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CNIT 125. Information Security Professional (CISSP Preparation). Goals of This Class. Review security terms and concepts as preparation for the CISSP exam Apply those concepts in group research projects Perform security-related hands-on projects. What to Expect From CNIT 125.

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cnit 125

CNIT 125

Information Security Professional (CISSP Preparation)

goals of this class
Goals of This Class
  • Review security terms and concepts as preparation for the CISSP exam
  • Apply those concepts in group research projects
  • Perform security-related hands-on projects
what to expect from cnit 125
What to Expect From CNIT 125
  • Experience handling responsibility and secrecy
  • Real-world ethical problems and resolutions
  • Social skills development
  • Preparation for (ISC)^2 Certification
certified information systems security professional cissp
CertifiedInformation Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
  • The first and primary certification in information security (Link CISSP 1)
benefits of cissp certification
Benefits of CISSP Certification
  • CISSP was the third highest salaried certification in 2009 (Link CISSP 3)
  • Required for government information assurance employees (Link CISSP 4)
  • CISSP certification is not only an objective measure of excellence, but a globallyrecognized standard of achievement (Link CISSP 2)
requirements for cissp certification
Requirements for CISSP Certification
  • Five years of experience in information security
  • The exam costs $550
  • There are 250 multiple-choice questions
  • Exam duration: six hours
  • Subscribe to the (ISC)² Code of Ethics
associate of isc 2 certification
Associate of (ISC)^2 Certification
  • No experience required (link CISSP 7)
  • Shows that you passed the exam, and that you are serious about a career in Information Security
  • Subscribe to the (ISC)² Code of Ethics
sscp systems security certified practitioner
SSCP - Systems Security Certified Practitioner
  • Only one year of experience required (link CISSP 8)
  • Test is 90 minutes long, 50-70 questions
  • Exam fee: $250 (link CISSP 9)
code of ethics canons
Code of Ethics Canons
  • Protect society, the commonwealth, and the infrastructure.
  • Act honorably, honestly, justly, responsibly, and legally.
  • Provide diligent and competent service to principals.
  • Advance and protect the profession.
    • See link CISSP 6
what is your goal in this course
What is your goal in this course?
  • CISSP Certification
  • SSCP Certification
  • CCSF Certificate or Associate Degree
  • Professional advancement without gaining a certificate
  • I want to gain knowledge, without a plan to apply it at a job
what security related certifications do you have
What security-related certifications do you have?
  • None
  • Security+
  • CEH
  • Something else
what is your security employment goal
What is your security employment goal?
  • Anywhere/Don't Know
  • Small/Medium Business
  • Corporate
  • Government/Education
  • Military or Law Enforcement
are you willing to relocate for employment
Are you willing to relocate for employment?
  • Not at all
  • Only in the SF Bay Area
  • Only in California
  • Only in the USA
  • Anywhere
do you have a resume
Do you have a resume?
  • I have never made one, and I don't know how to
  • I don't have one, but I can easily make one
  • I have an old one, that will need updating
  • I have a current resume ready now
what is your current employment status
What is your current employment status?
  • Unemployed, not looking for a job (including retired)
  • Unemployed, looking for a job
  • Working in a non-iT job
  • Working in an IT job, not security-related
  • Working in an IT security-related job