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A Disco Outing with Colleagues

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A Disco Outing with Colleagues - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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People dance because dance changes things. One move can bring people together. One move can set a whole generation free.

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A Disco Outing with Colleagues

A Disco Outing with Colleagues

Once you get the beat inside your feet, there ain’t no way to stop you moving!

“People dance because dance changes things. One move can bring people together. One move

can set a whole generation free.” That’s what the Step Up movie series was all about. The

phenomenal success of this movie series can be attributed to the passion for dance and the high

adrenaline moves.

In this movie, there were no car chases, no skyscrapers grounded, and no laser beams. All it had

were boisterous young dancers who had bones of rubber. While Tyler in the Step Up series

danced his way to redemption, we dance for various other reasons.

Well, if we kind of see it in a different light, i.e. from an alien’s point of view, we see that people

jump and jig till they physically exhaust themselves. Then again, the little green men wonder

through their blood red eyes as to why people actually do this crazy thing called dance. They

shake their bodies vigorously to a song!

For this question a young and effervescent youth just put it in a matter of fact tone that “we love

it.” We dance because it is an expression of our personality, we dance to keep ourselves fit, and

we dance for emotional stability! Perhaps it is that realm of expression which is beyond the

scope of words and meaning.


While most dance moves are more for professionals, we people who don’t have bones of rubber

are satisfied enough to bust a groove. After a week of hectic work, we prefer to have a Friday

evening full of music and dance whether boozed up or not.

There is something about the ambience of a discotheque that drives a strange kind of tribe to that

place. The laser lights, the heart thumping music and the welcome overfill are all essential

components to let loose the spirit of freedom. And, as the favorite mix of the DJ booms the

environs, the dancers though moving are in a state of suspended animation.

As for me, I am a great fan of the dark psychedelic and electronic music, but I don’t mind

grooving to mixes of some popular Indian DJs like Karsh Kale, Pearl, NYK, and Amit. I am in

my element when I jib to the compositions of Asura, Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, and

Psychovsky. For me, the deep blues of Shiva Trance and ambient trance are things that are worth

fluttering like a feather on the dance floor. Well, that’s my personal style, but for all those bros

who love music and dance, there’s one great place that you need to go!

The nightlife of Hyderabad is peppered with quite a few discotheques, but wouldn’t it be great if

you explored some other kind of ambience! We are kind of used to the jostling mayhem of dance

clubs and their great energy levels. So, why not try a different way to spend your weekend?

The Summer Green Resort in Shamirpet, Hyderabad is a perfect place for you and your

colleagues to come have fun and dance away to glory! The Discotheque Tonic Club would

probably put an end to your never ending quest to find that perfect place.

We understand that some of your colleagues don’t dance; let them sit by the pool! But, for you,

there is TNT to drool! We have a sound system that can enunciate a pin dropping and can shatter

glasses at the same time! The laser lights take you to a different universe and create a spatial


The Discotheque Tonic Club can accommodate up to 80 people and is an ideal location for you

and your colleagues to party and prance!