how osama bin laden was located and killed n.
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How Osama Bin Laden Was Located and Killed

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How Osama Bin Laden Was Located and Killed - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How Osama Bin Laden Was Located and Killed. A Sprawling Compound in a Middle Class Neighborhood. Bin Laden and his family had been living on the second and third floors of the compound’s main building. How the Raid Unfolded. Operation Begins

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a sprawling compound in a middle class neighborhood
A Sprawling Compound in a Middle Class Neighborhood
  • Bin Laden and his family had been living on the second and third floors of the compound’s main building
how the raid unfolded
How the Raid Unfolded
  • Operation Begins
    • Four Helicopters carrying 79 Americans leave from Jalalabad Afghanistan
how the raid unfolded1
How the Raid Unfolded
  • Crash
    • Around 1 a.m. Pakistan time, high walls and high temperatures cause the first helicopter to descend faster than expected. Its tail hits a wall and snaps off, but no one is hurt.
how the raid unfolded2
How the Raid Unfolded
  • Change of Plans
    • A second helicopter was supposed to hover over the main building while Seal members rappelled down to the roof, but it lands on the ground as well.
how the raid unfolded3
How the Raid Unfolded
  • Firefight
    • Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti, Osama bin Laden’s courier, opens fire from behind a door of the guesthouse. Commandos kill the courier. His wife is caught in the cross-fire and killed.
how the raid unfolded4
How the Raid Unfolded
  • In the Main Building
    • The commandos blow open the front door of the main house as well as a brick wall behind it. On the first floor, they see the courier’s brother, who they believe is preparing to fire a weapon. They shoot and kill him.
how the raid unfolded5
How the Raid Unfolded
  • On the Way Up
    • As they make their way up the stairs, they kill Bin Laden’s son Khalid as he lunges toward the Seal team.
how the raid unfolded6
How the Raid Unfolded
  • Bin Laden Killed
    • When the commandos reach Bin Laden’s room on the third floor, an AK-47 and a Makarov pistol are seen in arm’s reach of Bin Laden. A commando shoots Bin Laden in the left eye and chest, killing him. Bin Laden’s wife lunges at a commando and is shot in the leg but not killed.
mission time
Mission Time
  • The Seal team is on the ground for an estimated 38 minutes. Bin Laden is killed about 20 minutes into the raid.
  • The Seal team takes a photograph of Bin Laden’s face and transmits it to American officials. Bin Laden’s remains are flown first to Afghanistan, then to the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson in the North Arabian Sea. He is buried at sea within 12 hours of his death.
others in the compound
Others in the Compound
  • Three women and nine children are taken away from the compound by the Pakistani military, who arrive after the raid.
items seized
Items Seized
  • The Seal team removes about 100 thumb drives, DVDs, computer disks, 10 computer hard drives, five computers and piles of paper documents from the house.
finding the town where he was hiding
Finding the Town Where He Was Hiding
  • While Bin Laden had long been rumored to be hiding in remote tribal areas along the Pakistani-Afghan border, he had been living near the Pakistani Army’s military academy in Abbottabad, a medium-sized city.
for god and country geronimo geronimo geronimo
“For God and country – Geronimo, Geronimo, Geronimo.”
  • National Geographic – Finding Bin Laden
  • CNN – The Night the SEALS Got Bin Laden