multi majcom bdc training venture n.
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  2. Background New Paradigm Developing a Vision Configuring the Process Skills to be Gained Capitalizing off Gains Target Audience Leadership Momentum Agenda • Making it Work • Sustaining the Process • Expected Costs • Travel Flexibility • Participation Requirements • Expansion Options • Questions

  3. Background • Blood Donor Center and Transfusion Operations is a Vital RSV Component to 4T and 43T AFSCs • Covered Briefly in 4T CDC Volumes* • Not Covered in Lab Officer Training* *Unless Assigned to a Related Position, then OJT …Exception: Phase II Participation or Nearby Location • Many AFMS MTFs Have Reduced or Eliminated BDC & Blood Bank (Tx) Requirements • Current Requirement is Computer Based Training or Other Variable of Simulation • BLUF: Degraded RSV Training Requirements are Leading to Under Prepared Laboratory Staff

  4. New Paradigm? • In Direct Relation to Our Current Training Model: • “It’s Easier to Say No, Than How.” • Real-World Training Opportunities Exist Right in Front of ALL of Us! • Recognize That CBT Alone, Does NOT Provide Adequate RSV Training for Ops/Rxs • Augment CBT Requirements Acquiring Hands-On Skills in BDC & Tx Operations! • Recognize That Deployed Troops are Not 120% Ready • Allow Participation in This Program to Gain All the Necessary BDC/BB RSV Skills • BLUF: Accept a New Archetype in OUR RSV Training

  5. Developing A New Vision • Evaluate Who Does What Anymore? • Remaining Fixed Facility BDCs: • Lackland • Keesler • Wright-Patterson • Evaluate Travel Options to Each Location • Commercial---Yes • Military---No • Evaluate Lodging/Etc For a Stay at One of the Above • Commercial---Yes • Military---Yes* • Continued…

  6. Developing A New Vision • Potential Locations Where Military Air Travels… AND • Who Has the Facilities to Solidify A New Vision??? • Not Many to Choose From • Except… • Armed Services Blood Bank Center-Europe, Landstuhl, GE • AMC Planes Frequently Visit Ramstein AB, Plus Connecting Flights in USAFE Can Be Accomplished • All Flights are Free to Active Duty and Priority is Given to those on Orders

  7. Configuring the Process • Began With a Series of Email/Phone Calls to Discuss Options and Viability • Eventually Led to a Vision Between Locations for Bridging the RSV Gap • Process had to be a Win-Win for ALL Parties Involved to be Successful • Select AMC Lab Techs Would Attend 2-3 Weeks of Training at Landstuhl (competent vs proficient) • Gaining Much Needed Hands-On BB/BDC RSV Skills • Landstuhl Would Provide Training and In Return… • Utilize Trained Personnel to Augment Existing Staff if Able • Led to Site Visit With ASBBC-E and Executive Leadership from Ramstein and Landstuhl Locations

  8. Site Visit, February 2010

  9. Skills To Be Gained *Time Permitting

  10. Capitalizing Off the Gains • Transfusions are Inevitable and Require Competency • Whole Blood Transfusion Requests are Typically not Scheduled in the AORs • Requests May Come When Staffing is Not Optimal • Having a More RSV-Ready Staff Could Be the Difference in a Life Being Saved or Lost • Building a Plentiful Pool of Deployment-Ready Lab Staff Can Help Ease Taskings at Larger MTFs and Enable More 4Ts and 43Ts to Gain Deployment Experience • Continued…

  11. Capitalizing Off the Gains • Though Investing in Training Additional Staff: • Landstuhl Gains Manpower to Augment Existing Staff • Strengthens Core Knowledge Through Training • Both Student and Trainers May Discover Improved Methods While Adhering to cGMPs • MAJCOM Leadership and Deployment Staff Gain Additional Resources for Duty-Related Taskers • Unparalleled Opportunity to Challenge the Existing Training Model and Build a Closer Force • Hands-On Training Solidifies CBT Experience and Enhances Career Opportunities

