has a few select but innovative software packages like payroll software Singapore, CRM System, Doctor & Clinic Management System, & School & Tuition Management System. SBS Consulting is well appreciated for the quality of its software packages and promptness of its customer care service.

  2. "According to the Employment Act, Singapore employers need to pay their employees with the seven days from the end of the payment cycle. It is also important for them to be accurate in calculating the salaries of the employees. Any inadvertent mistake can sour their relationship with their employees causing a problem at the workplace. It is prudent for the companies to implement a web-based payroll software Singapore and get a handle on their payroll," commented Ms. Meena, the Business Head of SBS Consulting Pte Ltd. The payroll is a liability that every business must handle carefully. Any failure to discharge it may harm their goodwill and brand name. It may also alert authorities that everything is not right with the businesses. They may need an explanation from the management. That is why the use of web-based payroll software Singapore to automate the function is the need of time. The payroll has so many elements like statutory donations and contributions such as CPF, CDAC, SINDA, ECF, MBMF, etc., and employee allowance, paid leaves, tax calculation, loan, incentive, benefits, etc. The payroll executive needs to process each of these factors to calculate accurate salary of the employee. An online payroll system enables the staff in the proper handling of the task.

  3. “Up to a certain level, manual handling of the payroll is possible. However, as the number of employees of the company grows, it becomes difficult. And the changes in the payroll related rules and regulations that authorities implement now and then adds to the difficulties associated with the task. In such a situation, an absolute payroll system can create compliance problems for the company. On the other hand, the manufacturer like SBS Consulting Pte Ltd updates their web-based Singapore payroll software regularly. The software is updated on the web servers where it is running, and its compliant version becomes available to the users instantly when it is accessed through the web browser. In fact, our clients are always using the latest version of the payroll system. Before investing in a payroll software Singapore you should know about its features and modules that it offers,” added Ms. Meena.

  4. Features & Modules of Singapore Payroll Software Employee Management Real-time Reports and Dashboards ● ● Schedule Management ● Master Setup Management ● Tracking ● Company Management ● Bio-metric (Finger Scan) Attendance support ● Payroll Management ● Leaves Management ● Billing & Invoice Management ● Attendance & Time-sheet Management ● Itemized Payslip ● Claims Management ● Multiple Company Setups & Document Upload ● Progression Planning ● Connectivity with Accounting Software like MYOB, QuickBooks, etc ● Enquiry Management ● Email and SMS Management ● Experienced 24X7 customer service ●

  5. No two businesses, even if they are run by the same management, are alike. It affects what they want the payroll software Singapore to do for them. Sometimes they have special needs that the off-the-shelf payroll systems cannot fulfill. In such a situation they need to talk to the manufacturer of the Singapore payroll software about its customization. “SBS Consulting employs an experienced team of software developers. Our developers are capable of giving in-depth customization support to the clients. Time and again, they have come up with out-of-the-box solutions to effect the changes proposed by our clients in order to make our payroll system most suitable for their needs. The beauty of an online payroll software Singapore is that it can be accessed using desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones from anywhere and at any time. The data captured and stored in the central data repository which is maintained in the web servers is protected using Security Matrix. The users of the system, including management and employees, use their User Name and Passwords to access it securely,” concluded Ms. Meena.

  6. About SBS Consulting Pte Ltd: SBS Consulting Pte Ltd is a software development company that focuses on providing cost effective state-of-the-art software solutions like payroll software Singapore to the SMEs. Its software packages such as Doctor & Clinic Management System, School & Tuition Management System, and CRM System are well appreciated. Contact Us High Street Centre, #17-02, 1 North Bridge Road, Singapore – 179094 Visit: Tel: (65) 6536 0036 Email: