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Unit 1 Religion & Society PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 1 Religion & Society

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Unit 1 Religion & Society
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Unit 1 Religion & Society

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  1. Unit 1 Religion & Society Semester 1 Exam Preparation

  2. AoS1– The religious world 1. The nature of Religion What is Religion? Define it. Look at pg. 6 write down the ‘Courts of Law’ definitions. Refer to quotes pg. 7 from religious icons. 2. The origins of Religion Remember ‘Crash Course on World History’ watch: Christianity http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TG55ErfdaeY Islam http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpcbfxtdoI8 Buddhism http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Nn5uqE3C9w

  3. AOS 1 – the Religious world Study the table on pgs. 22-23 on the earliest origins of society and religion. Do questions 2 and 4 from Activity 1.12 on pg. 24. 3. The purpose of Religion and it’s role in society Consider the following questions and write down your own definition for the purpose of religion (a paragraph) refer to the quotes on pg. 29. • What is life all about? • Is religion important in our society today? • Does religion serve the same purpose as it did when your parents were teenagers? • What contribution has religion made to the development of human society? • Does religion influence society or does society influence religion?

  4. AOS 1 – the Religious world 4. The 8 Aspects of Religion • List and briefly define the 8 aspects in your workbook • Complete the table below by giving at least 1 eg. for each aspect

  5. AOS 1 – the Religious world 5. Similarities and Differences between 3 world religions Using a venn diagram compare and contrast Christianity, Islam and Buddhism by brainstorming;

  6. AOS 1 – the Religious world 6. How has Religion impacted on society? Make two lists; • one on all the past and present conflicts in the world attributed to religion that you can think of.. • one on how individuals from different religious traditions interact to contribute positively to society

  7. AOS 2 – RELIGION IN AUSTRALIA 7. Aboriginal Australian Religion and spirituality • Dreamtime • Influence on the land and environment • Interaction with Muslim traders • Impact of White Settlement • Evangelization of Aboriginal people • Stolen Generation Read and understand about the above points from pgs. 63-71.

  8. AOS 2 – RELIGION IN AUSTRALIA 8. Post War Migration and Australia’s Collective Identity (remembering back to the documentary Immigration Nation) • Explain the reasons for restrictions on immigration to Australia. • Outline the ‘White Australia Policy’ and dictation test • What was the impact on religious diversity within Australia? Eg. Jewish refugees and European immigrants 9. Immigration during the Gold Rush • Impact of Chinese workers  Buddhism • Return of Chinese workers at the end of the Gold Rushes

  9. AOS 2 – RELIGION IN AUSTRALIA 10. Refugees and Asylum Seekers.. • Discuss how there is evidence of interactions between religious traditions in relation to refugees and asylum seekers through; 1. How they impact on Australian society 2. How they impact on Religious diversity 11. Christianity in Australia (refer to pgs. 72-75 and 89-93) • When were the beginnings of Christianity in Australia? • Tensions between the first colonists and convicts • Name the Catholic priest who first arrived to the colony • What was Vatican II in the Catholic church? • Define the terms ‘ecumenism’ and ‘pentecostalism’

  10. AOS 2 – RELIGION IN AUSTRALIA 12. Spread of Christianity and Charity in Australian society • Protestant and Catholic conflict and tension • Spread of Catholicism within the colony • Catholic Emancipation • Secular Schools Act • Work of religious groups within Australia Sikh kitchens to feed anyone

  11. AOS 2 – RELIGION IN AUSTRALIA 13. Islam (refer to pgs. 78-79) • Outline the beginnings of Islam in Australia • How has Islam impacted on Australian society? Positives/Negatives • Describe some stereotypical views of Muslims, ie. Islamophobia. 14. Hindu (refer to pgs. 76-77) • Explain the history of ‘coolies’ and ‘half-caste’ in relation to Hinduism in Australia • How has Hinduism impacted on Australian society? Positives/Negatives • Who was Gandhi and what was significant about him?

  12. AOS 2 – RELIGION IN AUSTRALIA 15. Buddhism • Explain what has happened in more recent times with Buddhist following in Australia (refer to pg. 83) • Make a list of at least half a dozen events and organisations encouraging positive interactions amongst all of the many religions in Australia - Buddhism, Islam, Hindu, Taoism, Confucianism, Christianity, etc. (refer to pg. 87) 16. Secular Australia… • Write a couple of sentences on your view of whether Australia is becoming more secular or more Christian as a nation? • Make a list of some typical egs. of secular religious festivals (pg.104-105)

  13. AOS 2 – RELIGION IN AUSTRALIA 17. Statistics.. Discuss with someone near you the trends and changes in religious affiliation within Australia, perhaps reflecting on the table from the collective identity data activity • Growth religions, why? • Religions on the decline, why? • What can be said about Australia’s religious demography? • Future numbers predicted for the various religions

  14. AOS 3 – RELIGIOuS IDENTITY AND LIFE EXPERIENCES 18. A Religious Experience is.. • An event or experience that fits within a tradition, is upheld by the eight aspects of the tradition and is associated with that traditions core beliefs. • Religious experiences often include the spiritual, often the ritual (or other aspect) attempt to connect the believer with that traditions Ultimate Reality.

  15. AOS 3 – RELIGIOuS IDENTITY AND LIFE EXPERIENCES 19. A Spiritual Experience is.. • An event or experience that an individual believes enables them to transcend the ordinary or provides a heightened sense of reality or strong emotion. • Spiritual events can occur in any time or place and may not be necessarily linked to a religious tradition (within a tradition or outside of a formal tradition). • Unique to the individual.

  16. AOS 3 – RELIGIOuS IDENTITY AND LIFE EXPERIENCES 20. Mysticism and religious traditions • Define ‘mysticism’ • Make a list of half a dozen egs. of higher-level religious experiences or mystical practices (pg.114) • What significance do religious experiences have for a religious tradition?

  17. AOS 3 – RELIGIOuS IDENTITY AND LIFE EXPERIENCES 22. Outline the 5 Stages of ‘Spiritual Awakening’ (pg. 115) - - - - -

  18. AOS 3 – RELIGIOuS IDENTITY AND LIFE EXPERIENCES 23. Do you know the following words from Chapter 3?