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Robin Hood: a legendary Hero. L ong ago, the King Richard the Lion-Heart left for the Holy Land on a great Crusade . During his absence , prince John his greedy brother , usurped the crown. .

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Robin hood a legendary hero

Robin Hood: a legendaryHero

Robin hood a legendary hero

Long ago, the King Richard the Lion-Heartleftfor the HolyLand on a greatCrusade. Duringhisabsence, prince John hisgreedybrother, usurped the crown.

Sheriff of Nottingham, with the help of his guards, collected high taxes to Prince John and he was really ruthless.

Robin hood a legendary hero

Robin Hood was the peolpe’sonlyhope. Herobbedfrom the richtofeed the poor. Hewasbelovedbyall English people. Helived in the Sherwood forestwithhisMerryMen.

The first storiesof Robin Hood werepassedorally and withmedievalballads.

The first referenceof Robin Hood is in a poemwrittenaround 1377 AD. Thereis a characternamedSloththatsays “I know rhymes of Robin Hood better than Paternostro ..."

Robin hood a legendary hero

For years, historians have been studying if Robin was a real figure or a legendary figure. Probably Robin Hood was an outlaw named Robert Hode. It’s more difficult understand how 'Robinhood‘ became the nickname used by court officials to indicate any lawless. For example, a man named "William Robinhood" was tried for theft in 1261. Today, in the USA, the criminals are sometimes called 'hoods'.

Robin hood a legendary hero

Robin is associated (as the Saxon rebels) to life in the forest. The legend of Robin seems to coincide with Robin Duke of Huntigdon, who lived at the time of the Norman Conquest, who died before 1100, whose tomb (or supposed) to Kirklees is engraved the following inscription:

Robert Earl of HuntingdonLies under this little stone.No archer was like him so good;His wildness named him ROBIN HOOD.For thirteen years, and something more,These northern parts he vexed sore.Such outlaws as he and his menMay Englandnever know again

  • Robert Duca di HuntingdonGiace sotto questa pietraNessun arciere fu pari a luiPer la sua natura fu detto ROBIN HOOD.Per tredici anni e piùQueste terre del nord egli rese aride.Fuorilegge come lui ed i suoi uominiPossa l’Inghilterra non vederne più.

Robin hood a legendary hero

On April 2011 wasfound a tomb, probablyitwouldhostspoilsoflegendaryhero Robin Hood. A historicsaysthatis the placewherewasburied the mostfamouspopular figure of English tradition. Baldwin, a university teacher, says that the person buried in this tomb is Roger Godberd who inspired  the legend of Robin Hood. Godberd lived between 1230 and 1290 and was tried of a series of crimes across the country: the crimes and the places where they were done are the same as Robin Hood. Godberd led a band of men, responsibleoftheft, arson and even murder.