  12. Target Audience*

  13. Target Audience • Typically 5/7 Level • New 43Ts • Sharp-Troops • No Disciplinary Concerns or Potential • Rising Stars Which Would Complement Program • Critical Thinking Skills • Ability to Negotiate Any Obstacles Encountered • Passport is EXTREMELY Helpful! • Successfully Completed Prerequisites Prior to Arrival • Continued

  14. Prerequisites Continued

  15. Leadership Momentum • Collaborated With AMC Lab Leadership • Lt Col Mapp and CMSgt Shane • In-Turn Collaborated With AFMS Lab Leadership • Col Wilson and CMSgt Simmers • Leadership at 22 MDG • Col Alan Reid, MDG/CC • Lt Col Paul Willingham, MDSS/CC

  16. Leadership Momentum • Col Joycelyn Elaiho, 86 MDG/CC • Col Thomas Roshetko, 86 MDS/CC • LTC Marc Labovich, Chief, LRMC Dept of Pathology • Lt Col Daniel Bessmer, Lab Manager, LRMC Dept ofPathology • LTC Robin Whitacre, Chief, LRMC Blood Services/ EUCOM JBPO • Maj Madelaine Sumera, Chief, ASBBC-E • MSgt Tonya Richardson, NCOIC, ASBBC-E • TSgt Kristi Binard--NCOIC, ASBBC-E Operations • Col Kerry Dexter, USAFE/SGA

  17. Making It Work! • Each Party Consulted Added to the Success • Approved Site Visit • Explored Additional MAJCOM Participation • Allowed/Enabled Free Lodging on Landstuhl Premises • Acknowledged the Value in Hands-On vs. CBT Alone • Granted Flexibility Amongst Architects to Create a Fluid Process • Already Selected First Participant

  18. Sustaining the Process • Obtained Copy of Existing LRMC Training MOU • Modified MOU to Fit New BDC Training Venture • Outlines Responsibilities on All Parties Involved • Formalizes Process and Can Sustain Beyond Current Personnel • Select Attendees Who are Faithful to Our Core Values • Integrity • Service • Excellence • Establish a Critique/Feedback Option for Attendees to Continue Providing the Best Product

  19. Expected Costs Data current as of: 26 Jan 10

  20. Travel Flexibility • Passport is Key to Improving Travel Success • Low-Cost European Airfare ($50) to Ferry Throughout Europe if Flt Plans Fall Through • Know How to Read Space-A Flight Information and Establish a Rapport With the PAX Terminal • Be Able to Look Beyond One Flight Destination and How to Contact a Destination for Add’l Flight Info • Training May Need Adjusting to Accommodate Flight Schedules…Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute to Plan Your Trip Home. • Accompanying Baggage has Options: • Pre/Post Travel

  21. Travel Flexibility

  22. Travel Flexibility

  23. Participation Requirements • Successful Completion of ALL Prerequisites • cGMP with Test/BLS • Read ALL Required SOPs • Supervisor Interaction to Ensure Preparation • Willing/Able Attitude • Learn/Execute/Cultivate/Adapt in any Area/Location • Live by the Core Values • Passport • Communication With Local Unit and BDC • Be Ready to Deploy to Utilize Your New Skills • Mentor Experiences After Return to Home Unit

  24. Expansion Options • Potential to Expand Beyond AMC • Requires Travel to AMC Terminal With Appropriate Flights • AMC Terminals Serve as a “Hub” • Success is Really Dependent Upon Participants • Expansion Will Feed From Success of Participants and Willingness of Local Units to Support Training • Relativity of Need in AOR or Various Locations or Disasters

  25. Expansion Options

  26. Photos of Site Visit

  27. Photos of Landstuhl Lodging

  28. Background New Paradigm Developing a Vision Configuring the Process Skills to be Gained Capitalizing off Gains Target Audience Leadership Momentum Review • Making it Work • Sustaining the Process • Expected Costs • Travel Flexibility • Participation Requirements • Expansion Options

  29. Capt James B. Clark Chief of Laboratory Services 22 MDSS/SGSL (316) 759-5033 DSN 743 Questions???