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Odyssey Finance System

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Odyssey Finance System. Changes to Disbursement Request Accounts Payable Department 2009. Accounts Payable Presentation Objectives Review of New Screens a. Overview of changes to screens b. Additional screens

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odyssey finance system
Odyssey Finance System

Changes to Disbursement Request

Accounts Payable Department 2009


Accounts Payable

  • Presentation Objectives
  • Review of New Screens a. Overview of changes to screens b. Additional screens
  • Using your PF Keys a. Approval Path (PF 5) b. Payment information (PF 4) for Preparers c. Payment information for Approvers. (CM IQ DI DD)
  • 3. Browse Screens a. Send Back screen b. Ways to browse c. Sequence field (A – ascending D - descending)
  • Email Notifications a. Pending Approval (to approver)
    • b. Rejected (to preparer)
  • 5. Review Do’s and Don’ts

Changes in Add Disbursement Request Screens are highlighted in yellow. Please use your PF10 and PF11 keys to scroll to next 4 screens. Two of the screens are new.


This screen allows you to input multiple accounts if the cost are split between different departments and/or Qual1's or GL codes.Please Note Specific Instructions regarding Multiple Accounts below.

This area is used when sharing an expense on a single disbursement request using multiple accounts.Note: You must have Security Access for all Accounts Used.

All Approvers must approve disbursement before payable can be processed.


This screen displays additional space to enter necessary information for the purpose of your disbursement.


4th and last screen, Preparer’s ID, date of changes and a status description of the disbursement.


Entering a New Disbursement Request.Request Type field will populate to RQ (Standard Request). For all other Request Types see list on the following next two screens. To change Request Type Press your HOME key to access field.


Following is a description of the fields and their functionality:

  • *Req Type-- A code that represents the classification of a disbursement request, such as RQ (Disbursement Request), or RR (Recurring Request). Active help provides a pop-up list of valid options. To choose one from the following table, place the cursor in the field and press <PF1> to access the help screen. The screen defaults to RQ (Disbursement Request), unless a choice is made from the help screen. This is a required field.

The next change is Contact Information. This information will populate automatically with the preparers name, phone #, e-mail.If this information is not correct, contact via e-mail zcamps@mdc.edu


Next change is: Project Nbr: Used by Preparers of Restricted Accounts, (Fund 2) & (Facilities) Fund 7 only.


After entering and reviewing all information, use your PF5 Key to send for Approval.

You will see a Message: Send for Approval Successfully completed.Note: to access approval & payment information you must go through VI or any of the Browse screens.



E-mail Notification will be sent automatically toperson indicated below. Immediate action is necessary for payable to be created.

This will be for Approvals & Rejected Disbursements. a. Pending Approval (to approver) b. Rejected (to preparer)

E-mail Subject Body

The e-mail notification includes the document type, document number and action to be taken.

E-mail for Pending ApprovalSubject: DS 2006000002 Pending ApprovalBody: Disbursement Request 200600002 is pending your approval.

E-mail for Document RejectedSubject: DS 206000002 RejectedBody: Disbursement Request 200600002 has been rejected by Sophia Cowan. Please review document and complete as requested.


After Disbursement has been sent for Approval, you may display disbursement from any of the Browse view menus. For Payment information use your PF4 key to view payment dates, check numbers etc.Note: This information is available only after payable has been created.


For Approval Path information you may display disbursement from the VI or DD Browse screens, use your PF5 key to view approval information or status.


Insert VI in Code field to browse all disbursements or enter desired disbursement # in Disbursement Nbr field. You will only have access to view or modify those disbursements prepared by you.


You may also Browse using your PF7 & PF8 keys scroll up/down.Sequence: A & D changes the direction of Browse screens from Ascending to Descending.Or enter a known Disbursement #.


Preparers will use DD to view Disbursement.Note: Approvers will need to use CM IQ DI DD to view this screen.


DD For viewing information only.

Enter Disbursement #, or scroll by using your PF7 & PF8 keys.Seq: A & D will change the direction from Ascending to Descending.Once a disbursement has been selected, Payment and Approval information are available to view.


Additional New Screens

Insert CO in Code field to browse all disbursements or enter desired disbursement # in *Disbursement Nbr field.


Enter disbursement number that you wish to copy.

Select the Disbursement Request you wish to copy.You may also Browse using your PF7 & PF8 keys, Sequence: A & D changes the direction of Browse screens from Ascending to Descending.


Update information from prior Disbursement that has changed such as, dollar amounts, dates, & seq. #. Press Enter.

Notice New Disbursement #

Send for Approval.


All Browse Screens work as before.

The last 4 Browse Options are new.


Do's and Do Not’s…For Entering a Disbursement Request

  • DO…
  • Choose correct vendor name and address Seq# from vendor table.
  • Enter invoice number exactly as it appears in the “Invoice field”.
  • Submit only original invoices with disbursement request document..
  • Enter disbursement for amountwithout tax.
  • DO NOT…
  • Do Not submit statements or faxes as supportfor
  • Disbursements.
  • Do Not send a Disbursement Request to Accounts Payable without supporting original documentation attached.
  • Do Not prepare disbursements for more than one invoice.



There will be additional information in your hand outs that will describe, in detail the process of creating a disbursement as well as preparing an agreement for Services.

Please save this material to refer back as reference if necessary. There will also be links to on-line forms and a list of your campus trainers.

This Power Point is available upon request.Send request to: pscott@mdc.edu